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View of Carroll from Sugarloaf

Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes of 12/7/2017

December 14th, 2017

Carroll Planning Board


December 7, 2017

7:00 PM

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Planning Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Planning Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A: 2.

Members Present: Chairman Ken Mills, Bonnie Moroney, Selectman’s Representative Brian Mycko, Michael Hogan, Richard Krapf

Members of the Public: The Mycko’s, Chris Ellms,(Manager Omni Mt Wash Ski Area), John (Horizons Engineering), David Scalley, Fire Chief Jeremy Oleson, John Gardiner (Alternate for the PLB)

Minutes taken by: Rena Vecchio, Secretary

Pledge of Allegiance: 7:00 PM


The Chair Ken Mills asked if the board had any corrections for the minutes of November 2, 2017.
Michael Hogan made a motion to: approve the minutes of November 2, 2017 as written. Brian Mycko seconded and the motion passed with Richard Krapf abstaining as he wasn’t at the meeting.
Ken asked to check the minutes for August and September to see if they were approved. He feels there is another month that has not been approved.


Carol sent an email asking the board for a continuation for Carlson’s Motor Lodge, Route 302 W, Map 206, Lot 5, for a Site Plan Review, Subdivision and Boundary Line Adjustment. Due to a problem with the deed and boundary lines, she is asking to continue the meeting until the January 2018. The board agreed.


Joseph & Marlene Vaughan had put in an application for a merger of their two properties, Map 407-084-000-001 & Map 407-085-000-002. The Chairman asked if anyone had any questions. There were none.
Michael Hogan made a motion to: approve the merger for J & M Vaughan, Map & Lot 407-084-000-001 and Map & Lot 407-085-000-002. Bonnie Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Discussed and shown:
1. Omni Mount Washington Grand Hotel
• 66 room addition
• On the SE side, will build off of the Spa expansion
• Will not obstruct view
• Parking is being looked at
• No separate entrance
• Within setbacks
2. Replacing 1973 B Lift at the Omni Mount Washington Ski Area
• Putting in 8 person gondola
• Also replace Top of Quad restaurant with a 2 story building, also with no obstruction of view
• Will be function building also for weddings, etc
• Trying to make ski area a 4 season resort
• Parking will be looked at
• Do not expect to expand skier visits
• Night sky lighting
• This will be involving 2 towns, Carroll and Bethlehem
There were no further questions.
Fire Chief Jeremy Oleson asked about the future of the Sprung Structure (“tent”). Chris Ellms said he would love to get rid of it but they are going at one thing at a time. The space that the sprung structure is on will have future plans, just not now.

A contract with Tara Bamford to revise the Site Plan and the Subdivision Regulations was signed by the Select Board for a total of $3000.00. Another contract for phase one to revise the Zoning Ordinances for $2000.00 was discussed. Michael Hogan made a motion to sign a contract with Tara Bamford to start phase one of the revision of the Zoning Ordinances for a cost of $2000.00 and to encumber the money to be paid in 2018. Bonnie Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously. The board asked the secretary to contact Tara to see if she could get the contract so the selectmen could have it for their December 11th meeting.
The date of December 20th to meet with Tara to go over the regulations was decided.

Brian Mycko made a motion to: adjourn the meeting. Bonnie Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The meeting ended at 8:05.