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Minutes of 6/6/2019

June 17th, 2019

Carroll Planning Board


June 6, 2019

7:00 PM

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Planning Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Planning Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A: 2.

PLBD Members Present: Chairman Alessandro Foti, Vice Chair Michael Hogan, Selectmen’s Representative, Bonnie Moroney, Donna Foster, Mike Finn, John Gardiner and Terry Penner

Members of the Public: Mark Vander-Hayden, Buddy Pearce, Mike Petrosus/Profile Motel, Mary Sullivan, Holly Sullivan, Annette Marquis and Jeremy Oleson

Minutes taken by: Rena Vecchio, Secretary

Pledge of Allegiance


Chairman Foti asked the board if they were ready to approve the minutes of May 2, 2019.
Mike Finn made a motion to approve the minutes of May 2, 2019 as written. Mike Hogan seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Jon Swan was to give a presentation on Saving Forest Lake at tonight’s meeting. He unfortunately could not make the meeting but asked for his email to be read in public. A hard copy of the email will be attached to the minutes in the office. Mr. Swan wanted to talk about Casella moving a landfill into Dalton and the impact it would have on surrounding towns. Even though the land fill would not directly affect the town of Carroll, he believes that the town would see an increase in trucks going thru the town (100 trucks daily) on their way to the only other landfill in Berlin. He also wanted to alert the town that they should have been sent a regional impact letter from North Country Council (NCC) and it had not been done. He wanted the town to contact NCC and the Dalton Planning Board to let them know that Carroll had not been contacted. Jon invited the town to Forest Lake in Whitefield on June 18th, at noon, for a gathering of locals and local officials. There will be burgers and hot dogs and an exchange of information and ideas.
Annette Marquis, an employee of Casella in Bethlehem, was at the meeting but was not speaking for them or representing them. She lives in the Town of Carroll. Annette just wanted the town to understand that soon the state of New Hampshire would be in a waste crisis. The landfill in Lebanon is closing for all construction debris and Berlin is taking no new customers. There could soon be just one or two landfills left in the entire state. Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts’s have closed their landfills to all other states. She wishes that New Hampshire would close their landfills also. Annette said she did not know where Mr. Swan got his information on having 100 trucks go thru Twin Mountain on a daily basis.zzd
Bonnie Moroney said she lives on Route 3 and she already sees the trucks going by to the Berlin landfill. She does not think that it would be that much of a difference if and when Bethlehem closes theirs. Bonnie said that Greg Hogan, Supervisor of Public Works, came to the Select Board a few years ago and stated that he thought Bethlehem may be meeting their quota soon and then the town would have nowhere to go. So the town has been using the landfill in Berlin for several years. Annette said Greg should be given kudos for the vision to see this happening.


Mike Petrosus, agent for Profile Deluxe, explained that there were 2/1bedroom cabins in the back, to the right of the motel, that were built in 1936. They are old and need to be replaced. He is proposing to remove them and put in 1/3 bedroom building instead and replace the septic at the same time. He also wants to put in 2 motor home pads in case he has to start housing his J 1’s (employees).
Chairman Foti asked Mike Petrosus to go thru the Submission Requirement’s of his Site Plan Application and explain his answers. Listed below are only the ones that were changed:
• 5 paper prints at…. Had N/A (not applicable)---- Board said X (completed)
• Identifying title… Left blank --- Board said X
• Name, number…. Had N/A --- Board said X
• Location of all buildings… Left blank --- Board said X
• Location of existing… Had N/A --- Board said X and they would like a copy of deed to make sure of no restrictions, easements covenants, etc
• Existing and proposed grades … Had N/A --- Board said X
• Existing and proposed drainage… Had N/A --- Board said X
• Proposed provisions for fire protection … Fire Chief Jeremy Oleson told the board that they did not have to bother with the insides of a building. That was his concerns. The PLBD needed to be aware of cisterns, roadways, access etc., that is why this statement is on the submission requirements
• A soils classification… Had N/A --- Board said was on the plans from Presby, so should be X
Chairman Foti asked if the board had any other questions and if not he would entertain a motion. Donna Foster made a motion to accept the Site Plan Application for Profile Deluxe Motel, 580 Route 3 S., Map 207-026-000-001, Twin Mountain, Mike Petrosus, as complete with the conditions that the maps are given in the correct size, roadways depicted with correct dimension’s, fill, etc., a copy of the deed showing any easements, restrictions, covenants, etc and any other required documents. Bonnie Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Mark Vander-Heyden, surveyor and agent for Buddy and Jane Pearce, explained what the Pearce’s wanted to do. He said when they Pearce’s bought Lots 4 & 5 originally. They then merged the two Lots into 1, Lot 4. The Pearce’s now want to do a Minor Subdivision to bring it back to two lots. Mark said that the deeds had stated that Lot 5 would access its driveway thru Lot 4. Now they would like to move the boundary lines around, leaving the same sizes but having Lot 5 having their own driveway.


