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Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes of October 17, 2006

October 26th, 2006

Carroll Budget Committee
Minutes of the October 17, 2006 meeting

In attendance: Linda Dowling, Chair; Tom Gately, Vice Chair; Carmine Fabrizio, Karen Moran Bonnie Moroney.. Excused: Ken Mills Others present: Becky Pederson, Claire Gritzer

Chair called the meeting to order at 7:06. Tom motioned to accept the minutes of 10/10/06 as printed, Bonnie seconded, all in favor.

Bonnie indicated that in general, the salaries for all town employees were increased by 5%, with the exception of the Town Clerk, and the Administrative Assistant, both of whom received a higher increase. Town Clerk salary estimate by Select Board for 2007 $30,000. Becky requested $31,000 based on time spent on Water Department issues. After discussion, it may be more accurate to add $1,000 to the Water Department Clerical account 04-4332-10-102.
Administrative Assistant salary estimate for 2007 was $34,000.

Town clerk training is part of line item 01-4150.10-805. Bonnie is verifying that training and mileage figure of $1,500 is accurate for 2007. Training by Business Management Systems, Inc. (BMSI) is part of ongoing technical support, which is expensed in line item 01-4150.10-621.

Discussion turned to account 01-4150-10-390, Office Equipment. Tom indicated that more has been spent than is reflected, Bonnie indicated that there are invoices pending. The expense to date of $1,791 is primarily a Dell Computer. Claire and Linda discussed the photocopier, and eventual need for replacement. Bonnie indicated that the $7,000 was budgeted for 2007 in case the warrant article for a Town Administrator and/or Planner pass and the new positions require computers etc.

Account 01-4130.10-138, Trustee of Trust Fund, as discussed at the 10/10/06 meeting reflects $333.34 expense to date. Linda and Claire unsure. Karen suggested again that the detail general ledger be reviewed, and that Sue K. be asked to provide support for the payroll manifest which posted on June 26, 2006.

Regarding the Water Clerical line item, and the Town Clerk performing the billing, it was discussed that as a matter of accurate posting of receivables and revenue, as well as liens on past due accounts, that it is reasonable that the Town Clerk’s office perform this function. A review and repair of water meters is underway. Once all are functioning, a base against which usage will be billed will be performed. Accounts will be identified by the meter.

Bonnie is going to verify the account in which mileage does and should post for town employees.

Linda questioned if there is a better financial reporting form available, Bonnie indicated that the form in place, when input properly and accurately, is a reliable source.

Becky indicated that she is a member of the NH Tax Collectors’ Association and the NH Town Clerk Association. Dues for each is $20 per year for a total of $40. Deputy is not a member. Because the Deputy is new, and there are several new computer system upgrades scheduled, training budget should be at least $1,400.

Chair left the meeting briefly at 7:55 and returned at 8:00. Becky was excused due to the time, and will come back 10/24/06 at 6:30 to discuss the revenue streams the town clerk and tax collector processes.

After reviewing the Trustee Seminar, account 01-4130.10-140, and the expense for the year to send Linda and Claire to just one seminar, it was discussed and suggested that the seminar line be increased from $300 to $500. All in favor.

Welfare account 01-4441.10-200 budget of $15,000 was reviewed in conjunction with the detail of expenses to date. Unpredictability of this type of account was discussed. All were in favor of the estimate for 2007 of $15,000. Bonnie indicated that she has and is preparing to present to the other members of the Select Board, welfare guidelines and manuals. She did attend an educational seminar to understand what and how assistance is granted.

Claire indicated that Trustees recently received a letter from the Grant Foundation which has funds available for things like glasses, dentures, etc. Karen asked if the public is aware of the availability of such funds. Claire said no, they had just received the information.

