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Minutes of 2/1/2021

February 8th, 2021

Carroll Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2021

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2.”

Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis and in accordance with Governor Sununu’s Emergency Order #12 pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04, this Board is authorized to meet electronically and did so through Zoom.

Minutes recorded by Kelly Trammell, Secretary
Board Members: Robert Gauthier Jr., David A. Scalley, Bonnie Moroney

Members of the Public: Tadd Bailey, Jeremy Oleson, Ken Mills, Greg Hogan

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Gauthier.

Pledge of Allegiance.

The Chair announced the approval and signing of manifests. Selectperson Scalley said he hadn’t had the opportunity but he would sign later that evening or in the morning. The Chair and Selectperson Moroney both acknowledged they signed.

Selectperson Moroney made a motion to approve the minutes of 1/25/2021 as written. Selectperson Scalley said he’ll second the motion but wants to see future minutes written more explicit. He said he feels that the public isn’t getting the full picture. The motion passed unanimously.

Selectperson Moroney made a motion to approve the minutes of 1/27/2021 as written. Chairman Gauthier said he wanted to address the section of the minutes stating “Kelly Trammell asked the Board if this means they are not going to give employees raises as a result of the buyout. Chairperson Gauthier said quite possibly and the Board would be discussing it later. They are not guaranteed.” Chairman Gauthier said he has an issue with the line specifically stating “They are not guaranteed.” He said he doesn’t remember anyone saying that and feels it doesn’t capture what went on in the exchange. He said he doesn’t recall if someone said that and he doesn’t remember it being said. He thinks it’s misrepresenting what was said and he remembers his response as being “perhaps.” He said he’d like that reflected in these minutes.

The Board reviewed a contract from VHV. The contract had been previously discussed at another meeting and the Board had made a motion to sign with a start date changed to April 1. This document contained the change and was signed as approved by a prior vote.

The Chair read an email sent by Josh Robertson from Bretton Woods Telephone Co. The email provided new reduced quotes for device support and maintenance and stated they had been reduced for this year only. Selectperson Scalley said it would be $182 per month for all three buildings. Fire Chief Jeremy Oleson said he had spoken with Robertson. Robertson said the office manager had dropped the ball on sending the town new maintenance contracts. Chief Oleson said he has money in his software support line that would cover the device support portion. The Board was reminded that these costs did not include the costs of the static IP addresses that were requested from the Police Chief. Selectperson Scalley questioned the warranty on the existing devices. He thought it was good for two years. Chairperson Gauthier said support still needs to be covered. The Chair said the email stated that things are still new and we haven’t had many issues and that is why they’ve reduced the cost. Police Chief Tadd Bailey said the increased costs are not in his budget. Selectperson Scalley said the cost for the police looks to be approximately $1300 a year total including the static IP address. Selectperson Scalley asked if the office budget could handle it. The Secretary said there should be some room in the computer support line.

Selectperson Scalley made a motion to approve BW Telephone Services for $56/month for the PD, $63/month for the Town Hall and $63/month for the FD. Selectperson Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Selectperson Scalley made a motion to approve the $150 sign up for static IP addresses and $50/month service. He said he thinks it will save the department time and money. Selectperson Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Selectperson Moroney said they had been forwarded an agreement from the Coalition Communities to help pay for the lobbyist. She said the cost to each town hasn’t been figured out yet because it will depend on how many cities and towns come onboard. The Coalition is trying to reach out to other towns that will be impacted by a donor town status. Selectperson Scalley asked for clarification of what happens if we are a donor town again. Selectperson Moroney said as it is now, the state portion of taxes listed on your tax bill normally does toward paying part of our share toward the Regional. If we become a donor town, the state amount equaling about $400,000 a year would get sent to the State. The State puts it in a pot and decides what towns they want to give the money to. Right now, they are talking about giving money to Concord, Bedford and Manchester. The towns seeing the most tax impact will be the “touristy” areas like the lakes and the coast. They don’t have a formula yet. It’s going to the Ways and Means Committee. February 17 is the next meeting. The Coalition wants to hire a lobbyist that will represent the Committee and stay on top of things. Selectperson Scalley questioned that if we are a donor town, does that mean we don’t pay the $400,000? Selectperson Moroney said the tax base would go up $1.85 to $2.00 per thousand for the state school tax and all the money would go to the state. There wouldn’t be money to be applied against the payment to the Regional. Chairman Gauthier asked that by signing the agreement, does this mean our payment can’t be any more that what we’ve already put in the fund? Selectperson Moroney said the Coalition still has money in the fund that towns and cities have been donating. She said they are still trying to figure out how many towns will be joining in and getting the cost to hire the lobbyist. The cost will be divided up between the members. Selectperson Scalley asked what happens if we don’t do anything. Chairperson Gauthier said it is less money they have to argue on our behalf. Chairperson Gauthier asked if the town can sign a multi-year agreement. Selectperson Scalley said we can if it contains an escape clause. Selectperson Scalley said there is a duration on the agreement of two years. If we want to get out after two years, we have to give a three month notice and pay for the two-year appropriation anyway. Selectperson Scalley asked Selectperson Moroney if she feels confident with the agreement. She said yes, it’s something that she’s been following for awhile now. Selectperson Scalley made a motion for the Chair to sign the contract between the town and the Coalition Communities. Selectperson Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Selectperson Scalley asked if Moroney can say on as the representative after her Selectperson term. Selectperson Moroney said she will check with the Coalition to see if it’s allowed. She said she’s also discussed the matter with Ken Mills where he is the only one running for Selectperson.

Chairperson Gauthier said the employee manual as written says PTO is only earned on hours worked. He said PTO is being earned on top of time off. He told the Board in going forward for the next four weeks he’d like to correct the calculation going toward March 1 and asked if the Board agreed. He said we’d be following the manual as written. Selectperson Scalley asked if we’re starting now because we know about it. Chairperson Gauthier said correct. Selectperson Scalley asked the Secretary if the computer can handle it. She advised that BMSI support will have to shut off the accrual function and she’ll have to calculate the time and add it manually. Selectperson Scalley thinks its short money. He said he does understand why it’s being questioned feels but feels confident he can explain to a taxpayer why the Board is continuing for the remaining time. He said it’s time and effort and only a few weeks left. Chairperson Gauthier said if we know about it and we shouldn’t keep doing it. He feels it should be a clean break. When asked, Selectperson Moroney said it’s a lot of extra work of doing the calculations for the short time left. Selectperson Scalley asked the Board to continue the way it is for the next three weeks. Selectperson Moroney agreed.

Follow up:

Tax deeded property Route 3 North – Secretary waiting to get together with the attorney to get the next steps done.

Sound panels – Selectperson Scalley will be getting delivery dates

Sick time – N/A


Selectperson Scalley said he’d like to go into non-public for reputation. Chairperson Gauthier said he’d like to go into non-public for compensation.

The Chair announced the next meeting tomorrow night immediately following the Deliberative Session.

At 7:40 p.m., Chairperson Gauthier made a motion to go into non-public session per RSA 91-A:3 II (a) compensation and (c) reputation. The motion was seconded by Selectman Scalley and polled; Gauthier – yes, Scalley – yes, Moroney – yes.

At 8:25 p.m. Selectperson Scalley made a motion to return to public session and seal the minutes. Selectperson Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Discussion was held about the proposed budget increase at Deliberative Session to buyout employees. Chairperson Gauthier agreed to get the numbers to the Board prior to Deliberative Session.

Chairperson Gauthier made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Selectperson Scalley seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Chairman Gauthier declared the meeting ended at 8:35 p.m.