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Minutes of 08/31/2021

August 31st, 2021

Select Board Meeting Minutes
August 31st, 2021
“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions, and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2.”
Minutes Recorded by: Elke Tonnesen
Board Members in Attendance: Chair David Scalley, Ken Mills, and Rob Gauthier

Others in attendance- Tadd Bailey, Marc Brodeur, Josh Robertson, Michael Rouillard, Jeremy Oleson, Imre Szauter, Chris Pappas, Bonnie Moroney, Greg Hogan, Judy Ramsdell

Chairperson Scalley confirmed that the manifest was signed by all the board members.

Approval of Minute 8/24
Mills motioned to approve; Gauthier seconded.
Discussion- Mills noted that the ARPA funds discussion reflected that the funds would be received in the next couple weeks, but he was under the impression that they would get a portion now and then next year. Scalley confirmed that, stating we got the first half last week and will get the next half next year.
Additionally, Mills just asked to not forget the “s” at the end of his name.
All in favor to approve, 3-0. Motion passed.

Receipt of ARPA Funds- $39,101.58
We are in receipt, and it is already in our account.

Twin Mtn. Fire Rescue Transition of Duties & Responsibilities-
Jeremy gave us a list for us to go through and figure out the transition:
1. NH TEMSIS Admin, QA/QI, Billing review
2. AMB Billing Services and Medicare related paperwork
3. E911 Coordinator
4. Monthly Twin State Mutual Aid Meetings
5. NORPAC Quarterly Meetings
6. Credit Card
7. Permits – Building, Planning, Zoning, Assembly, Tent, Fireworks. Assistance from NHFMO
8. Top Rung Hose and Ladder Testing Sept. 2
9. Paramedic stipend for Will Cunningham
10. NFIRS Reporting
11. Apparatus inspections and preventive maintenance – A-1, A-2, E-1, E-2, E-3, X-1, ATV
12. Tent inspection – Mt. Washington Resort/Bretton Woods Reach the Beach Sept. 15th, AMC band (Low Lily) Sept.17th
13. Daily operation – Mail, bills etc.
14. Records – training and maintenance
15. Consultant on how to move forward
Chief Oleson first opened with taking care of reporting. His name is on a lot of the items, like billing, Medicare, etc., but Will Cunningham and Marc Brodeur can do some of the items, possibly Jeff Duncan. The question arose if any of these items can be outsourced to an outside company. Chief Oleson states these are in house items.
He also noted that our ambulance just got licensed at the paramedic level, which requires a lot of checks with equipment and medications. Will was handling the med checks. Chief Oleson also stated the need to make sure that everyone has the certifications needed, and that proper training and education is also provided to the staff.
Selectperson Gauthier asked about ambulance billing and Medicare related paperwork, and if it ties in with TEMSIS, or is that separate? Chief Oleson states that is different.
Selectperson Gauthier asked Chief Oleson if he is the only one with the ability to use Medicare and ambulance billing service? Chief Oleson replied that he is the only one set up to use the programs right now.
Selectman Scalley asked who else would be able to fill in with Jeremy’s absence?
Chief Oleson stated that Marc Brodeur could take on the role of interim chief, if he wanted to, but doesn’t want to speak on anyone’s behalf.
Chief Oleson noted that he is the E911 coordinator, which is procedural, assigning numbers, filling out paperwork and entering items into the computer. He also mentioned participation with the towns mutual aid, Twin State which consists of monthly meetings-
Selectperson Mills asked Chief Oleson if this was a responsibility that he solely took on or if anyone else participated.
Chief Oleson notes that Marc Brodeur has gone to a couple of these in the past. He also states that NORPAC is our secondary mutual aid and there are quarterly meetings which is Coos County and north.
Selectperson Scalley asked the question if Marc is the deputy chief, does he step in if anything happens to the chief?
Marc Brodeur- Correct, I do have some knowledge, but a lot of these things will be new to me.
Selectperson Scalley states understanding.
Chief Oleson notes that the department credit card will need to be updated as it has his name on it, and he has not made any charges since giving his resignation.
Chief Oleson next brought up different kinds of permits- Buildings- single, 1-2 family homes, there is life and code safety. Planning & Zoning- the fire chief does need to sign and review for different plans. Assembly permits, there are quite a few pending, and anyone with a liquor license needs to have an assembly permit. Tent permits, anyone who is going to have a tent set up on commercial property and you are making money will need to be signed off on. Tents on private property do not need to be signed for. Fireworks permits and firework details need to be set up, per the RSA there needs to be one member of the department present at the larger shows of fireworks. Smaller shows, just need a permit.
Selectperson Scalley asked if these items could fall under the deputy chief’s duties.
Chief Oleson states that they could.
Scalley asked Marc Brodeur if there was anything on this list that he was uncomfortable with.