The Chairman asked if the board had any questions or anything to add to the proposed regulation.
The board had decided to follow RSA 676:4 that said a board could publish public hearing notices with a posting or a publication and the board may do one or the other as long as they are consistent with the Rules of Procedure and Site Plan and Subdivision Regulations.
Chairman Foti said that at a recent workshop he had been at it was stated that a town still had to notice public hearings a paper and they never really answered why. The board asked the secretary to check with NH Municipal Association.
The Chair opened the public hearing.. There was no input or questions. The Chair closed the public hearing.
The public hearing will be continued until July.

The Chairman asked if the board had anything to offer or questions on this proposed regulations. Mike Finn said the regulation handed out to the board needed to have spelling corrections.
The Chair then opened the public hearing. There was no input or questions. The public hearing was closed.
The board agreed to the proposed 90 day move on any conditions of a site plan or subdivision conditional approval.
The public hearing will be continued until July.

Other changes were made and checking with NH Municipal on a couple of things. Terry Penner also thought that a few things he learned at the 25th Spring PLBD & ZBA Conference should be asked for with our plats/maps. The board agreed.
The Chair opened the public hearing. There was no input or questions. The public hearing was closed.
The public hearing will be continued until July.


• Town needs to be watching the water supply. New developments, hotel additions, etc. are making water soon to be an issue. Jeremy Oleson said there was a study done by the Dufresne Group last year identifying the town water system/supply. This needs to be addressed. Bonnie Moroney, Selectman’s Representative, said the board is aware of the problems facing them and that they now want any new developments or large additions, to be brought to them by the PLBD before their meeting. This hasn’t been done before but the Select Board feels it is now time.
• Echo Lake Subdivision—Comes back to board in July
• Mount Deception Gravel Pit—Bonnie said the selectmen were waiting for bond. Mike Hogan said that Carl Brooks had put a site plan application in for April and the board had accepted the application as complete. After the PLBD meeting, Carl went to the selectmen and they had heard from counsel that he could use the maps from AB Logging and he did not need to go forward with the site plan. Bonnie said money should be refunded and a letter should be sent to him saying that his application was being pulled due to the fact that he never needed to come before the PLBD.
• The subdivision application from Tara Bamford was reviewed and changes made. There is copy attached to the minutes in the office.

Chairman Alex Foti reminded the board that the ZBA is holding a Q & A with Danica Melone from North Country Council on June 27th, 7:00 PM, Carroll Town Hall. The PLBD has been invited and to have any questions for Danica before the meeting if possible (send to secretary). If not come with them!

Donna Foster handed a few items to the secretary that she picked up at the Conference. She wanted the board to know they could look them over if anyone was interested. They were Legal Updates and Workforce and Affordable Housing.

Terry Penner told the board that some towns divide their zoning ordinance up into sections and have different people read and know those sections. That way someone always knows the section that is being discussed.

John Gardner made a motion to adjourn. Bonnie Moroney seconded and the motion was enthusiastically moved. The meeting ended at 9:15 PM.