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The 2006 Budget Committee

April 1st, 2006


For a number of years, the voters of the Town of Carroll, had voted the Board of Selectmen's default budget and did not accept the Selectmen's budget. The voters were trying to send, in March of 2005, the Town voted the establishment of a Budget Committee under Chapter 32 of the Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA). Unlike the budget committees of the past, which were merely advisory, this new Budget Committee is empowered to "establish uniformity in the manner of appropriating and spending public funds". The Budget Committee answers to the State Department of Revenue Administration and is independent from and on the same structure level as the Board of Selectmen.

The Budget Committee members were appointed, by the Moderator, in April after the 2005 town election. Seven people sit on the Committee including a Selectmen's Representative. A straw poll decided the two members to serve for one year, the two members who will serve for two years and the two members who will sit for three years. In 2006, the two members who had the one year term, were re-appointed, both for three year terms.

The present Budget Committee includes Carmine Fabrizio, Pam Walsh, Tom Gately, the Vice Chairman, Karen Moran, the Secretary, Linda Dowling, the Chairman, and Bonnie Moroney, the Selectmen's Representative. Except for our new Selectmen's Representative, whom we welcome and look forward to working with, this is the same Committee that presented the voters the budget for 2006. The Budget Committee was very heartened by the voter's "vote of confidence" by the adoption of the Committee's budget. The Carroll Budget Committee will continue to work to keep the trust and confidence that the townspeople have given it.