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Minutes of 12/11/2017

December 16th, 2017

Carroll Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2017

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2.”

Minutes recorded by Maryclare H. Quigley, Secretary

Board members present: Brian Mycko, Paul Bussiere, David Scalley

Members of the public present: Imre Szauter, Greg Hogan, Jeremy Oleson, John Trammell, Evan Karpf, Becki Pederson

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Mycko.

Pledge of Allegiance

The Chair announced the approval and signing of the manifests.

Selectman Bussiere made a motion to approve the minutes of November 27, 2017. It was seconded by Chairman Mycko and passed. Selectman Scalley abstained as he was not at that meeting.

Imre Szauter reported that the Building Committee had met on November 30, which focused on reviewing the draft brochure on the Committee’s findings and recommendations for the project. Also discussed were potential grant and rebate sources to help offset the cost as well as drafting a recommendation for the warrant article for the project. They anticipate reviewing the final version of the brochure at their next meeting and making a decision about mailing to all registered voters. They will also have extra brochures which will be available from Committee members and at numerous locations including Town Hall, Fire and Police Departments and Transfer Station. Mr. Szauter said he, Michael Hogan and Allan Clark, Project Manager, had the opportunity to meet with representatives from USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) on December 7, to discuss loans and grants administered by the Agency. While we can’t apply for anything as the project is not yet approved, it is still good to be able to meet and talk with people who may be able to assist us in the future. They also learned of a new grant source, Northern Borders Region Commission which is available only to those northeast states which are on the Canadian border, and which Mr. Clark is looking into. Mr. Szauter noted their budget line balance is $1,321.12 (52% remaining) and the warrant article balance is $30,704.19 (51.2% remaining). The Committee’s next meeting is December 14, at 9 a.m. at the Town Hall. Mr. Szauter reminded all that the fourth informational session is scheduled for Thursday, January 18, 2018, and the focus will be the cost of the project and its property tax implication. The Board thanked Mr. Szauter.

Selectmen meeting dates and dates for the 2018 Budget Public Hearing, Bond Public Hearing and other meetings were discussed. After some debate, it was decided to hold the Bond Hearing just prior to the Budget hearing on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. with the Budget Hearing immediately following or at 6:30 p.m. It was noted as long as these are two separate and distinct meetings/hearings, the Bond Hearing may be on the same night. The RSA requirement is that the public is made aware of the amount of money to be borrowed. Regarding Selectmen’s meetings, the Board decided they would meet on December 18, and because of the Holidays, their next meeting will be Monday, January 8. The Secretary said they had to meet at least every two weeks and Selectman Bussiere asked for the policy where this was stated. She will look for the policy and if this is the case, they will discuss having a meeting the first week in January; otherwise it will be January 8.

The Secretary advised that all Department Heads or anyone needing money encumbered for paying December invoices in January must give their requests to her by Monday, December 18, for the meeting that night.

2018 Budget Presentations began with Greg Hogan for General Government Buildings.
2016 2017
01-4194.10-100 Janitor 6,400 8,040
01-4194.10-101 Town Buildings Labor 3,000 3,000
01-4194.10-102 Recreation Area Labor 500 500
01-4194.10-200 Contract Labor 1,000 1,000
01-4194.10-400 Water Consumption 2,200 2,200
01-4194.10-410 Electricity 17,750 17,750
01-4194.10-411 Heating Oil/Propane 45,000 25,000
01-4194.10-412 Heating Plant Maintenance 2,500 2,000
01-4194.10-430 Repairs and Maint. Town Buildings 12,000 10,000
01-4194.10-440 Rec Area Maintenance 500 500
01-4194.10-450 Rentals and Leases 20,806 22,470
01-4194.10-610 Janitor and Misc. Supplies 1,000 1,000
01-4194.10-700 Alarm System 1,000 1,500
01-4194.10-900 Miscellaneous 5,500 500
01-4194.10-950 Fire Extinguisher Maintenance 1,800 1,200
__________ _________
Totals $ 120,956 $ 96,660

The Public Works Superintendent said he had increased the three employees, Scott, Andrew and John $.50 an hour, or $20 a week, and with the extra pay week in 2018, this accounts for the increases on those lines. He noted there was a big change in heating oil due to closing the Town Hall/Gym. Greg Hogan also noted they had changed the heating at the Transfer Station from oil to propane.

