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Minutes of 12/29/2010

December 30th, 2010

Carroll Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
December 29, 2010

"These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2."

Minutes recorded by Maryclare Quigley, Secretary

Board members present: Bonnie Moroney, Mark Catalano

The public meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Moroney

Members of the public present: John Gardiner, Roberta McGee, Bill Dowling, Linda Dowling, Frank Maturo, Becki Pederson, Mike Gooden, Jim Covey, Scott Sonia, Bill Smalley, Tadd Bailey, Jeff Duncan, John Trammell

Pledge of Allegiance

The board announced the approval of bills and signing of checks.

Chairman Moroney made a Motion to: Accept the minutes for December 13, 2010 as written. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.

Chairman Moroney read the following statement: “This meeting is being taped by a private citizen and is not done under the sponsorship of the town and is not an official record of the town.”

Chairman Moroney spoke about the work being done in the Library and said the painting is underway. There will be carpeting and she said we have received the contract from FloorWorks in Bethlehem so we can encumber the funds for payment when it is installed. John Gardiner, a Library Trustee, said it will be put down before the new shelves come, so they anticipate about six weeks for the carpet and about eight weeks for the shelves. Chairman Moroney made a Motion that: She sign the FloorWorks contract for $2,754.31, Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed. We will encumber the money to use in 2011. John Gardiner advised they had chosen below medium grade, price-wise. There is no pad which they hope will make it easier for wheelchair use.

Chairman Moroney went on to say there will also be two sets of shelves built in the office area. To that extent, after reading the contract from W.A.S. Construction for $450, she made a Motion to: Sign the contract. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed. We will encumber these funds for payment in January, 2011, when the shelves are built.
Chairman Moroney then advised we had a check for $1,000 for WMRHS Junior ROTC as several students in that program worked in the Library, packing books away, cleaning, and painting. Chairman Moroney made a Motion to: Sign the check. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed. John Gardiner said there were four 15 or 16 year old boys who worked and did a good job – he was very pleased with them.

Signs for Brenda’s Country Kitchen were then discussed. Selectman Catalano gave some background regarding a pick-up truck which had been parked on the former Mooseland Grill property one night recently. The truck was running with someone in it and in the back was a big sign attached to a picnic table – perhaps so they could say it was not attached to the vehicle. The current owner, Jere Eames, had previously notified the police that he does not want signs on the property. Selectman Catalano noted when this sign issue had come up previously, that it was established according to RSA 236 and discussions with the State that Routes 3 and 302 are Scenic By-Ways and have strict guidelines regarding signage. He said he believes what is being done is also against town ordinance. It is his opinion that the owner should show documentation that he has permits for the signs that are up or take the signs down and go through the proper process. The Board decided they would like a letter sent to owner, Keith Bergeron, asking him to attend the meeting on January 10, so he can update them on which signs may be permitted and which may be in negotiation. He has said he is working with the State as he believes the signposts for the former Mooseland are on State property. He needs to verify the owner also. John Gardiner stated they have a similar situation in Lancaster, but they don’t have an ordinance in place. He went on to say due to past dealings he's had in town, the land in question may belong to the State but if it is private property, then Mr. Bergeron is trespassing. Selectman Catalano said it’s also about everybody being treated the same and this signage should be done legally or not at all. Further, he said the ordinance includes standards regarding how signs should look as to size, etc., which is important to the image of the town. Jim Covey asked that they not stop at these particular signs as if they look at the town ordinance, it also addresses temporary signs. These are only allowed for about two weeks, two or three times a year, otherwise they are not legal. Several years ago letters were sent to several property owners to remove the temporary signs they had. Most are gone but there is still at least one remaining. Mr. Covey said these signs are eyesores and not attractive at all for people driving along the road.

Chairman Moroney read a warrant article from the Fire Department: “To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of nineteen thousand dollars ($19,000) to replace the existing 2002 fire department pick-up. The 2002 pick-up will be used to replace the 1997 fire department forestry vehicle, which is scheduled to be disposed of. The full amount is to be taken from the Fire Department and Ambulance Apparatus, Equipment, and Personnel Special Revenue Fund. No money to be raised from new taxation.” Chairman Moroney made a Motion to: Accept this warrant article. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed.

