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Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes 01/31/2017 Info Session

January 31st, 2017

Town of Carroll Building Committee Informational Session Minutes
January 31, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.
Carroll Town Hall

The purpose of the Jan. 31, 2017 Building Committee informational session was to share information with town residents and interested parties, entertain questions, seek input from the community on constructing a new public safety and administrative building on town-owned land, and to discuss the fate of the existing buildings used by the police and fire departments and the town’s administrative offices.

Members of the Building Committee present: Tadd Bailey, John Gardiner, Greg Hogan, Michael Hogan, Brad Houston, Bonnie Moroney, Jeremy Oleson, Imre Szauter, and John Trammell. Selectmen Paul Bussiere, Brian Mycko, and David Scalley were in attendance.

Sign-in sheets were provided and filled in by 33 attendees. About 52 people attended the session. A hardcopy handout with supplemental information was available.

The meeting began at 7:02 p.m. and was not recorded.

Imre opened the session my inviting attendees to rise and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

The PowerPoint presentation began with a welcome to all attendees.

An agenda was presented, which included:
• Purpose and Goal
• Introductions
• History of Past Initiatives and New Land & Building Capital Reserve Fund
• Facility Costs –by Building, Total, and by Year
• Projected Repairs, Maintenance and Updates
• Insurance Replacement Costs (2012)
• Two Other Communities
• Proposal for New Facility
• Questions?
• Conclusions

Attendees were encouraged to ask questions and offer comments during the presentation, and reminded that time had been reserved near the end of the presentation for additional questions and discussion.

After reading the purpose and goal statements of the session, Building Committee members were asked to introduce themselves. Imre recognized Selectmen Paul Bussiere, Brian Mycko, and David Scalley.

Several past initiatives were outlined, although the 2008 proposal for a stand-alone police department building was inadvertently omitted. Discussion took place regarding the 2008 proposal.

Information on the New Land and Building Capital Reserve Fund was presented, including the outcome of recent warrant articles to increase the fund. Current balance in the fund was listed as $283,400.

An outline of major expenses for the police and fire department buildings and Town Hall was presented. Including lease and tax payments on the police department facility, electricity and heating oil costs for the three buildings totaled $443,818.35 for years 2010 through 2016. A cost breakdown by building was also presented.

Highlights and photos of the interior and exterior of each building were presented to inform attendees of major issues with each facility. Non-compliance with building and life-safety codes was emphasized, as these nonconformities present a risk to personnel in these facilities as well as potentially exposing the town to legal consequences.

Insurance replacement costs from 2012 data were presented to inform attendees how the town’s insurance underwriter had valued the buildings. Costs for reproduction of each building and its content were displayed, with a caution that the numbers shown were likely higher today.

The recent completion of new municipal facilities in two nearby communities was introduced. In 2015, the Town of Franconia opened a new public safety building housing its police and fire departments while the Town of Whitefield opened a new facility housing its police department and administrative offices. Construction costs for both facilities, including grants and rebates, were presented.

An outline of a plan recommended by the Building Committee followed, including a reading of the 2017 warrant article seeking voter approval of the first phase of a process to construct a new public safety and administrative building on town-owned land near the existing Town Hall.

A high-level needs description for a new facility was presented, along with the necessity to address the fate of the existing fire department building and Town Hall.

Additional informational sessions were offered to keep residents informed. Attendees were also invited to visit each facility to view first-hand the structural and operational issues highlighted in the presentation and hardcopy handout. Those wishing to tour the town’s buildings were encouraged to contact Fire Chief Jeremy Oleson and/or Police Chief John Trammell to make arrangements.

Questions asked and comments offered during the presentation included:
• What will happen to Town Hall and the fire department building if a new public safety and administrative office building is constructed?
• Has the Building Committee considered revisiting the 2014 proposal to either renovate or replace Town Hall?
• Has modular construction been considered as a way to reduce costs?
• How would a new public safety and administrative office building be situated on the town-owned land off School Street (northwest corner of US 3 and US 302 intersection)?
• Would a new facility include space for the town library?
• Why can’t the fire department building be renovated and just the police department and administrative offices be included in a new facility?
• How much would a new facility cost?
• What items are covered by the 2017 warrant article?
• Does the fire department plan for new equipment and personnel?
• What are the building and life-safety non-compliances in the three buildings?
• Why was the gymnasium portion of Town Hall closed?
• What facilities are needed for the Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP)?

The presentation was concluded by stressing the need to address all noncompliance issues and consider the long-term benefits of constructing a new facility rather than renovate or replicate existing structures.

Copies of the informational session presentation and the handout will be provided at the Town of Carroll website at

The informational session adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Imre Szauter.