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Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes of November 9, 2006

November 10th, 2006

Carroll Budget Committee
Minutes of November 9, 2006

Members present: Linda Dowling, Tom Gately, Pam Walsh, Carmine Fabrizio, Karen Moran. Excused: Bonnie Moroney, Ken Mills

Others present: Bill Smalley, John Trammell

Chair called the meeting to order at 7:10

Linda motioned to accept the minutes of 10/31 as written, Carmine seconded, all in favor.

Incoming correspondence was discussed-email from town hall indicates the tax rate is $17.66 per thousand; insurance premiums increased 13.3% and with same assumptions, budget for 2007 should be $136,100; taser warrant article can be withdrawn as they have been purchased; police warrant article regarding a digital in-car camera; a letter from the LGC confirms the rates of the insurance.

Discussion ensued regarding dental coverage.

Police budget for 2007 was presented.
Chief salary contracted at $50,000
Lengthy discussion regarding patrolmen’s salaries, cost to train, turnover of 100+ new officers since 1982, at training cost to town because salaries too low. Academy expenses etc sum to about $10,000 to train a new officer, so in best interest of town to maintain the trained officers.
Maintain a $2 per hour spread between the ranks. After further discussion it was determined to recommend the following:
Chief-$50,000 as per contract
Corporal $46,956 $21 per hour at 2236 hours per year
Patrolman 1st class $42,484 $19 per hour
Patrolman $38,012 $17 per hour-75% of this salary reimbursed via Federal grant
Special officers are part-timers (3 in total) paid on per diem $4,500
Overtime-5,000-some portion of ot paid by state and Fed grants for special details-not all such as vacation coverage or court appearances
Training-1,500-use as incentive to maintain educated staff
Office supplies-700