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Minutes of 6/8/2021

June 16th, 2021

Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Minutes of 6/8/21
Carroll Select Board
Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2021

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select Board have been recorded by its chairperson. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirement s of the New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2”

Minutes recorded by: David Scalley, Chair
Board Members: David Scalley, Kenneth Mills.
Members of the Public: Paula Murphy, Imere, Rena Vechicco, Bobbi Armirault, Vern Armirault, Janet Nelson, Susan Yellope, Chris Papas, Joanne Lydon.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairperson Scalley.


Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the manifest and Chairperson Scalley seconded, all approved.

Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the minutes from May 25, 2021 and Chairperson Scalley seconded, all approved.

Authority to hold entirely virtual meetings will expire on June 11, 2021 per the Governor, The Boards are advised to resume in persons meetings on June 12th and this goes for all Boards, Selectmen, Planning & Zoning.

Garden Club – Paula Murphy is here representing the Garden Club and wanted to update the Board as to what they are doing, they have some lilac plants that were given to them from the State and they can not stay in the pots much longer, so they want to try to first beautify the Town and to create this by the way of not having to have a lot of work for someone to maintain them, they are willing to do some of it themselves, like trim and water and willing to come up with something that is beautiful primarily urgent is the lilacs and junipers. They were free. They want to put the lilacs on the piece of sidewalk by the building and getting them established. Chairperson Scalley informed everyone that anything that has to do with landscaping at the Town Buildings needs to be put on hold for now as they have a landscape designer coming to give them an idea of what to do and as soon as they are able to come out and get a design back to the Board, the Board will share it with everyone. Paula spoke up and wanted more clarification on this so they can move forward and know what they can do. Chairman Scalley again clarified that they are putting together a package for the town and in that package, it will have everything they are going to do and it will include a complete package. It was asked who is paying for that and Chairperson Scalley said it was included in the Budget for the Town Hall Building. It was asked if the Garden Club could provide the landscaper with the lilac trees if they would incorporate them and also is it possible for that landscaper to meet with the Garden Club so they can share their ideas with them. Chairperson Scalley told them at this point, we are going to get the design and package idea from the Landscaper and once he has that, he will get with the Garden Club but to meet with him before is not going to be possible. He said they should have something within the next few weeks. He asked that they hold off and see what the landscaper presents. It was brought up again as to where the monies are coming from for the landscaper and Chairperson Scalley clarified that some monies were left over from the building project that maybe put towards landscaping. It was asked who the landscaper is and Scalley replied Scott Heimlich and he then asked that the club do not call him directly. He told them to go look at the campground heading to Lancaster if they were concerned how his work looks. The club asked if they can at least let the landscaper know what they have for plants available to them and see if he can use them, Chairperson Scalley said to get a list together and he will give it to him. Paula went on to say she doesn’t feel that they don’t get a say in what gets done and Chairperson Scalley corrected her saying that what the Garden Club does, they do a great job with their small plants and flowers around but this project needs medium to large growth and their club just doesn’t have that capability and we want some professional advice as to what to put there. Selectperson Mills wanted to make a point of order, he asked if there was any contractual agreement with this person, Chairperson Scalley said no. Selectperson Mills asked what the garden clubs’ original idea for placement of the lilac tree, they answered right out here beside the door by the sidewalk parallel to the parking area. They feel that would be a great spot for them, Selectperson Mills stated that placement there may not be the best place as the plants that are there now that they planted, some have died and there is a reason and that reason may be salt from the sidewalks that have to be put down and they have to take that into account. Discussion was had about the salt and the lilac like salt, Selectperson Mills is trying to get a bigger account of what they are doing. Selectperson Mills is saying the board is not ignoring their request the Board they will take this into account and try to pass it on for ideas. He also said maybe they can place these plants somewhere else around the Town to help beautify other areas. Everyone knows that there are concerns from the garden club and everyone wants what is best for the town and it will all be taking into consideration. The garden club just wants the board to know that they do this because they like plants and are willing to do this all and not get paid and the ladies in this club all have knowledge and artistic talents and wants the board to know this. Chairperson Scalley said they all have faith and know they have the ability as everyone can see around town what a great job they do, he is trying to explain that the landscaper puts a package together and if he does the job, he owns the job, if something dies, he has to fix it. Chairperson Scalley asked that going forward, he is only talking to one person from the club which is Linda Finn, this way the garden club can review all their ideas and concerns and Linda Finn can address them at a meeting or with Chairperson Scalley.

Recreation Department - Tabled

Municipal Land use change tax bill – Munoz – Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the land use change on tax bill first one, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.

Warrant for land use change tax bill – Munoz - Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the warrant for land use change on tax bill second one, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.

Water warrant – Ogozarek & Ticas- Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the water warrant for Ogozarek & Ticas, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.

Water warrant – Furness, Gilman O’Brien, Strickland - Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the water warrant for Furness, Gilman O’Brien, Strickland, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.
Water warrant – Gilman, Parks - Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the water warrant for Gilman, Parks, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.

Water abatement – Walsh - Selectperson Mills asked a question as to if this request was made because they never asked for the water to be shut off and Scalley said yes. Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the water abatement for Walsh, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.

Property warrant first issue – Selectperson Mills made a motion to accept the Property warrant first issue, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.

Certificate of occupancy – McDonough - Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the Certificate of occupancy for McDonough, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.

Monroe’s Family Restaurant liquor letter of approval – Chairperson Scalley said the State of NH sent Monroes a letter to extend their liquor license from May 28, 2021 to May 28, 2022, this is a yearly thing so they can have outdoor seating with their liquor. Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the Liquor letter of approval, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.

Yatin sign permit - Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the sign permit for Yatin, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved.

Notice of intent to cut wood or timber – Nelson - Selectperson Mills made a motion to approve the notice of intent to cut wood or timber for Nelson, Chairperson Scalley seconded, approved

Update on the school withdrawal – Tabled as Rob is not here.

Town pool birthday party request for June 19th – The town has allowed it before and appreciate the email that was sent for approval, but it is just informational. No issues from the Board.

Follow Up:

TAX DEEDED PROPERTY – Route 3 North – Tabled as they are still waiting for the State.

FIRE STATION APPRAISAL – Chairperson Scalley recused himself. Selectperson Mills wanted to give an update as to what was going on as Selectperson Gauthier is not here tonight.

SCHOOL WITHDRAWAL: Chairperson Scalley came back into the meeting. Chairperson Scalley said we already discussed this.


Selectperson Mills – nothing
Chairperson Scalley – nothing
Chairperson Scalley asked the public if they had anything – Bobbi Armirault said she had a request from the information booth Betty Gilman asked if the Selectpersons could go up to the information booth to introduce themselves to her so she knows who they are and who she is. She is there during certain hours and certain days.
Janet asked about the meeting minutes for the school withdrawal and wanted to know if there was a more recent update on it. Selectperson Mills said he will have to defer this to the next meeting as Selectperson Gauthier is the one to report on this and he is not here tonight. Selectperson Mills did state that he knows the next School Withdrawal Committee is not meeting until July, they are not meeting every 2 weeks.
Chairperson Scalley asked if there was anything else for other, being none, he stated that the next meeting will be: June 21, 2021 at 6pm.

At 6:40 pm Chairperson Scalley closed the public meeting made a motion to go into non-public session per RSA 91-A:3, Legal and personnel. Selectperson Mills seconded.

At 6:58 pm the Board went into Non-Public Legal and Personnel.

At 7:30 pm Selectperson Mills made a motion to return to public, Chairperson Scalley seconded.

At 7:31 pm Chairperson Scalley made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Selectperson Mills seconded. Meeting ended.