Marc Brodeur noted that it’s been a while that he has done inspections, he was chief from 2000-2005 but a lot of things have changed.
Police Chief Bailey spoke up to remind the board that that the current staff might not have the time to do these items, while they are all already employed full-time.
The Board reassures the public that they completely understand that.
Selectperson Scalley states that he spoke to Ron Anstey of the NH State Fire Marshal’s Office, and brought up the point that the department’s staff are all employees full-time elsewhere, and that some qualifications might be missing, as well as not having the time do some of these duties. Scalley states that the State is willing to help out in the interim as needed.
Chief Oleson states there are some upcoming events, that he will not be here for. On Sept. 21st Top Rung Hose and Ladder Testing will be here.
Chief Oleson also brings attention to the board that they have a stipend agreement for Will Cunningham, to repay him for going to school to become a paramedic. The amount is $1,000 per year, and there are three more years left in this agreement.
Chief Oleson states that Mike has been helping with NFIRS reporting, and notes that any and all officers can put in the reporting. Also starting tomorrow apparatus inspections need to be scheduled for all of the vehicles that the department has.
Chief Oleson brings up that there are a few inspections that are scheduled that will need to be done this month so far, the Mount Washington Resort/Bretton Woods needs a tent inspection for Sept. 15th and the AMC needs a tent inspection for Sept. 17th.
Chief Oleson then notes that items such as daily duties, mail, bills, call member pay, etc. Selectperson Scalley asked if these inspections can be done by Chief Oleson before he leaves.
Chief Oleson states we can discuss these things at the end of the meeting. He brings up records- training and maintenance, and also notes that we have gone more computerized, we need to adjust, consider software for the station. And going forward it might make sense to bring a consultant in to see where the town is at. The mutual aid has been discussed, and every town is struggling.
Selectperson Scalley- have you discussed these items on the list with the other officers?
Chief Oleson- We have not had the chance to sit down and discuss this list with everyone to see who can do what. He would like to know where he will be compensated at, he would like to stay on as a call member.
Selectperson Mills asks Chief Oleson to clarify that he is willing to stay on as a call member?
Chief Oleson - Yes, on call.
Selectperson Mills also asked for clarification with Chief Oleson about helping with the transition here, with due compensation for his skills and time.
Chief Oleson was agreeable.
Selectperson Gauthier asked if there was any luck with applicants?
Chief Oleson states we have had two candidates, but nothing noteworthy.
Selectperson Gauthier asked if there was anything pending that we don’t want to drop.
Chief Oleson - No everything is caught up and what needs to be done is on this list.
Selectperson Mills asked about the noted nationwide shortage, he asked if there was any networking and discussions about these kinds of positions.
Chief Oleson - We are in an even more difficult situation with being remote. The mutual aid has talked about getting a consultant, noting that other towns have done this, so they know what they need for coverage. He states that he thinks having someone come in from the outside and look at our situation will provide us with some direction.
Selectperson Mills- do you have any contact info for that type of consultant
Chief Oleson- States that MRI/Municipal Resources is an organization in NH that provides this service.
Josh Robertson- I agree with Jeremy- that a consultant is the way to go.
Chief Bailey- It is defiantly a unique situation; the schedule is a topic that has come up with applicants. Other full-time stations have a 24-hour shift, we don’t have that. Unfortunately, it can take a tragedy for something to happen, and for people to realize that something needs to change. Having this 24-hour shift will allow for better call coverage.
Selectperson Scalley- how do we make it more interesting for volunteers?
Chief Bailey suggests again a schedule change. Noting doing something like what Whitefield does.
Chief Oleson states he would not go that route, he feels you need someone who is cross trained in both ambulance and fire. Our biggest exposure is ambulance, but what if we get another call.
Chief Bailey said it is a very unique situation, we have such a small population, there is still a lot that goes on. And he agrees that the replacement should be cross trained.
Selectperson Mills- what is the biggest threat in this transition.
Chief Oleson - Missed ambulance calls
Selectperson Scalley-who would back us up?
Chief Oleson- Whitefield, Bethlehem, Franconia, Littleton
Chief Bailey- But to put it in perspective just the other day we were covering Bethlehem because they could not field their ambulance, so if you are in mutual aid company that can’t field their own crew.
Michael Rouillard- If we call mutual aid, we are taking one ambulance out of another town, and if they need it and they are over here then they cannot do anything. It’s not really the way we want to go.
