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Minutes of 4/23/2018

April 26th, 2018

Carroll Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
April 23, 2018

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Select Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Select Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A:2.”

Minutes recorded by Maryclare H. Quigley, Secretary

Board members present: David Scalley, Brian P. Mycko, Bonnie J. Moroney

Members of the public present: Rena Vecchio, Greg Hogan, John Warren, Geert Pesman, Lois Pesman, Jack Catalano, Linda Webb, Pat Lichtenwalner, June Marihugh, Imre Szauter, Debbie Szauter, Bobbi Amirault, Vern Amirault, Tadd Bailey, John Trammell, Richard Krapf, Jeremy Oleson

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Scalley.

Pledge of Allegiance

The Chair announced the approval and signing of the manifests.

Selectman Moroney made a Motion to approve the minutes of April 9, 2018. It was seconded by Selectman Mycko and passed unanimously.

Bobbi and Vern Amirault were in to speak about the Kids Fishing Derby being held on Memorial Day, May 28, 2018. This is sponsored by Ammonoosuc Chapter Trout Unlimited in cooperation with NH Fish & Game and the Town of Carroll. Mrs. Amirault said this will be held from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Twin Mountain Parks & Recreation Pool on Lake Road, and refreshments will be served. She went on to say this is associated with Project Healing Waters, which is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military personnel and disabled veterans. They will be doing Fly-fishing demonstrations for wounded Veterans following the Fishing Derby.

When asked, Mrs. Amirault offered thanks but said they don’t need anything from the Town other than to fill the pool. Though unsure of the date, Mr. Amirault said the pool will be stocked and once done, there will be “No Fishing” signs posted until after the Derby.

Rena Vecchio, Planning and Zoning Board Secretary, told the Board she is looking for space as she is tired of lugging things back and forth. She said things are getting busier and she needs space to be able to lock where she can put things and leave them. She spoke of the front hall and said that she can put an electric heater there in the winter. She said she also wants to get the two Boards’ materials in order and put files, etc. in the basement. Chairman Scalley asked if the Board can have time to think about this and asked Chief Oleson if they could use the hallway. Chief Oleson said he’s not sure at this time, as it’s not just a matter of just plugging in electric heat. Chairman Scalley said they will talk about it. Mrs. Vecchio thanked the Board.

The following was approved and signed:

Oaths of Office – Dianne Hogan, ZBA; Michael Finn, Planning Board; Terry Penner,
Planning Board
Water Warrant – 103 US 3, LLC
Water Warrant – Transform Health & Fitness
Water Warrant -- Nicholson Irving Trust; Soucy
Water Abatement – Rogers
Excavation Warrant – Brooks
Intents to Excavate – Pike Industries, Inc. (4)

The Secretary explained the need for several Water Warrants is the new system puts them out when a different service is performed, i.e., turning water on or off; installing water meters; clerical charges. The Office is working on this with the provider.

Follow Up:

Profile Cable Consortium -- Tabled
PD Lease Renewal – Tabled
Tax Deeded Property – Tabled


Selectman Moroney said she told the Board she would have information on the Coalition Communities for this meeting and gave her colleagues the materials to which she was referring. (Copies available in the Selectmen’s Office)

Selectman Moroney spoke of the Fire Station kitchen and Chairman Scalley said he met with Chief Oleson and has brought metal to put up and is checking with Northwoods Manufacturing about a cabinet so they can make a couple of changes.

Selectman Moroney said she is working on the Newsletter and will email it to the Board before the next meeting. She said she had it done, but it has to be edited. Selectman Moroney reiterated that anyone with items to add to it, should get in touch with her.

Jack Catalano said he brought a letter and petition to shut down the shooting range at the Town Rec Area – across the river from the Campground. He presented the Board with copies of the letter and requested permission to read it, which he then did. A copy is attached to these minutes. Upon finishing the reading, Mr. Catalano introduced several neighbors in attendance who support his request: Mr. and Mrs. Pesman, who are on 302 East; and Ms. Webb, Ms. Lichtenwalner, and Ms. Marihugh, who are on Route 3 and all of whom said they hear the loud noises as well as what sounds like explosions at their homes.

Discussion ensued that they worry about children as it is a safety issue. Mr. Catalano said he doesn’t understand why it’s near a recreation park where children play. Mr. Catalano also said it is affecting his business. He went on to say he had spoken with Stacy at Boulder Motor Court who is also in support of his request but could not come to the meeting.

