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Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes of 6/13/2018 UNAPPROVED

June 18th, 2018

JUNE 13, 2018
Meeting brought to order at 7:00 p.m. by Selectman Bonnie Moroney
Pledge of Allegiance
Present: Dave Scalley, Bonnie Moroney, Brian Mycko, Jeremy Oleson, Bill Gemmer, Bobbi Amirault, Tadd Bailey, John Trammell, Terry Penner, Mike Gooden, Ed Martin, John Gardiner, Lois Pesman, Mr. and Mrs. John Greer, Debbie Szauter, and Imre Szauter.
Selectmen Moroney opened the meeting and reminded people that the Select Board was not running the Committee, just trying to get it put together with new members, and work to see what the issues were.
The questions were open to the public:
1. Why did the proposal fail (weather, cost, location, etc.)?
The weather for sure, and some people were against the scope of the project and price. Some had not figured what the tax increase was and were afraid they would have thousands added.
Ed Martin said he wanted to address the town hall itself, he was saying about other places and went over the way they are fixing old buildings up. Bonnie asked if Ed had come to the meeting several years ago that George Brodeur had presented on what would need to be done, and all the things he had said we would need to do to come up to code and now the price would be a great deal more. It was also addressed that this building was no longer historical after the office space was added so any historical grants would not be an option.
It was asked what would happen to the town hall if a new one was built, Bonnie said that whatever happens to this building is up to the voters, not the Select Board. Somebody else could come in and fix it for events, or focus on the gym, etc. We could fix the building but there are still many things that need to be addressed to come up to what we need. One of the things is a fire proof vault, and an elevator that would be handicap accessible to all the three floors.
2. What can be done better or different next time (scope or project, public meetings, information distribution, etc.?
It was asked if we need it all now, and Dave explained that a good part of this is tied in with the infrastructure, road, septic, etc. So if this was broken up the first part would be the more expensive.
It was discussed about breaking the project into sections by years, they felt that the people would be more receptive to that.
Imre, went over the fact that the Transfer Station bond will be paid 2024 and the Water Bond would be paid in 2022.
Dave asked if anybody had run the numbers on what we would be saving on the utilities; Imre
said that the savings on utilities, rent on the PD, and Tax loss on the PD would come to about
$63,000.00 per year. There were other things such as repairs, etc. that were not figured in. Also
there are buildings that are not under compliance, and that needs to be considered as it will
become a problem.
John Greer, asked about the amount that we were saying the $.65 per thousand, Allen Clark, was
asked to speak about that as he was the project manager, and went over the figures of totals on
our Capital reserves, money from state for emergency operations builds, grants that they were
working on for a total of $450,000 that would not have to be raised from taxes leaving
$3,500,000.00. They were looking at a 20 year loan at 4% for about $212,000 per year. A house
worth $150,000.00 would pay just under a $100.00 property tax increase per year.
Terry felt that there was not enough public involvement at the meetings. He said that even the
Deliberative session the people never asked questions and the committee was waiting. He
mentioned that the Hotel is working on adding another 60 plus rooms. He asked Jeremy if he
would have more volunteers if he had a nice building. Jeremy said that studies show that if there
is a nicer facility you tend to have more volunteers.
Need to get more information out to more people, Imre said that we didn’t use social media, such
as Facebook etc., A lot of people don’t come to the meetings or read the town web site. So this
might be something that we need to focus on getting one set up, to get more information out
3. Question of bringing professional services to the committee and if so whom?
It was discussed on how to move forward, and that the Select Board had put $25,000.00 aside to
use for this position. Dave asked Imre how they might want to move forward and that Select
Board make the decision on this as the past building committee had already made the suggestion.
Bonnie asked who at the meeting was going to be on the building committee and there was a
show of hands, and then asked of those people if they wanted the board to ask Allen Clark to
take the position. So the board will vote on that at the June 18 Selectman’s meeting. Allen said
that he is interested.
Allen Clark said that the board needs to decide what direction they want the committee to go.
He said he feels that we will still have the 100 no votes because they are just not wanting any
increase in their taxes. The committee needs to develop the project in a way that it will pay, and
to make changes just to make changes is a waste of money. We need to decide the best way to
go. Allen said that the design that was put together was not what the department heads wanted it
was what they needed. He felt that the design was the best for what we needed and with the best
materials for fewer repairs and maintenance.
We need to see more of the people that are against the project that way we can inform them of
the correct information, not the incorrect information that they are listening to. Allen said that if
we are staying with the same project than we need to focus on the public information and getting
it out to most all of them. He said that he knew when we had the snowstorm that we were in
trouble. Some people felt that it was going to pass and didn’t bother to come out and vote, so that
is one of those things that needs to be addressed.
John Greer, asked about cost over runs. Allen said that is a good question, he said they had built
in about a $400,000 cost over-run to cover that type of thing and he said he’s been doing this for
45 years and has not been over budget yet. He said the unknowns that you usually run into are
with the ground but we know the type of ground we are dealing with out here, no ledge, etc.
Dave counted all the people that raised their hands and have 13 so far, and Imre said that there
are a few more as well. It was asked what kind of time was required, and it was answered that as
much time you are willing and able to give. Imre, said that in the past they met twice a month
usually at 9 a.m. and they also had 4 informational sessions in the evening. There was discussion
of having a few night meetings also for those that work and can’t make days.
Bonnie asked Allen what he would need from the Select Board. He said a direction that the
board wanted him to move. He said from what he is hearing tonight it sounds that we need to get
the correct information out to the public.
Concerns of what should be focused on:
The Select Board needs to come up with the amount of money that it will cost to bring the
buildings where they need to if this does not pass again, something that was not done last year.
This is something that needs to be out to the public as well, so they are aware. If the building
committee can help that would be even better.
Look into the interest rate, cost savings if there are any, Dave said the supplies have gone up 10
and 15% about another $400,000.00 more than last year.
It was open to the next meeting for the new Building Committee. There was discussion about
some days and some nights, it was agreed to do Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 9 a.m. The
committee would decide when they will have the next meeting.
Bonnie suggested that maybe she could approach Rob Gauthier about putting the meetings on
Channel 2 and get more people to see and know what is going on.
Bonnie asked what the group would like to provide to the public and Mike suggested that we let
the people know what it’s going to cost them on their taxes. Also what it will cost them for the
repairs that are needed if this does not pass. Lois, said to also give the voters an idea of what it
will cost the following year so they can see the increases.
With no additional business to discuss, the meeting was concluded at 8:17 p.m.