Greg Hogan moved on to the Highway budget.
2017 2018
01-4312.10-100 P W Superintendent/Road Agent Salary 27,040 27,560
01-4312.10-101 Part-time labor 5,000 1
01-4312.10-102 Overtime Pay 5,000 5,000
01-4312.10-103 Highway Helper 15,741 19,141
01-4312.10-104 Highway Helper II 4,836 5,396
01-4312.10-200 Telephone & Computer 1,900 1,500
01-4312.10-201 Shop Expenses and Tools 2,000 2,000
01-4312.10-202 Field Tools 500 1
01-4312.10-250 Equipment Purchase 15,000 3,000
01-4312.10-260 Equipment Repairs and Maintenance 9,000 9,000
01-4312.10-271 Radio Repairs 1 1
01-4312.10-300 Road Maintenance 1 1
01-4312.10-301 Highway Maintenance – Grading 1 1
01-4312.10-302 Cold Patch 1,200 1,200
01-4312.10-303 Hot Top 1 1
01-4312.10-304 Maintenance and Resurfacing 2,000 1
01-4312.10-305 Roadside Mowing 2,100 2,100
01-4312.10-306 Culvert Replacement 1,000 1,500
01-4312.10-307 Winter Sand 5,000 6,000
01-4312.10-308 Salt 3,000 3,000
01-4312.10-309 Gravel 500 500
01-4312.10-310 Bridge Repair and Maintenance 1 1
01-4312.10-311 Contract Labor – Sweeping 4,100 4,100
01-4312.10-350 Gasoline 9,000 9,000
01-4312.10-360 Clothing 500 500
01-4312.10-800 Training 1,000 1,000
01-4312.10-900 Miscellaneous 300 300
01-4312.10-901 Sidewalk Repair 1,500 2,500
01-4312.10-902 Supplies 100 200
01-4312.10-903 Signs & Posts 2,000 2,000
______ ______
TOTAL $119,322 $106,503

Mr. Hogan said he wouldn’t go line-by-line unless the Board wanted him to. He pointed out certain items where there were changes including the salary lines with the extra pay week.
He said there were some things they didn’t do this year to try to keep spending down as requested by the Selectmen. Chairman Mycko asked if we are not plowing the sidewalks this year due to the equipment issues. Mr. Hogan said we can’t get equipment to fit on the bridge or anywhere there are guardrails, as these locations are too narrow. He said he looked at a proper or correct piece of equipment for this and it would be in the vicinity of $120,000. He said last year he had looked into other options for plowing including subbing it out to someone else and it was still very expensive. Selectman Bussiere said that according to RSA we can waive plowing them, but need a policy or something, which is being checked into. It was stated that Gorham doesn’t plow theirs so Greg will check with their highway department.

Repairing roads was brought up and Mr. Hogan said it would be extremely expensive. Selectman Scalley asked about repairing Ruth Road where we had done work on a water line and Greg said he would be putting in a warrant article for this as well as a couple of other roads on which to put hot top. We received extra grant money this year and it is specifically for this type of thing. When asked how much we got, the specific amount wasn’t immediately available, but it was stated that it was slightly more than $22,000. As there were no other questions, Mr. Hogan moved on to the Water Budget

2017 2018
04-4332.10-100 Salaries 38,538 38,868
04-4332.10-101 Part Time Labor 16,534 17,114
04-4332.10-102 Clerical 7,488 7,632
04-4332.10-103 Overtime 3,000 3,000
04-4332.10-200 Contract Labor 6,000 6,000
04-4332.10-250 Water Equipment 7,000 7,000
04-4332.10-300 Water Supplies 5,000 5,000
04-4332.10-301 Postage 1,100 1,100
04-4332.10-302 Telephone 1,200 1,300
04-4332.10-303 Electricity 17,950 19,000
04-4332.10-304 Propane 3,500 3,500
04-4332.10-305 Computer Software 1,500 2,000
04-4332.10-306 Office Supplies 500 500
04-4332.10-360 Clothing 500 500
04-4332.10-400 Audit 1 1
04-4332.10-401 Generator Service Contract 1 1
04-4332.10-402 Equipment Repairs 5,000 5,000
04-4332.10-403 Water Meter Software Support 2,000 2,000
04-4332.10-404 Chemicals & Equipment 4,000 4,000
04-4332.10-405 Vehicle 1 1
04-4332.10-406 Vehicle Repair 500 500
04-4332.10-407 Gas/Diesel 2,500 2,500
04-4332.10-408 Equipment Purchases 400 400
04-4332.10-409 Tools 500 500
04-4332.10-500 Water Samples 3,600 2,500
04-4332.10-510 Licenses & Fees 100 500
04-4332.10-620 Tank Inspection 1 1
04-4332.10-621 Tank Repair/Maint 1 1
04-4332.10-630 Buildings & Grounds 500 1
04-4332.10-700 Sand, Gravel & Loam 1,000 2,000
04-4332.10-803 Line Repairs 5,000 5,000
04-4332.10-804 Hydrant Maint/Repair 5,600 6,000
04-4332.10-900 Miscellaneous 600 600
04-4332.10-901 Training ___500 1,000
Totals $ 141,615 $ 145,021

Selectman Bussiere asked about the line repair which they did on Route 3. Mr. Hogan said most of that was paid by the owners. After brief discussion, Greg asked if it would be all right to spend money for hydrants and water supplies this year and if not, to please let him know. It was the general consensus of the Board that he should be allowed.