Chief Oleson - But it doesn’t [inaudible], it is what it is. There are some towns over the years that should have been called out on a little bit more, if you can’t field a team, then you need to identify that.
Chief Bailey- We are a tourist community- the people who are here to visit expect a full service.
Selectperson Mills- Are we in a minimum staff situation.
Chief Oleson - Yes, we have been for years, but everyone is.
Selectperson Mills- After missed ambulance calls what is the next threat?
Chief Bailey- It could be anything, any accidents.
Selectperson Mills- It sounds like anytime you have more than one.
Chief Oleson - That’s where being cross trained over the years has helped. We need more EMS.
Selectperson Mills- How is the cross training right now managed?
Chief Bailey- That is a whole different scenario, I have had times where I can be at the PD, but then I will have to go help on the ambulance.
Chief Oleson - For a long time, everyone has been all in on helping each other and getting stuff done. It’s going to take training, and we need to find someone to do all three disciplines.
Selectperson Mills- I am looking more interim.
Chief Bailey- In the interim, until we can get fully staffed, calls are going to go unanswered from the fire department, we all have jobs and families.
Selectperson Scalley- correct
Chief Bailey- We will all give as much as we can, but we are already giving as much as we can.
Selectperson Mills- As I review timecards, I don’t see any wiggle room.
Chief Scalley- Have we been using other officers to pick up any more shifts, like Jeff Duncan?
Chief Oleson - They are maxed out.
Selectperson Scalley- Is your new position going to allow you to help with Twin Mountain Fire Department?
Chief Oleson - Yes in limited amounts, and web-based items Jeremey said he can assist with that. based, I can assist with that.
Selectperson Scalley- And your pay is that going to be stipend pay, or hourly?
Chief Oleson - That’s what you decide. No issues from new employer, new chief is fine with being on his own department.
Selectperson Gauthier- anything on TEMSIS, any manual, guidebook?
Chief Oleson - Just making sure everything goes in there. Everything is pretty much web based.
Selectperson Mills- what is TEMSIS?
Chief Oleson - How the state gets data on our call, and billing.
Selectperson Gauthier- Can we meet next week and do another meeting to follow up?
Selectman Scalley- Can you and your team sit down and go through this list and give duties to where we can, can you train some of the staff?
Selectperson Mills- as you do that, can you be clear about what you cannot cover, so we know what gaps are there?
Chief Oleson - Yes
Selectperson Scalley- Can we discuss compensation with Jeremy directly.
Selectperson Scalley- Any additional items?
Marc Brodeur- If we look at small communities, like Littleton did a contract chief, a lot of the administration things I do not know, billing, meetings, salary. I will help out as much as I can, but I cannot leave my job right now. I think we should look into filling that chief position.
I thank Jeremy for everything that he has done stepping up. We have everyone working full time and there are going to be gaps.
Selectperson Mills- Where would you pull information for a contract chief?
Marc Brodeur- Believes is called MRI.
Chief Oleson - Some of these people coming into this are going to be just administrative and not throwing a pack on.
Marc Brodeur- You are going to need someone who is cross trained.
Chief Oleson - I think the board will need to appoint a chief at least temporary, so that we you can have someone to handle department business.
Selectperson Scalley- if the board were to appoint, would it be deputy fire chief?
Marc Brodeur- I can do what I can, but I work out of town, I can come up after work.
Josh Robertson- I am going to suggest that when you look at applicants you have some of us on the board to help review it.
Selectperson Mills- I think that is a great idea.
Bonnie Moroney- in the past we have had a committee of a group of different people outside the board set up the advertising, look at the applications, and interview. I am happy to volunteer for that. I would also like to remind the board that some of the salary lines that are there were the product of a lot of research and should not be adjusted.
Josh Robertson- Is this position hourly or salary?
Selectperson Mills- I like the idea of having multiple people (committee) on this decision.
Chief Bailey- States that when he got hired there was a committee, that consisted of a member of the selectboard, other town employees, community members.
Selectperson Scalley- States that the committee then brought their thoughts to the board.
Selectperson Mills- I would like to formalize that now if we could.
Bonnie- We can ask other chiefs to serve as well.
Selectperson Gauthier- I would like to discuss more in non-public.
Selectperson Scalley- Can Bonnie and Jeremy put together a list for a committee? Can you email it to Elke?
Bonnie and Jeremy are in agreement with this.
Selectperson Scalley thanked Chief Oleson for everything that he has done, making sure that the team had everything they needed. We wish Jeremy the best.
Selectperson Mills- I would like to echo that, and also would like to say that Jeremy always has a place here.

