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Minutes of 4/7/2021

April 12th, 2021

Carroll Select Board
Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2021

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2.”

Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis and in accordance with Governor Sununu’s Emergency Order #12 pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04, this Board is authorized to meet electronically and did so through Zoom.

Minutes recorded by Heather Brown, Secretary
Board Members: David A. Scalley, Robert Gauthier Jr., Kenneth D. Mills

Members of the Public: Imre Szauter, Tadd Bailey, Jeremy Oleson, Erin Oleson, Mike Hogan, Bonnie Moroney, Josh Basnar, Chris Pappas, Jules Marquis, Ellen Marquis

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairperson Scalley.


Chairperson Scalley stated the reason for the remote meeting is Covid.

Chairperson Scalley confirmed that everyone present could hear and speak, everyone confirmed.

Chairperson Scalley acknowledged that the board would be doing roll call votes.

Chairperson Scalley stated that the Board was in the training room on Zoom together, Imre Szauter, Heather Brown and Jeremy Oleson were also in the room with the Select Board.

APPROVE & SIGN THE MANIFESTS – Chairperson Scalley announced the approval and signing of the manifests. All acknowledged that they had signed.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES 3/30/2021 – Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the minutes of 3/30/2021. Selectperson Gauthier seconded. ROLL CALL VOTE: Mills-AYE, Gauthier-AYE, Scalley-AYE. All in favor. The motion passed unanimously.

CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY - The Board reviewed two Certificates of Occupancy (Foster and Jenkins). Selectperson Mills made a motion to sign certificates of occupancy. Selectperson Gauthier seconded. ROLL CALL VOTE: Mills-AYE, Gauthier-AYE, Scalley-AYE. All in favor. The motion passed unanimously.

SALE OF OLD FIRESTATION – Chairperson Scalley let the Board know that he emailed White Mountain Appraisals Inc. requesting a price on having the property re-appraised. Chairperson Scalley also explained that the State contacted him and explained that depending what goes in there could determine if the driveway needs to be fixed or not, however that would be on the new owners.

Chairperson Scalley also revisited a question from last week’s meeting brought up by Ben Jellison regarding the sale of the Fire Station and if employees, Board members, or anyone that has something to do with the Town, are restricted from putting bids in on the Fire Station, if it is decided that a sealed bid is the method the Board chooses. Discussion from the previous meeting, it was noted that in the past anyone could bid on the property.

Chairperson Scalley announced that he wanted to be transparent and let everyone know that he wanted to remove himself from further conversations and process of this topic, as he may or may not be bidding on this property.

Board discussion on clarification of this practice, noting just because it was done in the past, is it still an acceptable practice? The Board agreed and asked the secretary to contact Town counsel for clarification.

Discussion regarding correspondence and designation of Select Board members for specific tasks. Selectperson Mills also requested that that all legal correspondence go through the secretary and then be conveyed to the Board.

The Board determined Selectperson Gauthier would be the lead on this topic, as he was involved prior with the past Selectperson and has the knowledge of past discussions and work. Selectperson Gauthier will work with the secretary and Town counsel on finalizing the deed.

HIGHWAY TRUCK & TRADE VALUE – Chairperson Scalley stated that there was a warrant article that was approved for $75,000 for the Highway Department to purchase a new truck, sander, and plow. Chairperson Scalley explained that Greg is currently working on a trade for the truck value which is $17,000 for the dealer he is working with, however, Chairperson Scalley wanted to let the Board know that he deals with truck trades for his personal business, and he reached out to the dealership he deals with and they gave him a rough estimate of $22,000 trade-in, but they require more information. Chairperson Scalley confirmed that any correspondence would be funneled through the Secretary to be distributed to the Board.