Following this, Mr. Hogan presented the budget for the Transfer Station.

2017 2018
01-4324.10-100 Recycle Supervisor 13,520 13,850
01-4324.10-101 Recycle Attendant Salary 20,956 21,725
01-4324.10-102 Recycle Salaries 27,792 28,562
01-4324.10-200 Recycle Licenses 250 100
01-4324.10-202 Training/Travel 300 300
01-4324.10-203 Telephone 1,386 1,400
01-4324.10-300 MSW Haul 5,000 5,500
01-4324.10-301 Bulky Waste Haul 5,000 3,000
01-4324.10-302 Tires 650 650
01-4324.10-303 C&D Trucking 2,400 4,000
01-4324.10-304 Tipping Fees 25,000 25,000
01-4324.10-400 Site Work/Grading 500 500
01-4324.10-401 Equipment Purchase 500 1
01-4324.10-402 Equipment Repair & Maint 4,500 2,500
01-4324.10-403 Gasoline ` 75 50
01-4324.10-500 Association Dues 150 150
01-4324.10-505 Container Lease 1,400 2,700
01-4324.10-515 Supplies 750 300
01-4324.10-516 Clothing Allowance 500 500
01-4324.30-100 Miscellaneous 150 150
_______ _______
$110,779 $110,937

Mr. Hogan said this was the first year of the change in trucking and dumping location and all was working out very well. He said the transition was seamless and has been good. Mr. Hogan said the container lease has increased and he will be inquiring about it, but he is still very happy with everything and the new companies have been very good to work with. Selectman Scalley said he had had numerous conversations with people who have said the Transfer Station brings in enough money to support itself and he said it didn’t. Thus he asked Mr. Hogan about this, and he told him that it brings in money, but it doesn’t come close to covering the cost of running it and it never has. Selectman Scalley asked what it brings in during the year, besides the $20,000 which we use by Warrant Article, to offset the Transfer Station budget. The Secretary said she could print a report of revenues which Selectman Scalley asked that she email to him. The Board thanked Mr. Hogan for all of his work on his budgets.

The Town Clerk/Tax Collector, whose office is open on Monday nights, joined the meeting at this time to present her 2018 budget. Becki Pederson began by reminding the Selectmen that there will be 53 pay weeks in 2018, thus her salary lines are increased to accommodate this. She noted that she was able to save in some areas and thus reduce her overall budget.

2017 2018
01-4130.10-136 Town Clerk/Tax Collector Salary 42,000 42,808 01-4130.10-137 Dep. Town Clerk/Tax Collector Salary 7,488 7,632
01-4130.10-210 Office Equipment 500 500
01-4130.10-211 Office Equipment Maintenance 300 300
01-4130.10-212 Association Dues 60 60
01-4130.10-213 Office Supplies 2,300 2,300
01-4130.10-214 Computer Software 10,575 8,100
01-4130.10-215 Summit/Cama 750 750
01-4130.10-216 Postage 1,800 1,900
01-4130.10-217 Telephone 1,064 1,066
01-4130.10-218 Bank Service Charge 75 75
01-4130.10-219 Advertisements 300 300
01-4130.10-220 Registrars Fees 400 400
01-4130.10-221 Miscellaneous 200 100
01-4130.10-222 Training/Conference 1,100 1,100
01-4130.10-223 Travel 150 150
01-4130.10-224 Property Tax Abatements 1,000 1,000
01-4130.10-225 Marriage/Vitals 1,100 950
01-4199.10-200 Dogs 457 357
________ _______
Totals $ 71,619 $ 69,848

The Selectmen thanked Becki and she went back to her office.

Maryclare presented the proposed 2018 budgets for all General, Executive, Administrative, Insurance, Welfare and Patriotic.

