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Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes of 2/8/2017

February 9th, 2017

Carroll Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
February 8, 2017

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2.”

Minutes recorded by Maryclare H. Quigley, Secretary

Board members present: Paul Bussiere, David Scalley, Brian Mycko

The meeting was called to order at 8:07 p.m. by Chairman Bussiere.

Members of the public present: Ron Wareing, Sheri Wareing, Guest, Dianne Hogan, Michael Hogan, Debbie Szauter, Imre Szauter

Pledge of Allegiance had been at the start of the Deliberative Session held just prior to this meeting.

Selectman Scalley made a Motion to: Approve the minutes of 1/23//2017 as written. Selectman Mycko seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.

Selectman Scalley made a Motion to: Approve the minutes of 1/26//2017 as written. Selectman Mycko seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.

Former Selectwoman Bonnie Moroney, who had been the Selectmen’s rep to North Country Council’s transportation project with State DOT, forwarded an email she received and suggested that the Board name a new rep. After discussion, Ron Wareing volunteered to fill this role. Chairman Bussiere made a Motion to: Appoint Ron Wareing as the Town’s rep to this project. Selectman Mycko seconded and it passed unanimously. The Board thanked Ron for volunteering to do this.

The Secretary asked that the Board table the Northpoint Engineering agreement as she and the Public Works Supervisor had not had a chance to go over it yet.

The NHDOT Fuel update forms will be ready to be signed at the next meeting.

The following were approved and signed:

Water Warrant – Transform Health
Water Warrant – Various Late Letters

The Board spoke about the Coalition Communities group working on behalf of the so-called “donor towns” for funding education. Former Selectwoman Bonnie Moroney had been to several of their meetings and had kept previous boards informed of the progress, etc. She had suggested that one of the current Board members should become more informed and involved as she is still getting their emails and forwarding them. Chairman Bussiere said he will look into this for either one of the Board members or perhaps trying to get another volunteer.

Selectman Mycko said he’d like to thank Imre Szauter and the Building Committee for all their hard work and the presentation last week. He said he has heard a lot of good feedback from it.

Chairman Bussiere concurred with Selectman Mycko and thanked them for the great job from the Select Board.

Chairman Bussiere said he would like a letter of thanks for the Omni Mount Washington for all they did for the Town with the room and the refreshments, and also for Carol Carlson Cunningham and the Chamber for their participation.

Imre Szauter asked if there were any way the Building Committee minutes and information could be put on the website. The Secretary said she would look into it as we are limited for space, but with no longer having a Budget Committee this may allow doing so.

Follow-Up Items:

Town Credit Cards – In process
Meeting with Eversource Community Relations Specialist – Hope to set up in the next several
Water Policy Revision – The Secretary said Kelly advised it was held up last week waiting for
an application form. She had since emailed it to each, but had no word back and wants to
know if it should be sent to Town Attorney for review or do they just want to implement.
They asked that a copy be brought to the next meeting.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be Monday, February 13, 2017, at 7 p.m. as the following Monday, which would be the next regular meeting, is Presidents’ Day.

As there was no further business, the Board was polled at 8:39 p.m. to go into non-public session, per RSA 91-A-3 for legal: Chairman Bussiere, yes; Selectman Scalley, yes; Selectman Mycko, yes.

At the close of non-public session at 8:49 p.m., Chairman Bussiere moved to return to public session and seal the minutes from non-public session. Selectman Mycko seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.

There being no further discussion, Chairman Bussiere made a Motion to adjourn the meeting. Selectman Mycko seconded and the Motion passed unanimously. Chairman Bussiere declared the meeting ended at 8:50 p.m. The next meeting will be Monday, February 13, 2017.