DISCUSSION-RELEASE OF FUNDS TO THE PD FROM THE CRF FOR COMPUTERS/TECHNOLOGY – Selectperson Mills reviewed his further research with the Board regarding the CRF fund, noting it has nothing to do with the budget and would not impact the default budget, as well as, that it is a one-time purchase and not a line item, which was confirmed with DRA. He also highlighted the efficiencies benefited from the purchase and the value it would add to the department and further reminded that there would be an encumbrance of $80 a year too. Chairperson Scalley and Selectperson Gauthier both thanked Selectperson Mills for all the research he did on this.

Selectperson Mills made a motion “in accordance with Article 5 from the 2002 second session voting results to establish a Capital Reserve Fund under RSA 35:1 for the purpose of computers/technology to raise the sum of ($2,000)—at the time—to be Capital placed in this fund with the Board of Selectmen acting as agents to expend the monies from this fund; I move the Select Board authorize by letter to the Trustees of the Trust, the withdrawal of $6,000 from said trust for the police department’s purchase IMC Message Server/NCIC/State Query Switch and associated equipment, licensing, and software”.
Selectperson Gauthier seconded. Discussion. Chairperson Scalley asked the Board that since they needed to write a letter to the Trustees, maybe the Board should also think about including another computer. Selectperson Mills elaborated on the subject and the amount in the fund currently and further noted that as long as it is one-time purchase and not a line item it would fit the requirement. Chairperson Scalley also asked Chief Bailey about the PD Computer line with a budget of $1,500. Chief Bailey explained that the PD Computer Line is for anything needed to outfit or upkeep anything they currently have, not for the purchase of anything new. Chief Bailey also informed the Board that the total cost of the IMC switch is just under $6,000 and explained the process would be to purchase the switch out of the general fund, once the bill is received a letter would be sent to the Trustees to replenish the money paid and go back into the general fund. The Board discussed how the letter would be written, for the exact cost that they would be requesting.

The Board agreed to hold on the motion that was made and agreed it would come out of the fund, that the computer be purchased and once the actual cost of the IMC switch is known, then write the letter to the Trustees with the receipt, and then the funds can be put back into the general fund to recover exactly what was spent.

The Board agreed that the purchase of the IMC switch would come out of the PD budget and once the Trustees released the money, the funds would go back to the PD’s budget.

Board discussion on new motion, withdraw motion, etc. Selectperson Mills withdrew his motion.

Chairperson Scalley made a motion to approve the purchase of the IMC Switch, up to $6,000, provide a receipt for the computer line, which will be paid out of the PD budget, a letter would be generated for the purchase with the exact amount and be given to the Trustees, once the amount is released, the amount would be put back into the PD budget. Selectperson Mills seconded. ROLL CALL VOTE: Mills-AYE, Gauthier-AYE, Scalley-AYE. All in favor. The motion passed unanimously.

Selectperson Mills asked for clarification on the agenda item ‘Select Board Pay’ being removed from the agenda this afternoon. He noted that the Board did receive an email this afternoon from the secretary stating that the issue was rectified and was being removed from the agenda. Bonnie Moroney confirmed that the item was looked into and the secretary confirmed how the Selectperson’s have been paid in the past. Instead of being paid in March, each Selectperson is paid in December for the year and has been done so for several years.

BUDGET DISCUSSIONS – Selectperson Scalley explained that after last week’s meeting discussions there are a few lines that do need to have money added back into the budget.

• $3,000 into ELECTIONS, due to an invoice that was just received.
• $20,000 into PERSONNEL, would be needed if the employees do get the proposed increases.
• $13,312 into POLICE, was not accounted for in Officer MacMillian’s salary, not reflected in 2020 budget.
• $50,000 into HIGHWAY, add it back in since that budget was hit pretty hard.

Chairperson Scalley explained that the total money added back into the budget would be $86,312, leaving a potential surplus of $52,185.

Chief Bailey reminded the Board that he has two lines that do not have enough money in them. Line 200 PD Coper is $750 short, and Line 209 PD BW Telephone Co should be budgeted $6,180. The Board acknowledged.

