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Minutes of 08/10/2006

November 1st, 2006


AUGUST 10, 2006

These minutes of the Town of Carroll Zoning Board of Adjustment have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Zoning Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes.

Members of the Board present: Paul Busssiere, Chairman, Joan Karpf, John Goodney, Jim Early, Leslie Bergum

Members of the Public present: John Birknes, Margaretha Birknes, Jerry Warren, Mike Palmer, Mike Duffy, John Burt

Meeting called to order by the Chairman at 7:00 PM

The Board reviewed minutes of July 13, 2006. Joan Karpf made a motion to approve the minutes as written. John Goodney seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed unanimously.

The first order of business was the Public Hearing for the Palmer Group Properties, River’s Edge II, on Route 3, requesting a Special Exception of Article III, Section 303.3. Jerry Warren gave a brief overview. There was a question regarding the road. Mr. Warren has a letter from the state regarding traffic on Mahilyn Way, acknowledging that there is no other access onto Route 3. There was also discussion regarding the conservation easement for a snowmobile trail that goes through the development. All has been approved by, and been deeded to, the state. Ms. Karpf asked about the Declarations which are to be looked over by the town’s and developer’s Attorneys. Apparently, Attorney Waugh has been awaiting approval by the town, so Mr. Birknes, Planning Board Chairman, will call him. Mr. Warren acknowledged that the Palmer Group will pay for this. Further discussion led to the fact that this is in an area designated R-B, and
though the Declarations don’t address use for business, no business will be held on this property. When the question regarding additional growth arose, Board members were reassured this will not happen. Leslie Bergum expressed her concern that the name of the development is the same as her street in Bretton Woods. Mr. Warren opined that once the development is complete, the name should most likely disappear and street names will be used. It was also noted that Bill Smalley (Interim Police Chief) is involved with the naming of streets due to the 911 emergency system. Mr. Warren said the street names had been approved before they were put into place.

The Chairman brought forth the three criteria/conditions to be satisfied for granting a special exception, suggesting each could be discussed and voted on separately and which the Board agreed upon.

The first was that it shall not adversely affect the capacity of existing or planned community facilities in any way. Discussion ensued and Mr. Early made a motion to accept the first item as being in accordance with our zoning regulations, which was seconded by Mr. Goodney. This passed unanimously.

Next was that the proposed use will not adversely affect the area. The matter of snow machines, trailers, etc., was brought up and Mr. Warren advised that storage sheds will be made available on the property. The matter of performing business on the premises arose again. Mr. Early made the motion that this be approved for residential purposes only with the exception being that condominium-related business may be conducted on the premises. Ms. Karpf seconded the motion, and the second condition was unanimously approved.

Lastly, that there would be no adverse effect on the roads and highways in the immediate vicinity. All permits have been received and all agreed that it meets traffic criteria. Therefore, with the proviso that it is limited to the 24 condominium units specified in the development, the Chairman entertained a motion to accept this final condition. Mr. Goodney moved the question, Ms. Karpf seconded, and it was unanimously approved.

With discussion completed and all three conditions approved, Chairman Bussiere entertained a motion to approve a special exception for this development project. Mr. Goodney made the motion and Ms. Karpf seconded. This motion was unanimously approved.

Chairman Bussiere declared the Special Exception granted. Messrs. Warren and Palmer thanked the Board and they and Mr. Duffy departed the meeting.

At this point, Chairman Bussiere tendered his resignation, effective this meeting. He cited lack of time among other things, and stated that after six years on the Board, it was time.

Mr. Goodney expressed thanks to Mr. Bussiere for his commitment, longevity and hard work, to which the entire Board agreed.

Discussion of the Board ensued, i.e. numbers, make-up, how to add members, etc. Mr. Early made the observation that the new member should not be from Bretton Woods.
Mr. Early also requested that the record reflect that “working with Paul had been an absolute pleasure” for him.

After much discussion (and some cajoling), Mr. Bussiere agreed he would become an alternate. Discussion then turned to electing a Chairperson. After giving it some thought, Joan Karpf volunteered. Following her nomination by Mr. Early with the second by Mr. Goodney, Ms. Karpf was unanimously elected.

Newly-elected Chairwoman Karpf brought up a law lecture series, being held at the AMC building in Crawford Notch on September 27, October 4 and October 11. While all members were invited to attend all sessions, after looking over the subjects, Mr. Early and Mr. Goodney chose to attend the first, and Ms. Bergum and Ms. Karpf thought they might attend all three