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Minutes of 12/4/2014 DRAFT

December 12th, 2014

December 4, 2014

Members Present: Chair, Donna Foster, Michael Hogan, Bonnie Moroney, Ken Mills, Richard Krapf, Karen Saffian, Evan Karpf and Brian Mycko

Public: Dave Scalley, Tammy Dubrielle and Brian Mycko

Meeting was called to order at 7:02

Pledge of Allegiance

Chairperson Donna Foster opened the meeting at 7:02. She asked if anyone had any changes or corrections to make in the minutes of October 2nd. Evan Karpf asked for two changes. The secretary noted that she had not been present at the last meeting and because she had not left the recorder, there was no recording of the meeting. She asked for the changes to be made after she had a chance to see the video of that meeting.

Evan Karpf made a motion to: table the minutes of October 2, 2014 until a review of the video of the meeting could be seen. Ken Mills seconded and the motion passed with 7 ayes.

Chairperson Foster asked if the board had seen the minutes of November 6th and asked if there were any changes or corrections to be made. The secretary stated that she had thru an email asked Tara Bamford of NCC what the attendance was at the meeting. She said there were 54 residents, 1 member of the press and 2 facilitators.

Evan Karpf made a motion to: accept the minutes of November 6, 2014 as printed. Bonnie Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Next on the agenda was the “talk or not talk” question.” The Chairperson said that someone was upset and had sent a letter to the Select Board about Evan Karpf speaking on Hunt Properties while discussing changes on the road inspections regulations. That person asked that a question be asked to see if it was legal or not that Evan could talk about Hunt Properties like that. The Chair said she had spoken to New Hampshire Municipal Assoc.(NHMA) and though she thought the answer vague, she felt they said no he should not have.
Donna went on to say that while Evan was at the NHMA Conference in Manchester in mid- November, Evan ran into and asked the Town’s lawyer about this question. The attorney came up with a different answer. So Donna went thru the selectman and asked if the question could

Page 2
PLBD Minutes
December 4, 2014

be answered thru our legal services for a final answer. The attorney said if the board had been discussing an application that would have been judiciary and Evan would have had to recuse himself. However they were talking about regulations and that is legislative. The requirements are not the same for legislative and therefore for he was not inappropriate in speaking.
The Chair told the board about the New Hampshire Municipal Asso. (NHMA) conference in Manchester last month. And that she, Evan and the secretary had gone to the conference. The Chair had put some information from that conference in the board’s packet for them to look at. One of the workshops was “Getting Your Planning Board on Board”. Some of the information ranged from Storm Water Detention, Can We Accept the Road and Who’s Watching the Work. Donna brought back “Post Approval Procedures” from the Town of Belmont and had copies put in the boards packets. Evan had a copy of “BELMONT PLANNING BOARD”, Construction and Security Manual. Copies are to be handed out if any board member would like one. The secretary is going to scan the information and email to each of the members.

The Chair is going to do a rough draft of the proposed changes to the Site Plan
Regulations, (including some additions from the Post Approval Procedures and the Belmont PLBD Construction and Safety Manual), then bring it before the board for approval and then send it along to North Country Council (NCC) for additions and corrections. The board made it clear they did not want these changes to the regulations to be too cumbersome.

The next item on the agenda was Committee Reports. Michael Hogan said he wanted to talk about the NCC meeting that was held on November 6th at the Town Hall. This meeting was from the Master Plan Committee and NCC and was reaching out to town’s people to find out what the feelings were on the town building (old school building). Last year the NCC had done a survey and one of the questions involved was of saving the town building and the response was a resounding yes.

Michael Hogan said he felt that George Brodeur, part of the Master Plan Committee, spoke from emotion instead of giving unbiased numbers and plans for a new building and its costs. Michael said the existing building is a money pit and needs to be seriously addressed without emotion. Donna, Ken and Karen did not agree with him. Ken said that if the building remains as is, then user fees for the building and gym are going to have to actually reflect the cost of using the property. Michael Hogan said he feels his tax dollars could go to something much more efficient.

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PLBD Minutes
December 4, 2014

Richard Krapf asked what was going on with the cell tower questions. Donna Foster said she had passed it along to the selectman to have legal counsel look at and give their advice. She will have the secretary pass along any information before the next meeting. The boards wants the information so they can make good, informed decisions on the cell tower and applications for them.

Chairperson Foster said it looked like the budget could handle a computer for the secretary. The reasons for the computer were:
• The secretary could work from home or the kitchen at the town hall
• The secretary could work any day on the computer(not just Wednesdays)
• The computer would be able to use the printers in the town hall (using her own computer she cannot)
• The secretary could access her PLBD/ZBA emails from that computer but not from her own
• Any new secretary could immediately have access to all PLBD/ZBA info
• If by any chance something happened and the state had to take all the town computers, this secretaries home computer would also be taken
Brian Mycko, alternate PLBD member, said it is important to get a new computer and not one from someone or some business, even if it was donated. This what he does for a job and he felt he could find something that was appropriate.

Michael Hogan made a motion to: purchase a new computer for use by the secretary for not more than $600.00. Ken Mills seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The next board meeting will not be on January 1st. The secretary is going to look into January 8th.

Bonnie Moroney made a motion to: adjourn the meeting. Richard Krapf seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The meeting ended at 8:05.