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Minutes of Informational Session of 1/31/2019 APPROVED

February 13th, 2019

January 31, 2019
Meeting brought to order at 7:00 p.m. by Imre Szauter
Pledge of Allegiance
Imre Szauter introduced the three Selectmen, Project Manager Allan Clark, and introduced or noted the twenty two members of the Building Committee.
Imre began the meeting with running the short video made by Chad Fillion of Granite North TV. It shows the current Carroll Town Hall, Police Station, and Fire Station, and the contrasting new Public Safety building in Franconia. This is available for anyone to see at under “GNTV on YouTube”. Imre asked how many have seen the interiors of these buildings or the new Franconia building. The contrast is immense.
Tadd Bailey, Police Chief, talked about the numerous safety and liability issues with the current Police Station. What was to be a brief rental has turned into 12 years, and in addition to the rent expense, we are using a tank of fuel per week in the winter to keep the station at 65 degrees, and the town gets no real estate tax money from the owners. Tadd stressed safety issues, code compliance issues, and the need to move to new quarters.
Jeremy Oleson, Fire and EMS Chief, spoke about problems with the current Fire Station. There is not sufficient space to properly store equipment or gear. There’s not proper space for showers or apparatus for cleaning gear. These deficiencies put firefighters at risk, and in turn, their families, when they go home with contaminated clothing. A lot of heat is lost through the masonry walls.
John Gardiner, Emergency Management Director, spoke about the need for an Emergency Operations Center. A new public safety building would provide room for a safe and secure EOC with rest rooms, kitchen facilities, secure internet access, and a generator, which we do not currently have.
Dave Scalley spoke briefly about the deficiencies in the current Town Hall. In 2016 the gymnasium was closed, and effort has been made to clear out the storage areas in the decrepit and non-compliant closed second floor. Current office space is insufficient.
Allan Clark gave a brief description of his work history, and his intention to provide the town with the best buildings that meet code and suit the town’s needs. He stressed that he and the Building Committee worked to come up with plans that meet the department needs for now and the future. Materials will be durable, high efficiency and low maintenance. The Police Station space will be such that people can’t wander through. There will be secure booking and holding rooms, separate space for juveniles, and adequate and secure storage space.
When asked about a Community Room, Allan said the plan is for space for 150 people. There will be separate entrance for this, the library, and Historical Society.
Allan said the cost for this project is $4,455,000. He said materials prices are up, but wage increases are the biggest reason the cost has increased $500,000 from last year. He said his goal as Project Manager, is to complete the contract with what the town expects, on time, and under budget.
Allan said he’s recommending using local bank financing for a 20 year note. He anticipates grants in the amount of $300,000, and with using $250,000 from Capital Reserves, expects to finance $3,900,000 for 20 years at 4%. This would translate to a tax rate increase of $0.70 per $1,000 of valuation.
Bonnie Moroney and Rena Vecchio spoke about the committee meetings held to determine the future of the existing Town Hall. They didn’t get enough feedback to decide anything, but they did get appraisals for the Town Hall and Fire Station. In order to facilitate the sale of the Town Hall, there is a lot line adjustment that will be done to increase the acreage to 1.53 acres. When this is done, the value of the Town Hall would be $277,000. The Fire Station’s appraisal came in at $175,000. The problem with the Fire Station is that the building takes up almost all the land available on the lot.
Carol Carlson Cunningham asked to speak about the article in the recent Coos County Democrat. The article stated that the Chamber of Commerce would not be endorsing the town building project, and Carol wanted it known that their by-laws state that the Chamber must remain neutral in situations like this. The Chamber has made no statement in either direction regarding this project, and Carol said many of the individual members do support the project.
Imre mentioned that rides to the Town Hall will be available on Election Day (March 12) for anyone who cannot or is reluctant to drive on that day to vote. The number to call for a ride is 603-953-6374. He said there are new rules on absentee ballot voting in bad weather, and Town Clerk Becki Pederson has complete details.
Dates to remember:
February 5: Deliberative Session of Town Meeting – 6:30 p.m. at Omni Mt. Washington Hotel
February 28: Informational Session -- 7 p.m. at Town Hall
March 12: Town Election Day -- 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Town Hall
The informational session was concluded at 8:40 p.m.