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Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes of 4/27/2017

May 15th, 2017

Town of Carroll Building Committee Meeting Minutes
April 27, 2017 @ 9:00 a.m.
Carroll Town Hall

Members and guests present: John Gardiner, Greg Hogan, Michael Hogan, Brad Houston, Jeremy Oleson, David Scalley, Imre Szauter and John Trammell

The meeting of the Building Committee began at 9:02 a.m. and was recorded.

Attendees stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

A draft agenda was distributed and a sign-in sheet was routed around.

Attendees introduced themselves.

The draft minutes of the Apr. 13, 2017 meeting were discussed. John Gardiner made a motion, seconded by Michael Hogan, to approve the minutes as written. The vote was unanimous.

Attendees opened a discussion on the Apr. 13 Building Committee meeting attended by Sugar Hill Fire Chief Allan Clark, in his capacity as President of REI Development Company, LLC of Manchester, NH and former project manager for the Franconia Public Safety Building project.

Imre Szauter mentioned that Allan Clark provided electronic copies of the preliminary design drawings from C.N. Carley Associates, Architects and Planners, of Concord and of the Franconia Public Safety Building “as-built” by Ricci Construction of Portsmouth. Hardcopy versions were printed and displayed during the meeting.

Attendees opened a discussion on the Apr. 24 Carroll Building Management Services proposal submitted by Allan Clark.

Imre Szauter stated that at the Apr. 13 Building Committee meeting, members asked him to follow up with Allan Clark to determine his interest in providing professional project management services to the Town of Carroll. On Apr. 21, Imre Szauter met with Allan Clark at the Franconia Public Safety Building and indicated he was interested in working with the Town of Carroll and that he would provide a written proposal detailing his offer. Allan Clark’s proposal was distributed electronically to Building Committee members and the Select Board prior to the Building Committee meeting.

Attendees took several minutes to review/reread Allan Clark’s proposal. John Trammell asked about the fee structure, the on-site visits, and the furniture ordering, delivery and installation item listed in the proposal. Greg Hogan commented on the additional fees listed in the proposal and felt they were reasonable.

Attendees discussed whether additional proposals would be required before going to the Select Board with a recommendation. The pros and cons of going to the Select Board with a single proposal were debated. Attendees agreed that Allan Clark was an extremely qualified local resource with a history of on-time and under-budget projects, including the Franconia Public Safety Building that many committee members had toured.

Jeremy Oleson commented he was able to find only two other firms in New Hampshire that offer project management services, both in the southern part of the state. Greg Hogan stated that further delaying the hiring of professional services could negatively impact community support for the project. John Trammell commented that additional public informational sessions are critical, which would include addressing the fate of the current Town Hall and the fire station.

Brad Houston echoed John Trammell’s comments regarding the need to clearly document the ongoing costs associated with the police department, fire department and Town Hall buildings. He also stated that adequate storage is essential in any new fire department structure, as the Franconia Public Safety Building doesn’t have enough storage space for their fire department.

Michael Hogan asked for a clarification in Allan Clark’s proposal regarding charges in Phase 1. He suggested that cost savings might be realized if previous inspections and audits of Town Hall and the Fire Department Building could be used to reinforce the need for those buildings to be demolished. Imre Szauter stated he would pull all the previous information together and make it available to the Building Committee.

David Scalley stated he felt confident that bringing in a local (to the area) professional to manage the project would be more acceptable to the voters when considering Phase 2 and that doing so would provide the town with better service.

Imre Szauter stated that timeliness is critical to success of the project, given changing financial markets, local and state political and legislative considerations, and availability of professional and building trades personnel in the North Country. He mentioned that the voters are looking for positive, forward-moving actions from the Building Committee and hiring a professional project manager clearly demonstrates such an action.

Attendees discussed expansion of the Building Committee for a more diverse representation from the community. Everyone was encouraged to suggest individuals who might be interested in contributing their time and talents to the committee, and work to build support within the community. Imre Szauter mentioned that the sign-in sheets from the January 31 informational session might be a starting point.

Imre Szauter disclosed that Allan Clark had been retained by a local financial institution to perform inspections on his residence during construction in 2014 and 2015. He stated Allan Clark’s inspections were thorough, fair and timely.

At the conclusion of the discussion regarding Allan Clark’s proposal, Michael Hogan made a motion, seconded by John Trammell, to make a recommendation to the Select Board on May 1 that they accept the proposal submitted by Allan Clark of REI Development Company and appoint him as Project Manager for a new Town of Carroll public safety and administrative offices complex. Following a brief discussion, Imre Szauter asked for a show of hands from those in favor of the motion; he counted 8 raised hands. Imre Szauter then asked for a show of hands from those opposed; none were raised. The motion passed by a unanimous vote of 8 to 0.

Imre Szauter stated he would forward the committee’s recommendation and Allan Clark’s proposal to Maryclare Quigley, administrative assistant, for inclusion on the May 1 Select Board agenda.

John Trammell suggested that Building Committee members attend the May 1 Select Board meeting in a show of support for the committee’s recommendation. All agreed this was an excellent idea, as it would also provide Select Board members an opportunity to direct questions to or seek clarification from specific committee members.

Under “other issues”, Imre Szauter mentioned he had been contacted by Jonathan Halle of Warrenstreet Architects, Inc. of Concord and received an architectural design services qualifications document from him. Jonathan Halle learned of the Building Committee’s work from George Brodeur and wanted to introduce his firm to the committee.

Also under “other issues”, Michael Hogan mentioned he had not yet contacted a representative of the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture), but would determine if someone was available to meet with the committee.

Regarding the last item under “other issues”, Imre Szauter mentioned that he and Michael Hogan had briefed the Select Board on Apr. 17 on the street light inventory provided by Catalina Celentano of Eversource Energy and the spreadsheet prepared to show the cost of each of the 127 town street lights. They asked for and received approval from the Select Board to commit some time from Chief Oleson, Chief Trammell and Greg Hogan to identify street lights that should remain in place for safety and security. The goals are to evaluate whether some street lights should be removed or replaced with energy-efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) units and any potential cost savings.

Michael Hogan suggested that the Building Committee consider meeting at times outside of normal working hours to remove a potential barrier for committee expansion. John Gardiner suggested inviting people with specific talents to join the committee. David Scalley suggested encouraging younger residents to participate, as a new complex is expected to serve several generations.

Jeremy Oleson requested that the fire department building be added to Allan Clark’s proposal on page 2, item “G”, so that both Town Hall and the fire department building are inspected and all code deficiencies and the costs to correct them are documented. Imre Szauter stated he would ask Allan Clark to make that addition prior to the May 1 Select Board meeting.

The next meeting of the Building Committee is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 11 at 9:00 a.m. in Town Hall.

David Scalley made a motion, seconded by Jeremy Oleson, to adjourn the meeting. The vote to adjourn was unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 10:06 a.m.

Minutes prepared by Imre Szauter.