Chairman Moroney then read a warrant article from the Water Department: “To see if the Town will vote to change the name of the Water Improvement Capital Reserve Fund to the Water Department Capital Reserve Fund and further to expand the purpose of the fund to include improvements and emergency repairs to the water system, emergency repairs to vehicles and equipment, and the purchase of equipment for use by the Water Department, and further to appoint the Board of Selectmen as agents to expend from the fund. (Majority 2/3 vote needed.) Chairman Moroney made a Motion to: Accept this warrant article. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed.

Chairman Moroney next brought forth grant money that was called to our attention by the auditors. Several years ago Bill Dowling received a grant for $2,500 to cover trailers purchased for the Transfer Station. When the grant money was received, it was deposited to the Recycling Center fund and it should have been deposited to the General Fund as the General Fund originally paid the invoice. Chairman Moroney made a Motion to: Transfer $2,500 from the Recycling Fund to the General Fund. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed.

The following items were approved and signed:

Water Warrant – 3rd Issue
Supplementary Water Warrant – Lock, Hunt Properties, LLC
Land Use Change Tax – Ascenio
Water Policy – Amended November 29, 2010
Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

The EFTPS is the electronic transfer for the payroll Federal Tax Deposit that had previously been made at our local bank. As of January 1, 2011, everyone is required to remit in this manner, and as this was the first, the office had to work out our procedure. After this one, the paperwork will accompany the payroll for signatures.

North Country Council is applying for a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to solid waste technical assistance and requested a letter of support from all the surrounding towns. If this is received, it will help with our household hazardous waste collection. Chairman Moroney made a Motion that: The Selectmen sign the letter of support. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed.

Under Other:

Chairman Moroney read a letter from Road Agent, William Rines, tendering his resignation from town employment effective January 1, 2011. Chairman Moroney then made a Motion to: Accept Mr. Rines’ resignation. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed. As a result of this, Chairman Moroney said the Selectmen should meet with Greg and Scott. She said since she has to take Wednesday off from her job to go to Court in Lancaster for the Selectman issue, it would be a good day for her. Therefore, Chairman Moroney made a Motion to: Have non-public session with Greg and Scott at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 5. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed.

Selectman Catalano spoke of the roads in Rivers Edge which Mike Palmer and Gerry Warren had requested that the town take over this year. The shoulder work which was required to be done was apparently completed about a month ago and needs to be inspected. Selectman Catalano said he had spoken with Mike Palmer and wanted to see if they could proceed. It was noted that snow several weeks ago had been a hindrance and would be now, also. Mr. Palmer said he will be here next Wednesday so Selectman Catalano had hoped to get together with him and the Road Agent and show that the town is working on it. Bill Dowling suggested if it is put on the warrant that a stipulation is put in regarding being able to inspect the shoulders after the snow goes. Jeff Duncan cautioned before the town accepts anything, they may need a stipulation regarding the snowmobile trail that has the right-of-way on the road now. If this becomes a town road, we can’t have the trail in it with snow machines going up and down. Selectman Catalano said he will ask Mr. Palmer about this.

Bill Dowling advised the Board that he will be increasing his trucking line around $100 because he just had an increase on his last bill that he hadn’t known about. He will make this increase at the budget hearing.

Roberta McGee asked about the notice she had seen in the newspaper for the hearing for $600,000. Chairman Moroney explained the Building Feasibility Committee will be putting an article in the warrant for a bond regarding the building plaza that formerly housed the Good ‘n You as a possible police station. They plan to keep the rentals there for income at this point. She went on to explain there are certain motions to go through if the warrant article passes and holding a hearing for a bond is one of them. She said the Committee will continue to do these things to show the town is attempting to do something about a permanent police station that will be up to code. The total amount to purchase and get all up to code is actually $700,000, which breaks down to the purchase price of $500,000, $100,000 from the Building Improvement Fund, and $100,000 extra to go toward the renovations.

As there was no further business, Chairman Moroney moved to go into Non-Public Session for Town Aid, Personnel, and Town Aid at 7:50 p.m. The Board was polled and went into Non-Public Session.

At the close of Non-Public Session, Chairman Moroney moved to return to Public Session and seal the minutes from Non-Public Session. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.

There being no further discussion, Selectman Moroney made a Motion to: adjourn the meeting. Selectman Catalano seconded and the Motion passed unanimously. Selectman Moroney declared the meeting ended at 9.42 p.m. The next meeting will be Monday, January 3, 2011.