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Minutes of 9/1/2022

September 13th, 2022


Carroll Town Hall
92 School Street
Twin Mountain, N.H. 03595

Sep 1, 2022 7:00 P.M.

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Planning Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct, they are subject to additions, deletions, and corrections by the Planning Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2.”
Planning Board Members present:
Alessandro Foti, 2025 – Chairperson
Austin Alvarez, 2024 – Vice Chairperson
Donna Foster, 2023 – Member
Rena Vecchio, 2023 – Member
Public present: John Gardner, Mike Gooden, Arnie Amerault, Vern Amerault
Minutes taken by: Pam Kathan, Recording Secretary
l. Call Meeting to Order at 7:12pm by Alessandro Foti, Chairperson
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of Minutes
July 7, 2022 Tiny Ventures LLC changes
Austin reports on minor suggestions recommended for application approval.
1. Provide documentation supporting the merger of the 2 lots.
2. Identify the motel basement foundation structure as existing and foundation structure to be retained.
3. Snow removal and storage areas to be added to the plan
4. Document approvals. Show distance of proposed sewer system to abutting properties within 200’
5. Provide information on meeting with the Fire Chief and Road Agent
6. Add lighting, signs, natural features and landscaping to the plan.

Donna requests that bear proof dumpster be added.

7. Add rational for any waivers requested.
Voted to approve with conditions.
No vote was able to be made, so carried over to next meeting.
Alex suggests appending these minutes with the update for public review.
4. Approval of Minutes
August 4, 2022 – no vote to approve minutes because of absentee members.

Discussion of need for more Planning Board alternates.
Per Austin, Dave (a Selectman) suggested he become an alternate in case Brian cannot make it. Discussion of voting into positions.

5. Appointment of Recording Secretary and how the Board will proceed to record minutes in the future – please try to speak as clearly as possible and state name of speaker. This recording will be sent to the recording secretary for transcription.
Austin: Crystal is the communicator to the recording secretary. Discuss how changes should be made.
Alex: If changes need to be made, they can be incorporated into the next minutes.

All attendees spoke their names for the record.

6. Old Business: Tiny Ventures, LLC Application
Applicant has requested a continuation until the next meeting for possible cabin design changes.

7. New Application: Mark Vander-Heyden on behalf of The Shirley Grassie Estate, subdivision of lot at 140 Lennon Road, Tax map 410 Parcel 34 – Applicant requests continuation to next meeting as there was a miscommunication between the estate and Mark Vander-Heyden, an updated application to be brought to next meeting.

8. Food Truck Regulations
Alex: In speaking with Chief Dunkin at the last meeting there is an application fee but no regulations. Homework on other towns policies and procedures.

John Gardner: as a previous Select Board member, discussion on food trucks at the KOA campground came up. Think they approved the application provided that the food truck operated during KOA hours only.

Alex spoke to other nearby towns, Littleton, Whitefield, Bethlehem, no procedures. Conway had some regulations.

John Gardner: Lancaster has procedures, needed for Smokin’ T’s food truck before they moved into their building.

Alex explains Conway’s procedure. They have 2 types of permits. One for up to 14 days per calendar year and one that is more permanent, more than 14 days.

The short term is simple, requirements are: sketch of proposed site showing location of truck and tables and seats if proposed.
Service area cannot encroach into setbacks or buffers.
Everything proposed must function safely within the approved area.

The seasonal or permanent requirements are: town staff approval, a shortened site plan review, conform to all applicable codes, a reasonable sight design which conforms to Conway’s site plan regulations. Cannot increase the intensity of views beyond existing capacities including parking, traffic and septic. Don’t create a reduction in green space that is less than or equal to 400 sf or increase floor space by more than 200 sf.
If unsure or have questions, review with the Planning Board, you still do not need a formal site plan review, but Planning Board can approve.

Conway seemed to be the simplest and best, southern towns and cities much more complicated.
John Gardner brings up another example in Whitefield, an ice cream trailer.

Alex wants further discussion on health code, mobility, traffic issues, zoning conflicts, town liability if on town property. Will look and Lancaster and Whitefield, Conway seems reasonable.

Donna asks if Conway requires the food truck to have its own insurance.
Alex says it is not mentioned.
Donna feels it is a good idea to require.
Alex agrees. At the next meeting we can think about the proposed regulation specific to Carroll.
Austin asks if this would be added to the Planning Board regulations.
Alex answers yes and a form needs to be created and voted on by the Planning Board.
Rena wants to try this for a year before making it permanent.
Alex agrees that after a year they should have a sense of how it is going.
Donna wants to know if Conway had a permit for porta potties for long term use? Especially with tables. Maybe an exception for short terms with no tables.
Alex mentions that the package should be voted on at next meeting.
Rena brings up the $250 per day application fee to look at, it seems high.
Agreed and will be discussed.

9. All Other Business:
• NHMA Changes to Planning/Zoning Laws in 2022 – 2 key area changes.
1. Workforce housing – where a town can take by eminent domain a property for workforce housing.
2. On August 23rd new regulations were issued to Planning/Zoning Boards to be careful on letters of approval or disapproval. Be very specific on the reasons why an application is approved or disapproved. It could go to court and be overturned.
• Timing of applications/approvals
It has been noted by Alex that other Planning Boards do not follow Carroll’s 30 day waiting period, they sign on the spot. Does the waiting period cause too much burden on the applicant? Some obviously have a lot of discussion, but most are simple.

Discussion regarding the time frame to be sure to give the board enough time to look at and not rubber stamp. Flexibility would be good to determine sooner if the application is not complicated. Consensus is that flexibility would be good, some applicants take more time anyway.

A Public Forum discussion ensued regarding new tower guidelines and restrictions.

10. Adjourn – motion to adjourn by Alex at 7:57, seconded by Rena, all in favor, 4-0, meeting adjourned.