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Minutes of 5/25/2021

June 1st, 2021

Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Minutes of 5/25/21
May 31, 2021
Carroll Select Board
Meeting Minutes
May 25, 2021

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select Board have been recorded by its Chairperson. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirement s of the New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2”

Minutes recorded by: David Scalley, Chair
Board Members: David Scalley, Robert Gauthier Jr., Kenneth Mills.
Members of the Public: Tadd Bailey, Greg Hogan, Mike Gooden, Bobbi Armirault, Becky Pederson, Chris Papas, Imire

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairperson Scalley.


Chairperson Scalley state d the reason for the remote meeting is Covid, as they are still offering even though the meeting tonight is in person.

Chairperson Scalley confirmed that everyone present could hear and speak, everyone confirmed.

Chairperson Scalley acknowledge that the Board would be doing roll call votes.

There were no participants via Zoom tonight.

APPROVE & SIGN THE MAINFESTS – Chairperson Scalley announced the approval and signing of the manifests. Chairperson Scalley, Selectperson Gauthier and Selectperson Mills acknowledged they had signed.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES 5/17/21 – Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the 5/17/21 minutes as written. Selectperson Gauthier seconded. ROLL CALL VOTE: Mills – AYE, Gauthier – AY, Scalley - AYE. All in favor. The motion passed unanimously.

CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY – ALONG THE RIVER : Selectperson Mills made the motion to sign the certificate of occupancy for Along the River, Selectperson Gauthier seconded, all in favor – AYE.

CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY – PLASZ : Chairperson Scalley made note that Plasz had to go to the zoning board to remove his back deck as it was too close to the property line. The applicant did complete that. Selectperson Mills made the motion to sign the certificate of occupancy for Plasz, Selectperson Gauthier seconded, all in favor – AYE.

GARDEN CLUB – PAULA MURPHY : Bobbi state Paula was not there but she asked if they were going to discuss planter boxes, Chairperson Scalley said that will be discussed at a later time. Bobbi asked about removing dead stuff and planting new stuff, Chairperson Scalley said you can remove anything you want, but you cannot plant anything new. You can talk to the Fire Chief to discuss what you want to remove at the Fire Station. Chairperson Scalley talked to a landscape designer about 2 weeks ago and he is getting some prices and ideas on what can be done at the Town Hall.

WATER WARRANT – MARTIN JR. : Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve, Selectperson Gauthier seconded. All in favor – AYE.

WARRANT ARTICLES APPROVED FOR THE TRUSTEES: Chairperson Scalley said he sent Selectperson Mills & Gauthier and email with the list of warrant articles approved by the taxpayers and asked if they had a chance to review them. He stated normally these are done end of March but with putting the default budget together and its cuts they were not able to do them at that time but now we are going to move the money over to go where they need to for the appropriate funds.

TAX DEEDED PROPERTY – ROUTE 3 NORTH : Chairperson Scalley said they still need more information on this so it is to be tabled until they get more information in order to move forward.

FIRE STATION APPRAISAL: Chairperson Scalley stated that Dave Scalley will recuse himself from this and handed it over to Selectperson Gauthier. Chairperson Gauthier stated they did get the Fire Station Appraisal on the 21st. Selectperson Gauthier asked if they wanted to talk about where to start the bidding at based on the appraisal, Selectperson Mills said he is trying to get as much data as he can on this and he has some Real Estate background and he is suggesting that when they do put it out there to bid they have a timeframe on it and maybe they can have a 2 hour window and maybe Greg from the highway department can go over there so people can go inside and view it before they put a bid on it. Of course, anyone can go look at it from the outside and get the paperwork on it. This was one consideration. He also wants to make sure that DOT is all set with the driveway that is there and the road way so there are no issues once this property is sold for the next owner as there are some concerns with the driveway that is there now. Selectperson Gauthier said he will check with the State on it and it is on his to do list. The State will need to know what will be going in that space before they will approve it, so it would be sold subject to DOT approval on driveway and it will need to be put in the ad when they go to list it out for bid. Selectperson Mills also stated that they did finalize the deed restrictions and covenants and that will also be included in the packet so people are aware of everything before they make a bid on the property. Selectperson Mills said the appraisal had a variety of numbers on it, he is hoping that the Town takes those numbers and figures out a good starting point so not to turn people off from bidding but also not to shoot themselves in the foot for underpricing. They also need to add in for the costs of advertising and appraisal fee to recover that money spent as well. The ad should run for at least 2 weeks and it will be in 11 papers all over. They will put the cutoff a few days after the ad runs in the papers with a postmark date no later than and they will ask for $5,000 cashiers check to accompany all sealed bids. The appraisal came back sooner than expected with an inspection date of 5/17 and a completed date of 5/21. It is sited on 0.52 acres of land, office space of 1300 sq. ft and 3312 sq ft in main building for a total of 4612 sq ft. Weighted final appraisal value is $176,000. There are 3 different numbers on the appraisal and those will all be taken into account when they set the minimum starting bid. Secretary Scalley mentioned in the past they had town property for sale and they had to take it off the market because it was not done properly, so if the Board will check with the Town Clerk / Tax Collector to make sure that this property is ready to be put out to bid and also check with Town Counsel to make sure everything is done properly and ready to go. Becky mentioned that the ad should state that the bidder should do a title search themselves if they are the winning bid. Secretary Scalley said whatever fees are incurred from the advertising and the legal fees, just add that to the cost of the minimum bid to cover them. It was agreed to put it on the Towns website so everyone can see it there. They will finalize all the information needed for the next meeting. Secretary Scalley said that it should be up to the buyer to verify the boundary lines. Secretary made note to everyone that the ROW is mostly owned by the State and the buyer should do their due diligence on the property lines and ROW areas. Someone asked about if the sealed bids will be opened at a Selectboard meeting and the answer is Yes. Selectperson Mills stated the bids will remain sealed until opened up for the first time at a Selectboard meeting. Selectperson Gauthier stated he will get everything together and make a call to the Town Attorney to get it ready for advertising. Selectperson Gauthier asked if it was ok to give the Selectperson Administrator to pay the invoice for the appraisal. Selectperson Mills agreed to pay the Appraiser.

