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Minutes of 9/21/2020

September 24th, 2020

Carroll Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
September 21, 2020

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2.”

Minutes recorded by Kelly Trammell, Secretary
Board Members: Robert Gauthier, David A. Scalley, Bonnie Moroney

Members of the Public: Jeremy Oleson, Mike Gooden, Imre Szauter, Mike Hogan, Chris Pappas

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Gauthier.

Pledge of Allegiance

The Chair announced the approval and signing of the manifests.

Selectperson Scalley made a motion to approve the minutes of 9/14/2020 as written. Selectperson Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The Chair opened the sealed bids and announced: Walter Digesse, $30,888; Steve Messina $40,555; Prescott Peckham $27,624; Greg & Amanda Green $33,010. Selectperson Scalley made a motion to accept Steve Messina’s $40,555 bid and Greg and Amanda Green’s bid of $33,010 if Messina backs out. Selectperson Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Mike Hogan suggested that the Board might not want to take a back-up for various reasons and suggested if the first party backs out to start the bid process again. Selectperson Scalley made a motion to amend the prior vote and remove the wording about accepting a back-up bid if the first falls through. Selectperson Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Chairperson Gauthier said he’d like to start making changes to policies and paperwork to start using Selectperson instead of Selectman. He said as new documents are created, he’d like to move toward the word change. He said the Zoning Board is making the change as well.

The Board reviewed written requests for building key card access. Chairperson Gauthier requested that a line be added to the key policy that lists the reason for the request. Selectperson Scalley made a motion to grant requested access to Claire Gritzer and John Gardiner. Selectperson Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The Board reviewed contracts from Eastern Fire. Selectperson Scalley made a motion to approve and sign the contracts. The motion was seconded by Selectperson Moroney and passed unanimously.

The Board reviewed a Certificate of Occupancy for Ames. Selectperson Moroney made a motion to approve and sign. Selectperson Scalley seconded and the motion passed unanimously.



SOUND PANELS – COMMUNITY ROOM – Waiting on additional quotes.

STREET LIGHT REMOVAL – Both Chiefs approved the light removal. The Secretary will contact Taime Werther for written confirmation that he will pay the costs of the light removal.

UTILITY ASSESSING – Selectperson Scalley made a motion to approve and sign the agreement with George Sansoucy. Selectperson Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Scalley asked that a line be added to the budget so it is not forgotten.


The Board reviewed a letter from Antonino and Maria Amaral from Woodcrest Lane. They expressed concern for the condition of their road and asked that it be repaired. The Board discussed that several roads are in need of attention. Selectperson Scalley said we need to possibly look at a bond to do all the roads at once. The Board requested that Greg Hogan be present at the next meeting to discuss a plan.

Selectperson Moroney said she was approached by a resident on Mountain View Ln. about a piece of property there with several campers on it. Moroney said in the minutes of September 24, 2018, the property owner got approval from the Select Board to put a camper on the property while they built a house. The camper would be allowed once the septic was installed. Moroney asked what should be done about it. Selectperson Scalley said as Building Inspector, he has been by there and confirms there are two campers on the property and a little hut built. He has no evidence there is a septic. Mike Hogan said there is an ordinance in place about campers but it doesn’t have any teeth to it. He said a camper is only allowed to be in place for one year as long as there is septic. Jeremy Oleson said nothing prevents the Town from sending a letter to try to gain compliance. He said the Health Officer can possibly get involved if there is no septic. He just needs to be notified. Selectman Scalley said he’d put together a letter and include a copy of the minutes.

Selectperson Moroney said at the last meeting, Selectperson Scalley listed additional items that need to be completed on the building project. She said she wants to see a project balance. Selectperson Scalley said he has been keeping them informed. Chairperson Gauthier said he takes exception to the email that Bonnie sent out and finds it accusatory. Gauthier said her tone makes it sound like improprieties have occurred.

Selectperson Scalley said the total expenses to date are $4,321,621.21. He said there is an outstanding AIA requisition #16 for $28,483.42 which is being held back as retainage for Ricci Co. to complete some items. He said AIA requisition #17 is $58,131,31 and is being held back as retainage for M. Latulippe. The total amount owed and being held back is $86,614.73. This brings the total expenses to $4,408,235.95.

Scalley said $230,000 came into the project from the New Land and Buildings Capital Reserve Fund; $20,000 from the Library; $250,000 from the NBRC grant; $35,584 from Eversource for a total of $535,584 into the project.

If you take the total expense of $4,408,235.95 and subtract the revenue that came in of $535,584 leaves a total expense of $3,872,651. Scalley said we borrowed $4,191,770 and if you subtract the total expense of $3,872,651 from that, it will leave $319,186 in the black. He said there is an estimated $120,000 in additional items they’d like to complete to finish the project. He said that would still leave it roughly $200,000 in the black. Scalley said he’s still hoping to save an additional $10,000 - $12,000 on the additional costs.

Selectperson Moroney asked that if the cost of sound panels for the Community Room is so high if it’s worth looking into if carpeting if it will work and be more inexpensive. Selectperson Scalley said the team is working to see if carpeting can be used to absorb enough sound.

Selectperson Scalley said the estimated costs for additional items are: parking lot lights $30,000; ceiling tiles $25,000 - $30,000; drainage stone $5,000; entrance sign $30,000; curbing at the snowmobile crossing $$5,000 - $6,000; display board $2,000; two drop boxes $3,000; bear-proof trash container $2,200.

Scalley said he would like to include these in the project. He said he is asking for the Board’s approval to proceed and they will continue to save money where they can. Chairperson Gauthier said he was fine with it. The Chair asked Selectperson Moroney if she was alright with it. Moroney said she feels the public was given a tax impact estimate and it was told to them that any money saved would be put toward payments. Selectperson Scalley said he doesn’t disagree. He said he would rather see these last items finished than to keep asking for more money in warrant articles. He’d like to get the project finished and still come out in the black. The Chair was in agreement. Scalley asked again if that means the Task Force has permission to move forward. The Board agreed.

Selectperson Scalley said a Zoom account has been created by Jeremy Oleson that has unlimited use.

Chairperson Gauthier said the last ZBA meeting had two cell tower applications. Both the Planning and Zoning Boards will merge on October 1 to continue hearing the applications. Jeremy Oleson said the balloon tests for the cell towers is to be held tomorrow.

Imre Szauter advised the Board that he has trained 10 people for access at the Town Hall and still has 14 more to go not including the two that were approved this evening.

Mike Gooden said he wanted to thank Rena Vecchio and John Gardiner for all their help with the Historical Society on the day of the Dedication Ceremony.

Chairperson Gauthier announced the next meeting will be on Monday, September 28, 2020 at 7:00 P.M.

At 8:07 p.m., Chairperson Gauthier made a motion to go into non-public session per RSA 91-A:3 II (b) hiring. The motion was seconded by Selectman Scalley and polled; Gauthier – yes, Scalley – yes, Moroney – yes.

At 8:42 p.m. Selectperson Scalley made a motion to return to public session and seal the minutes. Chairperson Gauthier seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Chairman Gauthier declared the meeting ended at 8:42 p.m.