2017 2018
01-4130.10-130 Selectman 2,100 2,100
01-4130.10-131 Selectman 1,800 1,800
01-4130.10-132 Selectman 1,800 1,800
5,700 5,700

01-4150.10-110 Administrative Assistant 37,440 41,184
01-4150.10-111 Selectmen's Office Staff 22,464 27,711
01-4150.10-114 Sel. Off. Overtime 1 1
01-4150.10-250 Tax Map 3,000 2,750
01-4150.10-260 Town Report 2,400 2,400
01-4150.10-301 Auditing 16,000 16,000
01-4150.10-390 Office Equipment 3,500 3,500
01-4150.10-603 Office Equip. Maintenance 700 800
01-4150.10-604 Association Dues 1,900 2,000
01-4150.10-620 Office Supplies 2,500 2,500
01-4150.10-621 Computer Software Support 10,575 8,100
01-4150.10-622 Manatron (Proval)/Summit 901 901
01-4150.10-740 Telephone 2,022 2,022
01-4150.10-780 Building Committee 2,500 2,500
01-4150.10-800 Town Officers Expense 1 1
01-4150.10-801 Bank Service Charges 100 300
01-4150.10-802 Advertisements 900 900
01-4150.10-804 Miscellaneous 1,000 1,000
01-4150.10-805 Training 900 900
01-4150.10-808 Comstar Billing Fee 1 1
01-4150.10-809 Travel Expense 1,200 1,200
111,704 116,370

Property Assessing
01-4152.10-200 Property Assessing 18,000 8,000
18,000 8,000
Legal Expense
01-4153.10-200 Legal Expenses 17,000 17,000
17,000 17,000
Personnel Administration
01-4155.10-200 Retirement 128,362 132,328
01-4155.10-201 FICA 22,000 22,000
01-4155.10-300 Medicare 10,250 10,250
01-4155.10-300 Employee Insurance 154,000 133,000
01-4155.10-301 Unemployment Comp 4,150 3,000
01-4155.10-302 Employee Ins. Compensation 6,600 6,600
325,362 307,178
01-4196.10-520 Town Insurance 35,000 36,000
01-4196.20-520 Workers' Compensation 19,000 20,000
54,000 56,000

Public Assistance
01-4441.10-200 Welfare Direct Assistance 5,000 5,000
5,000 5,000

Principal Long Term Notes
01-4711.10-200 Long Term Notes, Landfill, Water 68,197 73,026

01-4721.10-200 Long Term Notes, Landfill, Water 16,500 13,149
01-4721.10-201 Int T.A.N. 400 400
85,097 86,575
01-4583.10-200 PT Memorial Day 1,000 1,000

The Secretary said Selectmen pay had not been changed in at least ten years and she asked if they wished to do so this year. Consensus was that they should remain the same. However, Selectman Bussiere asked why all lines showed payments as he does not take his salary and never has. The Secretary said she was told to prorate the Chairman’s salary as that position is not taken until after Town Meeting in March, thus not held for a full calendar year when the annual salaries are paid in December. The Board said from now on at the end of the year each Selectman will be for the job being done at that time. She said she can do a journal entry to put the money on the correct line and show one line as not having been spent.

Moving on to the Administrative budget, she said salary increases last year were split with this year to amend to area wages as they had not done the full amounts last year. Selectman Scalley asked about the Property Assessing. It was explained with 2017 being a reval year, the amount was based on the prior year as most of the expense this year was related to that and was withdrawn from the warrant article. He asked to reduce the line to $8,000. It was noted that health insurance went down. Selectman Bussiere asked about principal on Long Term Notes and it was explained that the Water loan had been refinanced several years ago and by slightly increasing the annual payment, the loan would be paid off earlier than the original one. It was also pointed out that with the increase in principal payments interest was going down so there is a lower cost there. The Board thanked the Secretary.

Chief Trammell came to amend his budget previously presented. He said though they spoke of the 53 pay weeks, the numbers didn’t reflect it, thus: Chief, $67,257; Sergeant, $59,115; PFC, $48,760; Patrolman, $42,400. Two other lines were typographical errors; 206, Fairpoint, $1,600; and 310, to which they have added DWI Labs as they now have to pay for the bloodwork, and in doing so inadvertently omitted Tasers, $3,092. Selectman Scalley was not at the meeting when the budget was originally presented and asked about the U.S. Cellular line which increased $1,170. Chief Trammell said because their phones are subject to subpoena, he has issued a policy that officers are no longer to use personal cellphones. Selectman Scalley asked if they could have two phones, one for each shift or cruiser, rather than four and Chief Trammell said the one cellphone they now have, he keeps all the time as that way he is always available and he said it rings constantly. Chairman Mycko agreed that they should each have a phone as from his experience, something always happens with one if not more, i.e. they forget and take it home, one gets broken, etc. After further discussion, Chief Trammell said he will look into the cost for three rather than four phones.