Chairman Scalley said he is familiar with the area and said he’s not sure if the occurrence was more because there was no camp last summer. Mr. Catalano said they do it at night and at all times of the year, so he didn’t think that had anything to do with it. Chairman Scalley asked Chief Trammell if the Police had received any complaints and he said he thought they may have, but not many. Chief Trammell went on to say it’s “not a sanctioned shooting range” but that it meets the law as it’s only a sand/gravel pit, but it’s legal because it has a back drop that’s high enough. Chairman Scalley said it’s town property so the Board has a right to not allow shooting there. It was asked if it’s abused and they get calls what the town can do. It was also stated that during summer camp it’s not allowed anyway, but weekends are busy. Mr. Catalano said he feels the legality of it should not necessarily be the basis for a decision about this. Richard Krapf asked about the possibility of setting a schedule of days and times. Mr. Catalano said that would not be satisfactory as anytime it’s used and the noise is heard is a problem. Vern Amirault said it’s more than just a campground issue as one can hear these all over town. It was noted there are trails back in the Parks and Rec area and people are afraid to use them. Chairman Scalley said they will discuss this but they cannot give an answer tonight. Mr. Catalano said that was fine and thanked the Board for listening to him.

Chief Trammell spoke on behalf of Sgt. Bailey who had left the meeting earlier on a fire call with Chief Oleson. Sgt. Bailey had recently attended a class and wanted to make everyone aware by getting information out regarding “one pot meth labs.” Because these are easily used and disposed of, they are being found in populated areas and not just remote ones anymore. The public is being warned against picking up bottles or jars which may contain: clear liquid with white or red colored solid bottom; iodine or dark/shiny metallic/purple or red crystals or powder; with rubber tubing attached; sulfuric, or other types of acid; near strong or unusual chemical smells; containing, or near trash from, cold medicines; coffee filters or other fabric with white pasty substance or dark reddish crystals; large numbers of cans of camp fuel, paint thinner, etc., etc. If anyone suspects/finds anything that resembles any of the above DO NOT touch it and contact the Carroll Police Department – 846-2200 – immediately. It is of the utmost importance that people realize Meth lab and ingredients are very volatile and hazardous, and there is a very high risk of injury or death.

Richard Krapf said the Planning Board had approved the cell tower between Route 302 and Route 3 North a year ago and asked if the Select Board could find out when it would be finished. Chairman Scalley said they could ask the Planning Board Secretary to email to check on this. It was stated the power was put in just last week as of course they had to suspend working on it for the winter. Mr. Krapf was appreciative of this information.

Greg Hogan announced that Town Clean Up day will be Saturday, May 12, 2018, with everyone meeting at the Fire Station by 9 a.m. He said they’ve had good turnouts the past few years and hopes it will be good this year, too. He noted the Chamber of Commerce is also part of this event.

Imre Szauter said he had attended a meeting in Concord with Greg Hogan at NRRA and there is high praise for recyclables coming out of our town – they are very clean. He said comparing this to single stream, the contamination rate is very high now and the costs to get rid of them is very high. Mr. Szauter said there is no use for glass in the U.S. anymore, though there is still the possibility of crushing it and mixing it with sand and other materials to use for driveways and roadways, etc., as long as the glass is not on top. It was noted the glass is not causing any issues at the Transfer Station, so they will continue to collect it. They will continue to watch for ways to use it. Greg Hogan said because of the baling and cleanliness at the Transfer Station, we do not get any kicked back. He had praise for the employees and said the townspeople who recycle deserve a lot of the credit also. As a result, we will be among the first towns getting the call when they start accepting recycles again. Chairman Scalley thanked Messrs. Szauter and Hogan.

Chairman Scalley said the next meeting will be Monday, May 7, 2018.

As there was no further business, the Board was polled and went into non-public session, per RSA 91-A-3 for personnel at 7:55 p.m. Chairman Scalley, yes; Selectman Mycko, yes; Selectman Moroney, yes.

At the close of non-public session at 8:30 p.m., Chairman Scalley moved to return to public session and seal the minutes from non-public session. Selectman Moroney seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.

Back in public session, the Board spoke about reconvening the Building Committee. It was consensus to put on the agenda for May 21, a discussion of a date for the first meeting for the Committee. It was noted they will welcome anyone interested in being on it, which includes those who were on the previous Committee and new members.

There being no further discussion, Chairman Scalley made a Motion to adjourn the meeting. Selectman Mycko seconded and the Motion passed unanimously. Chairman Scalley declared the meeting ended at 8:35 p.m.