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Minutes of Town Board Meetings

Minutes of November 21, 2006

November 22nd, 2006

Carroll Budget Committee
Minutes of November 21, 2006

Members present: Linda Dowling, Tom Gately, Carmine Fabrizio, Karen Moran, Bonnie Moroney, Ken Mills, Excused: Pam Walsh. Others present: Evan Karpf, Joan Karpf, Molly White, Bill Dowling. Chair called the meeting to order at 7:02

The minutes of November 14 were amended to reflect that the selectmen’s office and town clerk’s office do not receive free internet access, but pay $45.95 per month for each. Tom motioned to accept as amended, Carmine seconded, all in favor.

Evan Karpf presented the budget for the Health Officer as follows:
Travel $150
Education $300
Supplies $ 50
Total $500
Evan was appointed by the selectmen, and approved by the State Health Officer.
Supplies are for items such as business cards and rubber gloves.
Travel was discussed as in 2 months, $100 +/- has been submitted for mileage twice per week to Berlin for training. There will be ongoing training and seminars in both Berlin and Concord. The travel component was requested to be adjusted to $1,000, thus increasing the total budget to $1,350. Karen asked if there was a line item for the Health Officer, Bonnie indicated no, she would have Sue K. implement one.
Karen asked what the Health Officer does and was told they inspect restaurants, homes, septic systems, garbage complaints, issues with children, safety, epidemics, etc.
Ken asked if he was tied into the first responders and was told yes. John Goodney is drafting an emergency response manual to include the health officer, among others.

Joan Karpf discussed the budget for the Conservation Commission-accounts 01-4611.10-xxx
01-4611.10-300 Membership in the NH Association of Conservation Commissions $150
01-4611.10-301 Workshops $200
01-4611.10-302 Operating Expenses $150
Total budget $500
Joan said the budget was recommended by the state. Membership of $150 is for the town for the year. Workshops are important in the education of the group, who have paid for seminars during 2006 out of their own pockets. Operating expenses would cover things like photocopies and mailings.
Linda asked for clarification of the membership and role of the commission. Joan responded that they will review things such as water quality, land and wetland data etc, and act as the eyes of the state. The commission is comprised of six current members, and is advisory only to the planning board. Local land ordinances tend to be more specific than state DES or Federal EPA.
Manuals necessary can be photocopied. Joan has purchased one and copied and was told the Library has 2 manuals as well.

A land survey will be conducted by the commission, along with an animal survey.

Molly White presented the town Recreation budget which is slightly lower than the budget for 2006 due to the reduction in phone expense through use of a seasonal line.
Counselors’ pay has increased by 2%.
01-4520.10-100 Counselors $17,890
01-4520.10-200 Telephone $700
01-4520.10-201 Equipment & Supplies $1
01-4520.10-300 Parties $1
01-4520.10-310 ski Program $900
01-4520.10-320 Baseball Field Repair $1000
01-4520.10-321 Building Repair $200

Molly provided a spreadsheet detailing the activity in the checking account used by the rec area. Karen asked if the revenue is on the town general ledger and was told no, due to the wording of the warrant article that established the fund. Karen then asked how it is determined what to pay from the checking account and what to pay from the town general fund? Molly said no real formula, but primarily the larger things like the payroll stay on the town general ledger. Karen said she would try to locate the warrant article so all would understand the accounting treatment.

Karen then asked who the authorized signers are on the checking account, and Molly thought Robin Selinski as the treasurer, although not sure if anybody else. Karen suggested the town should know who the authorized signers are for all of the town’s accounts used by each department.

Discussion then took place regarding the income and expenses, how they do not “zero-out” but accounting for them is important on the Department of Revenue MS-7 form compiled for the deliberative session and used for tax setting information.

Linda asked how many children use the rec program and was told over the summer there were 63 registered, with an average of 44-45 per day attending. The program is open to Carroll, Whitefield, Jefferson, with a $10 higher cost to out of town children

There were 5 fully paid program “scholarships” to in-town children only.

Capacity and safety are always issues, with counselors to children ratio of 1 to 7. A wait list was instituted over the summer so that ratio would not be exceeded.
Molly recommended that the rec area youth leadership enrollees be kept in mind for projects next summer, such as the conservation commission survey discussed earlier.

Molly said all adult and counselors in training are trained in water safety and CPR.
She has concerns about the dock, and is looking into a more appropriate floating structure for the beach.

Billy Rines was scheduled to talk to the committee tonight about the general building, highway, and water budgets and revenues/grants, but was not in attendance. Bonnie indicated she would have him come to the meeting next week.

Discussion about 01-4326.10-200, Septic $1,500 is there in case the town hall and any other town building with a tank needs to have it pumped.

Bonnie will ask Sue to provide the final master summary of the selectmen’s warrant articles for us to review next week.

Discussion took place regarding the budget for hot top for roads vs. sidewalks. It was suggested that when Billy is here we can ask him about the budgets.

Tom motioned to adjourn, Ken seconded.

Next meeting will be held Tuesday November 28, 2006 at 7pm at the town hall.

Chair closed the meeting at 7:59.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Moran, Secretary