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Town Notices

Selectmen's Meeting, Monday, June 1, 2020 6:00 p.m.

The public may listen by calling 978-990-5000 ext. 583338.

If there is an issue getting access to this line call 603-631-7005.




The May edition of the Town of Carroll newsletter can be found here.         


 Building project update - On March 30th the Town Hall Employees officially started working out of the new Town Hall Building.   It's still a work in progress as boxes get sorted out and items find their place.  We know you've all been patiently waiting to see it, however due to the Corona Virus, there are employees only allowed in the building at this time.  However, here is a link to several pictures provided by Imre Szauter that will give you a peek at the inside of the new Town Hall.   In the future months, there will be a formal dedication and chance to tour the building.   Please keep your eyes open for the announcement.


On Monday, April 6th the Town Hall demolition began and cleanup continues on the 7th.  Imre has provided pictures of the demolition if you would like to view them here.


On March 23, 2020, Governor Sununu issued Emergency Order #12 which modified the requirements of RSA 91-A, III(c) requiring that each part of a meeting of a public body be audible or otherwise discernible to the public “at the location specified in the meeting notice as the location of the meeting.” Specifically, Governor Sununu waived the “location” requirement. In other words, there is no longer a need for the public body to provide a physical location where the public may come and listen to the meeting.  Meetings will be held by the Board of Selectmen on Mondays at 6 p.m.   They will be held by telephone only.  The public may listen to the meeting by calling 978-990-5000 and use an access code of 583338.    If there is a problem accessing the phone conference, please call 603-631-7005.



Due to the  COVID-19 situation, which is rapidly evolving, the Town is trying to do its part in keeping residents and employees safe during the pandemic.  Effective Thursday, March 19, 2020, the Town Offices will be closed to the public until further notice.  Our employees will be working to process your transactions which can be handled online or through the mail. 


Vehicle Registrations - NH DMV 20-day plates as well as NH authorized dealer 20-day plates, issued on or after February 26, 2020 have been given an automatic extension through April 30, 2020.  These extensions do not apply to vehicle registration renewals.
Renewals can be completed online using the E-Reg button or through the mail only.  New registrations may be completed by appointment by calling (603-846-5494) or emailing



Property Tax & Water  - Payments can be made online using the payment button or through the mail only.  Tax information and assessment cards are available online using the GIS/Property Information button.  If you need further information you can call (603-846-5494) or email 


Birth/Death Certificates - Can be completed online using Vital Records button.  Please call (603-846-5494) or email for further assistance.


Marriage licenses can be completed by appointment only.   Please call (603-846-5494) or email for an appointment.




Carroll Residents,
In light of the Governor’s announcement regarding the State of Emergency, we feel the need to be responsible and safe, and want to keep our residents informed.  The Town’s assessors from Commerford,Nieder Perkins will be continuing their data verification procedures for the assessing work that needs to be completed this year.  They will however, not be performing interior inspections at this time, but will knock on your door to let you know they are there.  They will also leave a door tag.  If you are home and not feeling well please do not open the door to greet them, but rather acknowledge their presence through a door or window.  However, if you are able to review your interior information with the assessor at the door please feel free, otherwise at some point in the future you will receive a letter, or phone call in some instances, to schedule and/or verify interior information.
The safety of the company’s staff and our residents is top priority so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.   



 Municipal Messages                

The second issue 2019 tax bills have been mailed out.   They are due on December 18, 2019.  If for some reason you haven't received yours, please contact the office to get a copy.  The 2019 tax rate is $20.00/thousand.  The 2019 tax rate does not get set until the fall and will be reflected on your second issue bill.

Consumer Confidence Report 2020 - Carroll Water Works - This year's water report is available here online and also available at the Town Hall.

2020 dog licenses are now available!  All dogs must be licensed  by April 30, 2020.   Please present current rabies certificates at time of registration.

The 2020 results from the Town Meeting held March 10, 2020 are available here.

The 2019 results from the Town Meeting held March 12, 2019 are available here.
The 2018 results from the Town Meeting held March 13, 2018 are available here.
The 2017 results from the Town Meeting held March 14, 2017 are available here.
The 2016 results from the Town Meeting held March 8, 2016 are available here. 
The 2015 results from the Town Meeting held March 10, 2015 are available here.
The 2014 results from the Town Meeting held March 11, 2014 are available here.
The 2013 results from the Town Meeting held March 12, 2013 are available here.
The 2012 results from the Town Meeting held March 13, 2012 are available here.




Under Governor John Wentworth, a Charter was granted February 8, 1772 to Sir Thomas Wentworth and others for a tract of land called Bretton-Woods, derived from the estate of the Wentworth Family in England called Bretton Hall.

By June 1830, the population was 150 people but was unincorporated having no representation in the legislature.  The residents petitioned the legislature to become a Town named Haven (apparently to honor Alfred W. Haven, Justice of the Peace of Bretton Woods.)

As of May 1831, the legislature had not acted upon the petition of Bretton-Woods to incorporate as a town.  Some of the original petitioners changed their minds and wanted to withdraw the petition.  The legislature ignored the petition and passed an Act signed into law on June 22, 1832 incorporating the Town of Carroll.

Charles Carroll of Maryland was a distinguished American of wide reputation and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Thus, the Town of Carroll was incorporated which included the villages of Crawford's, Bretton Woods, Fabyans and Twin Mountain.

*obtained from And Then There Was One by George E. McAvoy, 1988