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Minutes of 3/14/2019 DRAFT

March 20th, 2019

March 14, 2019
Meeting brought to order at 9:00 a.m. by Imre Szauter
Pledge of Allegiance
Present: Tadd Bailey, Allan Clark, Mike Finn, John Gardiner, Bill Gemmer, Michael Hogan, Brad Houston, Sue Kraabel, Janet Nelson, Terry Penner, Dave Scalley, Mark Sullivan, Imre Szauter, and Rena Vecchio. Guests: John Foster, Donna Foster
The meeting began with each attendee identifying him/herself. Discussion then turned to the outcome of the election on March 12th. Of the 320 voters, 319 voted on Article 8. Exactly the same number as last year voted no – 107. With the 212 yes votes, the article passed with 66.46% voting in favor. The comment was made that the snow last year definitely played a role in the failure of this warrant article – late in the day votes weren’t there. Last year the voter turnout was 44%, and this year it was 52%.
Allan Clark made the comment that the one-on-one contact that committee members had with townspeople made a difference. He said Mike Finn’s work as Vice-Chair helped, and Imre Szauter has dedicated two years of his life to this project. Having a committee of citizens was instrumental – not just employees. Imre then read a congratulatory note from George Brodeur, who had been involved in previous unsuccessful attempts to update town buildings.
Imre, in discussing other election results, reported that even though voters were reminded that one page was double sided, there were 20 ballots that came through with that back side blank. He said Rob Gauthier had defeated Brian Mycko, and would be sworn in as Selectman.
Imre asked if there were any changes to the minutes of the February 28 meeting. None presented, Michael Hogan then moved to accept the minutes as written. Rena Vecchio seconded the motion and it was passed. Imre asked if there were any changes to the minutes of the February 28 Informational Session. None presented, Michael Hogan then moved to accept the minutes as written. Janet Nelson seconded the motion and it was passed.
Discussion turned to the contract proposal from REI Service Corporation, Manchester, NH. Allan Clark, President of REI, presented this agreement to the Building Committee, and will present it to the Town of Carroll Selectmen for their approval and signatures. This details what has been accomplished by he and the Building Committee, and outlines what he, as Project Manager, will do to complete the construction of a new Town Hall and Public Safety Building. Allan said his salary will be $75,000, payable in monthly installments of $6,250 over a 12-month period. There will be a special Selectmen’s meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. to consider Allan’s proposal.
Allen said as Project Manager, he will have all the responsibilities of the owner. He’s responsible for the Construction Manager holding to his budget. The Construction Manager (the builder) works on a cost plus basis with a guaranteed maximum price. He must provide all his invoices and will get a fee in the 5-6% range on top of the invoice amount. Allan said that Construction Managers typically sub out work, and they will have to have 3 bids, with no obligation to take the low bid.
Discussion turned to the involvement of the current Building Committee, and Allan said it would be limited, and his recommendation in forming a Working Group was to include himself, a representative from the current Building Committee, a Selectman, the Fire Chief, and the Police Chief. He recommended the Working Group should probably meet every Wednesday at 8 a.m., for up to two hours. Rena raised serious concerns about not having anyone from the Town offices being part of this Working Group, and also no woman in the Working Group. Allan said that the office representation would be fulfilled by the Selectman, and Rena was assured that everyone can make suggestions until the plans are finalized, and when specific areas are being designed, those involved will be consulted. It was stated that the weekly meetings will be open for anyone to attend.
When asked about a timeline, Allan said that the RFP for Project Financing will go out early next week; the RFP for Civil Engineer will go out early next week. The week after next he would prepare the Construction Manager RFP and send it to five Construction Managers. Those applying will have 3 weeks to respond; then the number will be narrowed to three. This committee will interview those three, and send a recommendation to the Selectmen. Included with the RFP is the contract that will call for a guaranteed maximum price. Some contractors will agree to a dollar amount, and some to cost plus a percentage of cost. It was noted that the architect will be chosen by and under contract to the Construction Manager, not to the Town.
Allan said by November the buildings will be weather tight with permanent heat. The buildings should be complete by the end of the year, and departments will occupy in January. This Building Committee will get updates at quarterly meetings, and as in the past, Imre will go to the Selectmen with update information for them.
Allan said they will meet with users during discussions about the design of their areas, the furniture and equipment to be purchased, and to coordinate how we move in.
Michael Hogan made a motion to recommend to the Selectmen that they move forward with Allan Clark’s contract as written. John Gardiner seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.
Allan reported that he and Imre met with NCIC, contractor for grant writing. Their fee is $125 per hour for any work done. They are working on the Northern Border Regional Commission grant for $250,000 for the intersection improvements for our new road leading to Route 302. He said the application is due May 10, and he will work with NCIC on this project. He said there is possibly another grant for next year for infrastructure. Allan said he spoke to Homeland Security yesterday about possible grant money, and there are smaller grants to apply for as the project goes on.
Allan said this committee’s work is 90% done. Left to do is interviews for the Construction Manager. The committee will interview three of the five contractors who respond to the RFP. At that interview, the owner, architect, job superintendent and their project manager will be present. Allan will provide a grid for the committee to use to rate each contractor, and their recommendation will go to the Selectmen. Allan will develop the agreement with the contractor, but the Selectmen will be signers for the Town on the contract. The committee will have a package of material from the applicants that will include their job history, bonding capacity, etc. Each applicant will take about 45 minutes to present their information. After the deadline for submittal, the committee will have a week to go over applications, and then they will interview some or all. Allan is estimating that the hiring process will take place in the latter part of April, and the committee will be updated at quarterly meetings.
Imre asked for suggestions on how to keep the public informed about the project. Posting on the Town Website, Informational Sessions, and the Town Newsletter were among the suggestions. Updates will go to the Selectmen, and committee members should talk to their neighbors. Janet suggested giving information at the Memorial Day Parade, and at the Pancake Breakfasts.
Rena mentioned that meetings will start to discuss the Town’s 250th Anniversary Party. (2022) The first meeting will be Wednesday, March 20th. She also said the meetings to discuss the future of the Town Hall are starting again. The first is Wednesday, March 27th.
Imre reported the latest expense for this committee is $13,088.00. He stated that the next meeting date is to be determined. It may not be a Thursday, and may be at the end of April.
John Gardiner thanked Allen, Imre, Mike and Sue for the work they’ve done for this committee and the Town of Carroll. Imre thanked the committee members.
There being no further business, at 10:36 a.m., Michael Hogan made a motion to adjourn, Bill Gemmer seconded, and the motion was passed unanimously.