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Minutes of 7/24/2019 DRAFT

August 6th, 2019


July 24, 2019

Meeting brought to order at 7:56 p.m. by Imre Szauter

Pledge of Allegiance

Present: Allan Clark, Mike Finn, Anita Greer, John Greer, Michael Hogan, Susan Kraabel, Bonnie Moroney, Janet Nelson, Jeremy Oleson, Lois Pesman, Dave Scalley, Mark Sullivan, Imre Szauter, John Trammell, and Rena Vecchio. Excused: Tadd Bailey and John Gardiner

The meeting began with each attendee identifying him/herself.

Imre asked if there were any changes to the minutes of the March 14 meeting. None presented, Dave Scalley then moved to accept the minutes as written. Rena Vecchio seconded the motion. The motion passed with Anita Greer, Bonnie Moroney, and John Trammell abstaining because they had not attended the meeting. Dave Scalley then made a motion to accept as written the minutes of the May 9 meeting. Michael Hogan seconded the motion. The motion passed with Bonnie Moroney and Janet Nelson abstaining because they had not attended the meeting.

Allan Clark began his quarterly review by stating that a lot has been accomplished since the March 12th election. Ricci Construction Co., Inc. was chosen to be Construction Manager and Northpoint Engineering is developing the site plan that includes the septic system, new intersection, and storm drains. An Alteration of Terrain Permit will be obtained for stream protection. Allan noted that borings were done on the property today, and bearing capacity was looking good.

Allan talked about the Task Force that has been meeting every week. It consists of Allan, Dave Scalley, Chief Jeremy Oleson, Chief Tadd Bailey, and Imre Szauter. They are meeting weekly with John Ricci and the civil engineer and architect. Their work thus far has been coming up with a Site Plan that works for the town, and considered three options.

Option A, the original concept site plan, does not fit on the site and allow for the subdivision of land with the current Town Hall. Option B has the two new buildings in an east-west orientation and leaves room to subdivide a portion for the current Town Hall, but has a cost of in excess of $150,000 to $200,000 more than Option C. Option C has the buildings oriented north-south like Option A, but the current Town Hall must be removed once the new building is complete in order to create adequate parking. Allan talked about things that had to be considered: storm water management area, maintaining the sledding hill, snowmobile trail, and if necessary, the town hall septic system.

There was lots of discussion about these plans, and this included information from the meeting held earlier regarding the future of the existing Town Hall. In recent months, Rena and Bonnie looked for someone willing to purchase the building for another use, and they reported that they’ve had no success finding anyone to buy it.

After much discussion of all options, Michael Hogan made the motion to recommend to the Select Board Option C for construction of the Public Safety Building and Town Hall, which includes taking down the existing Town Hall. Lois Pesman seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously by the committee. This will be presented to the Selectmen at their meeting on July 29, 2019.

Discussion turned to floor plans. Allan said that the footprints of the two buildings have been finalized and the interior layout of the Public Safety Building will be essentially the same as the concept design. The Town Administrative Building essentially uses the same footprint as the concept plan, however the interior layout has undergone significant changes, and the size of the building has increased slightly. There will be security cameras in the office areas.

An application to the NH Department of Transportation for the School Street relocation will be submitted shortly, but the work may not be done until spring.

Applications have been submitted for several grants. It is anticipated that a Northern Border Regional Commission Grant in the amount of $250,000 for the relocation of School Street will be awarded in September. Anticipated grants from Homeland Security for two generators and the Emergency Operation Center total $125,000. An engineering grant associated with the School St. relocation was awarded in the amount of $7,000. Eversource will provide technical assistance on the mechanical and electrical design and a grant in the $20,000 range.

Alan reported that financing has been arranged with Bank of New Hampshire. We have a 21 year loan at a fixed rate of 2.99%, which is substantially lower than the 4% used when preparing the budget prior to Town Election Day.

Allan stated that site plan issues have put us about 30 days behind schedule, but he expects the buildings to be up and weather tight by Thanksgiving. Completion will likely be in May of 2020.

Allan said that the budget is very tight, but manageable. He will calculate expense each month and reconcile with the budget. He thinks we will have enough savings to cover the cost of taking down the Town Hall. He said we will be paying interest on our loan each month as we proceed with the construction.

Allan said the civil engineering plan should be complete by next week. Then the construction contract with Ricci can be signed, and have them be on site in mid-August.

It was decided to have the Project Ground-Breaking Ceremony on Saturday, September 21. Imre asked committee members to send him ideas for this ceremony via email.

Imre also asked committee members to send him suggestions for a Dedication Ceremony in 2020. It’s anticipated that the buildings will be complete in May.

Next meeting to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.