SCHOOL WITHDRAWAL: Selectperson Scalley is back in the meeting now. Selectperson Gauthier stated he and selectperson Mills attended the last meeting and there really is not much that can be done about it now. The School Board did acknowledge their concern and discussed it. There was a survey sent out to all the Carroll parents asking them their opinion on how they would feel about removing the children from the school district, they are also sending out a survey to the Superintendents of SAU 35, 36 & 84 and asking them how they would feel about taking the Carroll students. Again, Gauthier stated that there is not much this committee can do and they are only trying to make sure the School Board knows and sees the numbers in black and white. Carroll is paying more than other towns around the area. They are trying to get an idea of what will happen if or when they do withdraw from the school district. James Murphy on board and supports what the committee is doing. Jeremy spoke that the committee is supposed to be about the kids but all it basically comes down to is the money, we are basically paying around $75,000 per student. Gauthier stated again that is more than other towns around. Jeremy and Gauthier went on to discuss that it is basically the same discussions every time they meet. It is not a simple solution.

Scalley – none
Selectperson Mills - Mills asked about the Library Funds how they have not received their money yet. Chairperson Scalley said he made mention of all this earlier and that the warrant articles the Town voted to approve normally get paid right after Town meeting but because of the default budget, they had to wait. They are now approved and will be paid and the library is one of them to be paid and their budget did not get cut, they are not allowed to cut their budget.
Selectperson Gauthier – None
Jeremy – None
Imire – None
Chris Pappas – None
Mike Gooden – Mr. Gooden wants the minutes of 4/27/21 to be redacted to state that the Selectboard told the taxpayers that any monies made from the sale of the Fire Station would be put toward the new Town Buildings. Chairperson Scalley said he was part of that meeting and he remembers it stating that it would help defer the cost of the new buildings and not be put directly to the cost of the new buildings, we can’t change the loan and we can’t take the monies from the sale of the fire station and put towards the loan. The loan is not set up to make any additional principal payments on it. It is a 20 yr note and the payments and set up specific to how they are going to pay it and it can not be changed. Scalley will double check it but we can’t knock down the principal. It will go back to the tax payers the following year and offset the rate next year. Selectperson Gauthier said we weren’t educated enough last year to know where any monies could be allocated to. Selectperson Gauthier said the intention is to go back to the Taxpayers and it will be done, but we are not able to go to principal. Selectperson Gauthier also stated at one point the Historical Committee wanted the fire station donated to them and if they did that, then there definitely would not be any monies going back to the Taxpayers. The intentions of the board at the time were to be a benefit to the taxpayers. Chairperson Scalley said he is pretty sure the loan they have is structured so you can not pay the principle.
Redact 4/27/21 minutes to clarify this.
Mike also asked if anyone did a study to show the costs from last years heating bills to this year’s heating bills. Chairperson Scalley said we are just in a 1-year time now and no study was done yet. Selectperson Gauthier said we will do a study when we have had enough time to do it.
No other business.

Chairperson Scalley said next meeting is June 8, 2021 at 6pm. Selectperson Gauthier will not be there in person that date.

At 7:04 pm Chairperson Scalley closed the public meeting made a motion to go into non-public session per RSA 91-A:3, Legal and personnel. The motion was seconded by Selectperson Gauthier and polled: Gauthier – Yes, Mills – Yes, Scalley – Yes.

At 9:14 pm Chairperson Scalley made a motion to return to public session and seal the minutes. The motion was seconded by Selectperson Gauthier and polled. Gauthier – yes, Mills – yes, Scalley – yes.

At 9:16 pm Chairperson Scalley made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Selectperson Gauthier and polled. Gauthier – yes, Mills – yes, Scalley – yes.