The Board agreed that they were not going to discuss every line and all departments should be watching throughout, noting the total numbers for each account is what the departments would go by. The Board also noted that in the past on a normal budget the departments typically have a savings of 7-17%.

The Board discussed the request from the library and agreed that Chairperson Scalley would reach out to John Gardiner prior to the next meeting regarding the Library Budget and his request.

Chairperson Scalley explained to the Board that he reached out the Whitefield Rec. and, in his research, Whitefield Rec. had 4 children from Twin last year, for a total of 16 children in the program, but they had the authorization to have as many at 20 children, and the Macmillan’s cost per child was $95 last year. He further noted that they will accept Twin children.

Chairperson Scalley also reviewed his conversations with Erin Oleson regarding the cost to run the Rec. Program, pay for Head Counselor, Counselors and Junior Counselors. Erin also explained the Head Counselor duties and noted that there are approximately 10-12 Twin children interested in the program this year.

Chairperson Scalley further stated that he spoke to three residents of the Town who are in favor of the Rec. Dept. being open and wanting it to be funded.

Chairperson Scalley also addressed another item to consider, is the where the kids would be housed at the Rec area if there was shelter needed, noting the items in the building would have to moved and stored somewhere. Chief Oleson suggested a couple of places.

The Board agreed that they wanted to think about all the information brought up regarding Rec. and talk about it next week.

Board discussion of Federal Grants. Chairperson Scalley explained that the one of the grants was for trails and paths through the woods and the other was for the development for facilities/buildings, noting this has been discussed years ago about building a new covered area because the current building is not big enough to house everyone in the past. Chairperson Scalley suggested more research be done on this for the future, possibly next year. Selectperson Mills reviewed information he learned regarding the CARES Act from a webinar he attended. Selectperson Mills will monitor and educate himself on the federal money updates and follow up with the Board.

Selectperson Mills explained that he did some research on the Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector and wanted to know more since the article failed, noting it’s the voters speaking and felt it was important to further research.

Selectperson Mills confirmed that in the budget it is estimated that that the cost for the Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector would be $29,900 and currently the rate is $25 per hour and then reviewed his research, noting he did a lot of interpolating, because a lot of towns list it as a full-time position, and his research was done for NH and using and other job websites.

• Pay rate research: The average salary of a Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector is $47,000-$58,000 a year. Based on a 40-hour week, for 50 weeks, the average hourly rate is $24.50-$29.50.
• Time research: not a full-time position

Selectperson Mills further stated that Chairperson Scalley is not only a Selectperson, but also the interim Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector, a business owner and a contractor. He further noted that prior, Stan was the Code Enforcement Officer four years prior, and the position is encumbering.

Selectperson Mills stated that in the interest of budget cutting, he inquired about the four position being $20,000 year based on 50 weeks at $25/hr. and limiting it to an average of 16 hours a week, asking what it would bring to the community, inspections, etc. Selectperson Mills is only asking for consideration from the Board of a possible revisit and find a balance of the what the community really needs, prioritization with enforcement and inspections.

Discussion regarding inspection reports. Selectperson Mills noted that Stan used to turn in reports and at every Select Board meeting and then they would be reviewed. Scalley stated that he has never done a report and then showed the Board and example of a typical in progress Building Permit (yellow card) with all of his notes and signoffs with dates done, essentially a report similar to Stan’s. Scalley further explained that building permits do get uploaded to the GIS system and eventually the yellow cards when finalized would also be uploaded for our records for each project on each building. Further noting some are very extensive and others are very basic.

Scalley stated that he tries to bundle inspections and tries to be flexible with his hours, but noted there is a 30-day policy get a permit out, and some do take the full 30 days to be approved because they are missing required documents. He explained to the Board currently, today, there are 14-18 permits waiting to be approved/issued. He also stated that it is a part-time position, but did reference in the past, for example the hotel, he was there every day. Chief Oleson also spoke to that and the project costs of some of the houses with building permits. Scalley also informed the Board that he gets phone calls and texts all day, every day.

