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Minuteds of 2/26/2018

April 10th, 2018

Carroll Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2018

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2.”

Minutes recorded by Maryclare H. Quigley, Secretary

Board members present: Brian Mycko, Paul Bussiere, David Scalley.

Members of the public present: Greg Hogan, Michael Gooden, Michael Hogan, Dianne Hogan, Debbie Szauter, Imre Szauter, Jason Sullivan, Mary Sullivan, Tadd Bailey, Rob Gauthier

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Mycko.

Pledge of Allegiance

The Chair announced the approval and signing of the manifests.

Selectman Scalley made a motion to approve the minutes of February 5, 2018. It was seconded by Chairman Mycko and passed. Selectman Bussiere abstained.

Selectman Scalley made a motion to approve the minutes of February 6, 2018. It was seconded by Chairman Mycko and passed. Selectman Bussiere abstained.

Selectman Scalley made a motion to approve the minutes of February 8, 2018. It was seconded by Chairman Mycko and passed. Selectman Bussiere abstained.

Imre Szauter, Chair of the Building Committee, gave his report. He said they had met on February 8, when they focused on the Deliberative Session and that they were all surprised at the lack of any discussion on Article 2. Mr. Szauter called the Board’s attention to the article “Carroll deliberates, navigates state and local regulations” on the front page of the Coos County Democrat, February 14. He noted the Committee had not spent any money yet this year and that the warrant article remained about the same.

Mr. Szauter said the Committee’s next meeting is Thursday, March 1, at 9 a.m. at the Town Hall. He said following this meeting, Allan Clark will host another tour of the Franconia Public Safety building and that John Trammell has arranged for a shuttle bus from the Mount Washington Hotel to transport interested participants. This will leave the Carroll Town Hall at 10 a.m.
Rob Gauthier spoke about energy costs, and said he thought these would actually increase the tax impact. He asked about them being noted as such. Mr. Szauter agreed there will be substantial savings for energy, but these costs are considered part of the operating budget and are not calculated in the tax impact. Mr. Gauthier thanked Mr. Szauter.

The Board thanked Mr. Szauter for his and the Committee’s work.

Selectman Scalley read an email he had received from Bob Carey, legal counsel for the ZBA, inquiring who would be his contact to keep the Select Board informed of the Trainor-Sullyville case. After brief discussion, it was agreed that the Administrative Assistant’s email should be the contact and she would forward the information to the Board members. The Board asked that she contact Attorney Carey to let him know.

Tadd Bailey reminded the Board that he had been in previously about the Police Department procuring dress uniforms. He said they had hoped to purchase for four officers, but the final quote came in substantially higher than the original one, so they will get just two at this time. He reiterated that these will be bought with unclaimed cash seized from drug arrests and which meets the criteria of more than $250 but less than $5,000 and having been kept the proper amount of time. He said they wanted to update the dress uniforms but will only be doing the topcoat uniform to keep cost down. He said two officers don’t have any and two have very outdated dress uniforms. He said any money left over will be turned over to the General Fund. Selectman Scalley asked if there is a need in running the department for this and Sgt. Bailey said there is no operational need. Selectman Scalley asked if these are used frequently and Sgt. Bailey said no; Selectman Scalley reiterated his reluctance for spending this money if it’s not necessary. Sgt. Bailey asked why he didn’t bring this all up when they were first asked for and Selectman Scalley said that he had time to think about it.

Selectman Scalley then spoke of the letter just received that day from the Commissioner of State of NH Dept. of Health and Human Services, regarding their concern that not all veterans who had the need had accessed shelters during the winter extreme cold periods. This letter reminded all that “any resident of New Hampshire honorably discharged from the military that is unable to provide shelter for themselves, their spouses and children “shall be supported at the public expense in the town or city” in which they live . . .” Discussion ensued and the Secretary said though the Town hasn’t had requests in several years, the process is to check for space at homeless shelters nearby and if there isn’t any room, then they would put them up in a local motel. But she assured him, they would not be turned away. He said he didn’t know about and of this before.

Michael Hogan said he had a couple of things and one is the North Country Veterans Center would help in a situation such as this because that is part of what they do. Next, Mr. Hogan said is that he wouldn’t like our Police Department representative at a funeral or something looking like a ragtag. He said there is a professional side of the Department, just as with the Army, that even though they don’t wear dress uniforms often, they have to have them for when they are needed. He said he feels the Officers should get dress uniforms. Imre Szauter said he thinks there’s a justice in using drug money for that reason. Chairman Mycko said he feels it’s not Town money anyway. Selectman Bussiere made a Motion: To purchase the dress uniforms as described and turn in any unused money to the Town. Chairman Mycko seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Hogan followed saying the North Country Veterans Center has a booklet of all services available for veterans. Sgt. Bailey asked if we had vouchers if the need should arise in the middle of the night or at another time when the office is closed. He was told we do not have vouchers, but an emergency call could be placed.

The following were approved and signed:

Veterans’ Exemption – Moroney
Elderly Exemption – Gooden
Solar Energy Exemption – Dewhurst
Water Warrant – Russell
Water Abatement – Four Roche Brothers
Intent to Excavate – Brooks -- Discussion ensued about the period of time for which the
Special Exception was granted by the ZBA; whether it was three years or five years.
Also, Selectman Scalley said it was for a certain amount of material to be removed and
asked if that amount had been reached. The Secretary said Carl had been trying to find
out the length of time and had left several messages but had not heard back. She also
said this was actually for the 2017-2018 which will end on March 31, rather than for the
next year. The Selectmen tabled this until these questions can be answered.


Selectman Scalley said he had a question for Selectman Bussiere. He asked if he (Paul) plans to stay on the ZBA as acting Chair for the Trainor/Sullyville suit. Mr. Bussiere said if he is asked to – and it was alluded to that this would definitely be the case.

Selectman Scalley said he had a long phone conversation with Mr. Morrow who had a number of questions about his unit, Rosebrook 21, one of the units in the fire. He said he is to go there on March 10, to meet with him.

The Secretary had letters regard legal representation for the Town as part of the audit for 2017, which had just been received and needed to be sent out. Selectman Bussiere made a Motion: For Chairman Mycko and Administrative Assistant, Maryclare Quigley to sign the letters. Selectman Scalley seconded and it passed unanimously.

The Secretary also asked about an invoice for an outstanding balance from Franconia Gas. Selectman Scalley said he is still working on it and hopes to have it resolved in another month or so. He said apparently someone signed a contract on a floating rate. It was noted we are being charged at almost $5 a gallon for propane. Selectman Scalley said this was originally set up for his bulk rate of $1.55 per gallon. He said to sit on this for now.

Greg Hogan said a representative from Asplund Tree Company had contacted him about removing a tree up near the Information Booth. They have been working on trees near powers lines this winter. He said he wants to talk with the rep about it. When asked, he said it’s an old pine tree and is probably rotted. He said he will get more information and come back to the Board.

The next meeting will be Monday, March 12, 2018.

All were reminded that voting will take place here at the Town Hall on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Selectmen noted that they have to be in attendance that day and will decide their schedule among themselves.

There being no further discussion, Selectman Scalley made a Motion to adjourn the meeting. Chairman Mycko seconded and the Motion passed unanimously. Chairman Mycko declared the meeting ended at 7:46 p.m.