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Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes of 8/3/2017

August 9th, 2017

Aug. 3, 2017
Meeting brought to order by Chairman Mills at 7PM.
Pledge of allegiance
Members present: Ken Mills Brian Mycko, Richard Krapf, Karen Safian, John Gardiner, and Bonnie Moroney
Guests: Jeremy Oleson, Dave Scalley, Michelle Gamache, and Jack Catalano
It was discussed that nobody had a copy of the July 6, 2017 minutes so Ken motioned to table approving the minutes until the next meeting and Brian second and it was passed.
Site Plan Review: Hunt Properties, LLC Map 207 Lot 36
As Built modifications on site plan of two new apartment buildings. There was discussion if this was a public meeting and if notices had been sent out and in the paper. Mrs. Michelle Gamache, had a copy of the letter for public meeting she received on her phone and so we could move forward as a public meeting.
Having seen the notice Chairman Mills opened the Public Hearing.
Dave Scalley, said when they came to the board last Aug. 4, 2016 they didnít have the approval for the septic for the two apartment buildings. Once he had the designs approved he brought them to Jeremy and Greg for their approval and now was bringing them to the planning board. The only change they are asking to do is to rotate the building plans from where it was on the original plans.
The reason for asking to do this is when they did the perk test the soil they originally were thinking of using was not as good as if they move them to the other location, but by turning the buildings they would be able to put the septicís in a state approved area.
Even by doing this all the set backs are still met and the 6 acre lot they will be built on had gone before the ZBA for a special exception as the Planning Board requested last year. The building will be the same size just facing a different direction.
Chairman Mills stated that normally we go line by line on the application but based on the fact that we have already gone through this application and the building will be the same accept for the location, this being as ďAs builtĒ. Brian motioned to accept the application without going line to line, Karen second and it was passed.
Mrs. Gamache, was conserned about the lighting for the new buildings, as the lighting on the currant apartments is very bright and they are not happy with them, so certainly donít want any more that will be glaring at their home. She was concerned it there would be more lighting like the front apartments. Dave assured her that the lights would be on the buildings by the porches and would not be bright to them or the other neighbors. Dave said he had done the lights in the front for safety. It was mentioned that the lighting in the current building had nothing to do with this application and again Dave assured Mrs. Gamache that there will be no flood lights in the back buildings.
There were no other information brought forth for the Public Hearing so Chairman Mills closed the public hearing.
Chairman Mills asked the board if there were any more questions or discussion, but there were none. Bonnie motioned to approve the site plan review and Brian second it and all were in favor.
Laurel Byrine, was not at the meeting, and Rena had said that she was not sure that she would be.
Dave mentioned that he wanted the board to work on finding a way for the town and the building inspector to receive any changes that are made by the board after the original application. Maybe to make sure the town and the Fire Chief get copies of the approved conditions changes. Jeremy said that conditions have been communicated but no follow up. We need some suggestions moving forward. Think of a way to stop future issues so things get checked as completed tying Rena, Becki, Building Inspector and Fire Chief to that form.
Jack Catalano from Living Waters Campground is looking to make some changes. He presented some information about Co-housing community, he said itís like a condo association, but the group that owns the property together build it and own it as a group. There is a common house and they have community meals. This creates a community feeling that has been lost. He said that there is one in the Peterborough area that he went down to see and there are other around as well. Jack said when he went to visit they were all out cleaning the property as a group. He said that the community house there has a library, laundry and meeting room as well.
He said that there are web sites for the co-housing community. He was coming before the board for guidance on how to move forward with the project. Find out what he would need to do first and so on. Ken said that condos are treated differently than houses more like apartment complexes are. Jack said that there are two co-housing developments in the state and the state has been involved with them, so they are familiar. Ken said that is all good, but there are also local regulations that have to be considered as well, and Jack reminded him that that is why he has come for direction. He said that he wanted to keep part of the campground, but not all of it and would keep the store and restaurant and the owners would run them both, as part of the plan. He said they had purchased the property next to them as well and that could possibly be more businesses for the owners.
Ken said that Jack would need to go to the ZBA for a special exception, but without any plans there would be a limited amount of things that could be done. Once he found the group of owners they would have to show plans for what they wanted to build and get them approved. Other things he was thinking about if that didnít work out with the new very small houses that some are building with the same ideas of a community house.
Jack said that co-housing community have trouble getting financing from the banks, but he would expect that whomever bought into this there would be no financing involved. They would have to pay up front. He said that all this is a vision, and that he hopes to be able to do it, but has no idea what he needed to do to start with the town. It was suggested that he meet with Rena and she could give him copies of the site plan and sub division regulations to get himself started.
Brian motioned to adjourn at 8PM and Richard second and it was passed.