Follow Up-
Driveway Permit- Attorney Carey is working on it

Tax Deed Property- Route 3 North-
Attorney Carey has to talk to the state, about the 70/30 share with the state. But the town will have to cover the bill for the tear down. Selectperson Scalley states he will work on that with Attorney Carey for a warrant article for next year.

School Withdrawal-
Selectperson Gauthier states he has talked to Ben Jellison, and the last he had talked to Mark he had said he would let us know when he hits the 5-hour mark, and he hasn’t hit that yet. Mark emailed Ben Jellison and states that he is making progress and he’s hasn’t had to contact the attorney yet.

Certified Computers/Profile-
Selectperson Scalley states that Selectperson Mills and Kelly met with Profile to compare with what we have now.
We will discuss more in non-public.

Selectperson Gauthier- Thank you Jeremy.
Selectperson Scalley- Last year the selectboard allocated approximately $120,000 out of the building fund money, a lot of that has been tabled due to the default budget, but we are still ordering the sign, and we carried a $30,000 budget for this sign. Sign cost is a little less than, 22,000 which will leave us $8,000 for a stone base, I have talked to some masons now to get a price. I would like to sign the contract for the signs, so I will get the information for the next meeting.

Selectperson Mills- I know we are having a hearing to receive the ARPA funds, is that where we are going to discuss the allocation as to what the town is going to do with it.

Selectperson Scalley- We have a public hearing on that on next week.
Selectperson Gauthier- Are we having the public meeting at 7 and then selectman’s meeting to follow?
Selectperson Scalley- Yes

Selectperson Scalley- Ken have you talked with St Jean Auctions.
Selectperson Mills- We need to come up with a date to meet with the auction company. But we need to get the paperwork together.
Selectperson Scalley reread the email from last meeting from St Jean Auction about the
--A list of restrictions that the town wants placed on the property.
--Access to the property.
--A list of abutters and other interested parties that have expressed an interest in the property.
--We need to talk about the deposit & number of days to close (St. Jean suggests $10,000/30 or 45 days.
--A copy of the Agreement and Deposit Receipt (Purchase & Sale Agreement) created by the town attorney.
--Once these items are received, we will need to agree on a mutually acceptable auction date and time.

Selectperson Gauthier- Meredith is just waiting for us. Selectperson Mills said St. Jean is waiting on the information from us. Selectperson Mills and Gauthier will take care of contacting St Jean and Meredith.
Greg Hogan- Updated the Board that the fire hydrant on the snowmobile trail was removed and a new hydrant has been placed out of the way of the groomer and the trail. It is a much safer situation now. The Board thanked Greg and his team.
Next Meeting will be a Public Hearing on September 7th at 7:00pm with the Selectmen’ s Meeting to follow.

Selectperson Scalley made a motion to go into non-public session at 8:18 pm per RSA 91-A:3, Legal and Personnel. Selectperson Gauthier second, all in favor 3-0, motion passes.

Selectperson Gauthier made a motion to return to public session at 9:22 p.m. and seal the minutes of the non-public session. The motion was seconded by Selectperson Mills. All in favor, 3-0. Motion passes

Selectperson Gauthier made a motion to adjourn the public meeting at 9:22pm. Selectperson Mills second. All in favor 3-0. Motion passes.