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Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes of 7/13/2017

July 17th, 2017


MINUTES July 13th 2017
Members present were: Chairman-Paul Bussiere, John Trammel, Joan Karpf and Chris Pappas.

Members of the public present were: David Scalley, Mike & Genesis Sullivan, Jason Bielagus, Counsel for the Trainors

The Public Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Bussiere.

The pledge of allegiance was recited. Chairman Bussiere asked the Sullivanís if there was anything they wanted to say about the hearing. They stated that they objected to the introduction of the Trainorís Digital recording of the previous two meetings as a guide for the minutes to be revised. Also they felt that the digital recording the Trainorís made should not be allowed to be included in any record by the town because it may have been ďprocessed or altered during the efforts of cleaning up the soundĒ. The board responded by explaining to the Sullivanís that only the recording Rena made is the record that the minutes are created from. The inclusion of any digital recording added to the record would be equal to statements and other comments made during the course of the hearings.

Chairman Bussiere then asked attorney Jason Bielagus what his comments are. He felt there were errors and omissions that they
found and sent the information to Rena (the ZBA secretary). Attorney Jason Bielagus asked if these minutes included his changes to the minutes that he asked about. Dave Scalley pointed out to attorney Jason Bielagus that the minutes had not been changed per advice of ZBA Counsel. Attorney Jason Bielagus said he thought the ZBA counsel said it was going to be looked at however Mr Scalley pulled up the email dated July 26, 2017 stating that the minutes should not be changed. Mr Scalley pointed out that Attorney Jason Bielagus was copied by ZBA counsel on this issue.

Joan Karpf asked for clarification about the tabled minutes. It was explained that the minutes from May 11th were not approved ďat the June 20th meeting as that meeting had been continued until the June 20th. The board discussed that the minutes, like the meeting, was continued and that we were looking at the meeting minutes for both meetings (May 11th and June 20th) at this meeting for the entire

record of the meeting and discussions. The board was looking at the meeting minutes for both months for approval at this meeting with any comments the board felt would be required.

Joan Karpf made a motion to accept the minutes for May 11th 2017 and June 20th 2017 as written. John Trammel seconded the motion. Request for discussion from the board Joan Karpf pointed out that the Trainorís attorney wanted a digital recording included in the record and that the Sullivanís objected to a digital recording from the Trainorís being added to the record. After some discussion the board felt that the minutes as written were satisfactory.

Chairman Bussiere asked for a vote of the motion that had been seconded. All were in favor. The minutes as written for May11th and June 20th 2017 were approved. Having no further Business Joan Karpf made a motion to adjourn. John Trammel Seconded the motion. Chairman Bussiere asked for a vote. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:22 PM