Scalley stated that if the Board wanted to aim for $20,000 a year, 16 hours a week, he could definitely do that, but inquired where the cut-off comes, when he is at the $20,000? Scalley further stated that he’s been cautious of the time he uses and wants to be honest, noting that he is billing for a lot less than he’s putting in. Selectperson Mills acknowledged and stated that he has heard that and further stated that he was only using the $20,000 as an example, because he was not sure about the position, hence why he is asking the questions. Selectperson Mills explained that he wanted to have something to start from and work from there and noted that it could be the $29,900, but in cutting other budgets he wanted to make sure this was being looked at too.

Selectperson Mills explained that in his research he tried to find a Code Enforcement Officer and noted that there is nobody out there and there are towns all over that are looking and they are paying pretty well. He went on to say that we (Twin) have a body, there are places that don’t. He also found five building inspectors in surrounding towns, he put out phone calls to all of them, to get data and information, and one called him back and said, “no way, I have no time”. Selectperson Mills stated that his point is, because of the way it went, we have to look at it, the warrant article died. Scalley explained that he went from $42,000 to $29,900, and that was because the hotel is done, but noted, some of the homes with high project costs have very thick building plans, and just because they are stamped does not mean they are correct.

Selectperson Mills wanted to bring up that Scalley (Code Enforcement Officer) is not exactly replaceable and there are no people beating down the door to do this. Scalley explained that he has been approached by other towns and he too has said no and does not have the time. Scalley further explained that there are places that only do inspections at night because that the only time the Building Inspector has because they work all day. Selectperson Mills stated that he also researched how to become a building inspector, noting there is a program for 80 hours of training, testing, licensing, coursework and at a bare minimum the cost is $1,475, but could get a discount for joining an organization. He further explained that he wanted to have the full spectrum of availability, cost, what the town requires, and go from there; suggesting that the town start at the $20,000 and go from there and reevaluate.

Scalley stated that he is very budget conscientious for the taxpayers and can definitely split what he does, like being a builder and building inspector, and noted that he tries not to do work in Twin because he is the building inspector, but if he does, he has another building inspector come in from another town and/or the state to do his inspections, so it’s transparent. Scalley stated that training wise in NH, you have to be licensed gas, electric and plumbing, nothing for construction or carpentry. Scalley stated he is licensed in the State of MA as well, taking a course every two years and a 24-hour course every year to keep up with his trade for the state of MA. Scalley stated this is what he went to school for and has 37 years’ experience and loves what he does and will do the best he can with the budget. He further noted the people voted it down and questioned if the people do not want a building inspector, but that the zoning ordinance requires it by the Select Board to appoint one to make sure it’s being done correctly.

Scalley explained that in speaking with Town counsel over the past year, they instructed him, and the land use boards, to minimize their input on applications and permits, to avoid he said/she said and litigation. If people do not want that, and they don’t want the position, they need to change the ordinance to reflect that moving forward. Scalley also stated that the have adopted the IBC code twice in the last two years.

Selectperson Mills reiterated that he came into the topic unbiased, looked at the facts and did the research and wanted to be realistic, noting is the job and work going to get done. Her further explained the $42,000 is only part of the picture and still have a whole other aspect to look.

Discussion with the Board and Chris Pappas regarding the cost of building permits and how the building inspector is paid.

The Board and Scalley (building inspector) agreed to try to keep the budget for the building inspector at the $29,900, approximately 23 hours a week. Scalley confirmed and stated that he was going to try to stay under.

