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April 4, 2006 minutes

April 4th, 2006

Carroll Budget Committee
Minutes of April 4, 2006

Meeting began at approximately 7:20 p.m.

In attendance: Linda Dowling, Karen Moran, Tom Gately, Bonnie Moroney. Carmine Fabrizio excused. Absent: Ken Mills, Pam Walsh

Karen nominated Linda Dowling to act as Chair of the Committee for the year, seconded by Tom, all in favor.

Because Pam Walsh, Secretary, communicated that she did not want to act in that capacity, Karen volunteered to become Secretary. Linda so nominated Karen, Tom seconded, all in favor.

Linda then nominated Tom Gately to act as Vice Chair, Karen seconded, all in favor.

Discussion ensued about the Building Committee and the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Linda indicated that the Master Plan must be up to date prior to creating a CIP, so could take a year or two. Discussion ensued about the Infrastructure Committee approved at Town Meeting, and that the buildings, water system, and roads will need review. The warrant article indicated 7 members to be appointed by the Budget Committee. Linda will send letters (including the warrant article) to the following department representatives asking if they would sit on the Infrastructure Committee:
Rick Brown-Police Department (or John Gardiner as alternative)
Bill Dowling-Recycling Center
Jeff Duncan-Fire Department
John Goodney-Emergency Management and Planning Board
Claire Gritzer-Trustee
Bill Rines-Highway/Water
Bonnie Moroney-Select Board representative

Karen asked that any and all correspondence communicated on behalf of the Committee be provided to all members.

Linda suggested that the Committee By-laws be reviewed at the next meeting.

Karen suggested that at each meeting the Revenue, Expenses, and Balance Sheet be reviewed.

Discussion ensured about Bonnie’s supervisory role of various town employees at the Select Board level. She indicated that she has requested monthly checking account statements. Karen indicated she should also ask for the general ledger reconciliation to ensure all sub-accounts are reconciled with the various bank statements. Bonnie also stated that the building inspector was asked to provide a weekly report.

Bonnie indicated she had paid for her own training, as there was confusion with the Select Board regarding what account could be debited for the expense. The Training account has $1 budgeted. Karen suggested she use either the “Officer Expense” or “Miscellaneous” expense accounts.

Discussion then ensued about the Treasurer’s budget and why it was allocated the way it was.

Discussion ensued about department heads documenting approval of invoices and indicating on the invoice the account to which the debit expense should post, and if appropriate from what special revenue account the cash should be credited.

Discussion ensued about the current auditor and her role in ensuring that expense and revenue items posted to the proper accounts.

Tom suggested that the ambulance bids should be opened in public, then reviewed by the chief for recommendation to the Select Board regarding the bid that should be accepted.

Bonnie indicated that only one bid had been received for the fire station.

Linda asked if the information provided at the Deliberative Session was too much. Karen and Tom both indicated that the Budget Worksheet at the detailed level is what the town recognizes and provides specific information. Along with that, the MS-7 form to the Department of Revenue (DRA) should continue to be provided so that the town understands how the Budget Worksheet information is communicated to the State.

Bill Dowling (member of the public) asked about having an account name changed. Karen suggested he speak with Sue Kraabel in the town office, as she is working on bringing the accounts into compliance with the DRA Chart of Accounts.

Linda asked if the Committee should review expenses for appropriateness. Discussion ensued and she will ask the town office staff to run the account which reflects all of the Article 15 expenses since inception.

The Department of Labor report has not yet been received by the town.

Linda indicated that the town moderator should “swear in” committee members for the coming year.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday May 2, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. at the town hall.

There being no further business, Karen motioned to adjourn at 8:10, and Linda closed the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Moran, Secretary