Line item for the Town Administrator, account 01-4150.10-112, with zero budgeted, led to discussion of a potential warrant article to be put forth by the Select Board for a town administrator and also for a part-time town planner. Chair dislikes the idea of splitting the two, Karen suggested that the actual warrant articles be reviewed when officially presented, and discussion and voting can take place at that time.

Tax Map account 01-4150.10-250 budgeted for $4,000 appears reasonable based on information supplied by Bonnie as to the cost per new or changed E-911 address, in addition to the base charge of $1,750 for one full set of map prints.

Auditing account 01-4150.10-260 estimated for 2007 at $1,550. Karen asked if that figure would cover the actual printing costs if, in compliance with state statute, we include the 2006 audit report in full. Bonnie will look into what the $1,450 expensed for the year to date actually bought, and attempt to determine the accurate estimate for including all required information in the Town Report.

Audit, account 01-4150.10-301 is estimated at $12,500 for 2007. Bonnie indicated that Karen Carew would perform the annual audit. Karen asked if that was arms-length since Ms Carew has been instrumental in straightening out the general ledger. Bonnie indicated that because of Ms Carew’s familiarity with the system, it was decided that she would perform the audit.

Karen said that Ms Carew agreed to meet with the Budget Committee on Tuesday November 14 at 7:00.
Office Equipment Maintenance, account 01-4150.10-603 budgeted for $2,200 for 2007. Review of expenses to date exceeded prior budget by 18%.

Computer Software Support, account 01-4150.10-621 includes service contracts with BMSI, technical support and training received from Frank Caruso. Discussion included the upgrade of going live with the state so that vehicle registrations can be accomplished completely at the town hall (including plates).

01-4150.10-802, Advertisements for the year so far exceeded the budget by 155%. Budget was very low ($700) and there were several job positions during 2006 for which advertisements were purchased. Estimate for 2007 in the amount of $1,500 was reasonable.

Account 01-4150.10-803, Registra Fees are those fees paid directly to Coos County Registry of Deeds. This is not a “wash” account, rather represents funds paid by the town to the county. Budget of $700 appears reasonable.

Training account 01-4150.10-805 in the amount of $1,500 is an open item. Bonnie offered to determine the basis on which the estimate was made, as Becky already indicated that approximately $1,400 is needed to the Town Clerk’s office alone.

Property Assessment account 01-4152.10-200 is estimated at $80,000. Discussion ensued about the frequency of the assessments, the impact of a revaluation on the property tax rate, the Appalachian Mountain Club and Payment in Lieu of Taxes status, and the recent sale of the Mt. Washington property. All agreed the estimate is reasonable.

Contingency Account 01-4199.10-100 raised from $1,000 to $5,000. Linda wants to know for what this account really is used.

01-4199.10-101, Hydrant Fees for the year were budget at $43,500. Karen indicated that the split of this account has in the past been $15,500 paid directly to Rosebrook Water, and $28,000 put (theoretically) into the Water fund on the municipal system. Karen stated that the fees should be zero. The east end private water users are paying twice for the estimated hydrant replacement. Municipal users should, once meters are functioning, pay to support the water system as designed. Bonnie indicated that she thought the estimates were based on the number of hydrants. To date, $8,321 has been expended. Bonnie indicated that was costs incurred to repair and replace the line on Harmony Hill. Karen suggested it posted to the wrong account, as “main replacement” must have an expense line within the water department. New Hydrant Fee budget for 2007 is proposed at $68,000 which would be a 56% increase. Have the number of hydrants increased by 56%? On what is this line item actually based?

Legal expenses in account 01-4153.10-200 estimate for 2007 $27,500 were reasonable based on potential use of the town attorney. Discussion turned to the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment, both of which have legal line items to be reviewed later. Karen indicated that for DRA MS-7 reporting purposes only the legal accounts were combined.

Chair indicated that the next meeting will be Tuesday October 24 at 6:30 at the town hall.

Tom motioned to adjourn, Linda seconded, all in favor. Chair closed the meeting at 9:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Moran, Secretary