Board discussion with Jules and Ellen Marquis of Ammonoosuc Campground regarding a building permit they are waiting on for a new pool house. The pool house is a non-conforming use, they want to tear it down and move it. However, it requires a survey to make sure setbacks are met. The Board discussed and determined that you cannot pick and choose, in order to set precedence, they would need a survey and if they were not within the setbacks, they would need to go for a variance, which was explained prior to the Marquis’. The Board did agree that if the Marquis’ wanted to fix the existing structure, that would not require a survey and the building inspector could issue the permit for that. The Board reiterated to the Marquis’ that if they wanted to move the pool house, they would have to go to the ZBA for a variance and file the application and fees to do so, plus have a survey; if they chose to fix the existing, the building inspector could issue the permit.

The Marquis’ opted to repair the existing pool house and would be in contact with the secretary tomorrow to revise the building permit and the building permit would be issued to them.

The Board will continue budget discussions next meeting.


TAX DEEDED PROPERTY, ROUTE 3 NORTH – Nothing new to report.

SOUND PANELS – Chairperson Scalley reminded the Board the sound panels are scheduled to be installed on 4/19 and lasting approx. 2 weeks for completion, noting the taskforce team will be working with the installation to help get things cleaned up after.

WATER REPORT – Nothing new to report.

RIGHT TO KNOW/SOCIAL MEDIA – The Board discussed the response from Primex last week and requested that the secretary reach out to Town counsel with the vague response received from Primex to get more clarification.

LAND USE SECRETARY POSITION – The Board stated that there are two applicants. One was interviewed a couple of weeks ago, and the other applicant was interviewed last Friday. The Board discussed the option to interview both applicants with all three Selectperson’s, deliberate and then make a decision. The Board agreed and decided that both applicants would be contacted and scheduled for another interview with the Board on Friday, April 23rd, between 1:00pm-3:00pm.


The Board received an email from the SAU requesting email and phone contact information for the two Select Board Reps. (Gauthier & Mills). Both Selectperson’s authorized the secretary to provide their personal emails and telephone numbers, as well as the secretary’s email for all correspondence.

JEREMY OLESON – requested a few minutes in Non-Public Personnel. The Board acknowledged.

IMRE SZAUTER – requested a few minutes in Non-Public Personnel, in regard to the Security System. The Board acknowledged.

Chairperson Scalley explained that he spoke to Becki today in regard to a resident and current use issue. He reviewed his conversations with the Board that he had with Becki to help temporarily resolve this issue while she’s out for a couple weeks and there is no one is in the office. The Board discussed and agreed a letter would be drafted up by the Select Board and signed explaining the situation and with an estimated cost to provide an estimated amount of $4,000 for escrow to help with the closing of the property. The Board designated Selectperson Mills sign the letter and that the secretary contact Becki in the morning to get the specifics of what was needed in the letter.

Chairperson Scalley also explained that the Town does not have a Deputy Clerk and with Becki out there is no one in the office to do any of the duties when the Town Clerk is out. The Board discussed the possibility of the Land Use position possibly cross-training to be Deputy Clerk, in the event something like this happens again. The Board was going to looking into the requirements for a Deputy Clerk.

Chairperson Scalley announced the next meeting will be Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

At 8:17 p.m., Chairperson Scalley announced that the Board with be going into non-public session per RSA 91-A:3 personnel and RSA 91-A:3 legal.

At 8:17 p.m., Chairperson Scalley made a motion to go into non-public session per RSA 91-A:3 legal. The motion was seconded by Selectperson Gauthier and polled; Gauthier – yes, Scalley – yes, Mills – yes.

At 9:22 p.m. Chairperson Scalley made a motion to return to public session and seal the minutes. The motion was seconded by Selectperson Gauthier and polled; Gauthier – yes, Scalley – yes, Mills – yes.

At 9:22 p.m. Chairperson Scalley made a motion to adjourn. Selectperson Gauthier seconded.
ROLL CALL VOTE: Gauthier – yes, Scalley – yes, Mills – yes. Chairperson Scalley declared the meeting ended at 9:22 p.m.