Chairman Mycko read a letter from John Gardiner, Treasurer of the Library Trustees, on behalf of the Library Board of Trustees, in which he said they support the new town building project and are happy to approve allocating $20,000 from the Library Improvement Fund toward the new construction. Selectman Scalley made a Motion to: Send a letter to the Trustees thanking them for their support and for the recommendation of $20,000 toward the project. Chairman Mycko seconded and it passed unanimously.

The following were approved and signed:

Contract BMSI, Mandatory Software – Tax Collector
Health Insurance Renewal – HealthTrust
NHDES Renewal Application, Groundwater Management Permit – Northpoint Engineering,
Certificate of Occupancy – Yacoby, Messina
2017 PILOT Agreement Warrant (Revised) – AMC
2017 Current Use Tax Abatement – Messina
Water Warrant – Various Clerical Fees
Veterans’ Exemption – Rouleau

Follow up items:

Building Permit Application and Fees – Tabled
Building Inspector – Tabled
Selectman Scalley, who has been acting as Interim Building Inspector, said he has talked with a few people and no bites yet. He said this includes two people who had previously been in touch with us. Everything he has seen so far seems to indicate that the minimum rate will be $25 per hour. He said just a part-time position may also be an issue. During discussion it was brought up that Whitefield is looking for one as well and it was also suggested that maybe a fulltime position could be split between the two towns. Selectman Scalley said he just doesn’t have the time now, but hopes in the New Year to be able to continue working on the Building Application and Fees.

Water Asset Management – Greg Hogan received a contract from the Dufresne Group for the water modeling and well capacity evaluation. We received a grant last year for doing the water asset management and because we did not use all of the money, DRA told us because the purpose is the same we can use the remainder for this. Selectman Scalley noted that they had put Greg’s name on it for the Town’s signature and he said he understood that it was only the Selectmen who had the authority to sign contracts. Greg said he would contact them and ask for it to be changed. The Secretary reminded him we must have it by December 18, so the money can be encumbered and Mr. Hogan said he would have it back as soon as possible. Greg also said with regard to the Water budget that he should have increased the salary for Kelly as Water Clerk. The Board thanked him.

During discussions about contracts and encumbering the funds, it was noted that Planning also had another with Tara Bamford which needed to be signed so it could be sent to her and be back by December 18.

Selectman Scalley asked if most employees use their PTO (Paid Time Off) because of discussions about salaries as he said some prefer to have the money in their paychecks rather than having the time off. He was assured that most everyone uses their PTO and are very happy to have it, though for certain jobs it’s difficult sometimes.

Selectman Scalley also asked if the Town had any properties they need to sell because tax lien times are up. The Secretary said she did not know, but would check with the Tax Collector.

Imre Szauter presented drafts of warrant articles for the Building Project and said final approval for wording, etc., would be from the Select Board. He said these are essentially a point for them to start discussion and fine-tune.

Fire Chief Jeremy Oleson brought an update for the warrant article he submitted for SCBA previously. Equipment has been upgraded since he priced it and thus has been the cost. He said there will still be no new taxation for this purchase. Chief Oleson also gave the schedule for replacement dates for vehicles as he said he would at the previous meeting. He said some depend on the passage of the new building and that they may be able to repurpose or purchase a piece that may have multiple uses. He said they do their best to get grants when they have to purchase any equipment.

Chief Oleson advised that he picked up the new skid that they’ve been fund raising for. He said the Auxiliary has raised serious money this year and Bonnie Moroney has worked very hard on raising these funds along with the help of townspeople and all who support the projects. He added his thanks to all.

Lastly, Chief Oleson said though they had probably heard, there was a slight accident with the ambulance responding to a call in Bretton Woods on Saturday. He’s not sure what happened, all signals were activated, everything followed procedure, but a car hit it on the side when they were turning at the intersection. There was no damage to the ambulance but some to the car. He said they called Carroll Police who responded

Chairman Mycko thanked the town Fire Department for the event a week ago in Bretton Woods which he said was a great save. He also thanked all surrounding towns who also responded. Again, he said they did a great job.

The Board was polled to go into non-public session, per RSA 91-A-3 at 9:53 p.m. Chairman Mycko, yes; Selectman Scalley, yes; Selectman Bussiere, yes.

At the close of non-public session at 10:50 p.m., Selectman Bussiere moved to return to public session and seal the minutes from non-public session. Selectman Scalley seconded and the Motion passed.

There being no further discussion, Selectman Bussiere made a Motion to adjourn the meeting. Selectman Scalley seconded and the Motion passed unanimously. Chairman Mycko declared the meeting ended at 10:06 p.m.