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Minutes of 7/5/2018

July 16th, 2018

Carroll Planning Board


July 5, 2018

7:00 PM

“These minutes of the Town of Carroll Planning Board have been recorded by its Secretary. Though believed to be accurate and correct they are subject to additions, deletions and corrections by the Planning Board at its next meeting when the Board votes its final approval of the minutes. They are being made available at this time to conform to the requirements of New Hampshire RSA 91-A: 2.

PLBD Members Present: Chairman Michael Hogan, Selectmen’s Representative Bonnie Moroney, Richard Krapf, Mike Finn, Terry Penner and Donna Foster

Members of the Public: Jon Warzocha, Horizons Engineering, Carl Brooks, Lisa Miller, Gardner Kellogg, Kellogg Surveying & Mapping, Peter Nightingale, owner Northern Embers, Dave Scalley, Building Inspector/Code Enforcer, Jean Whitcomb and Tom Walker.

Minutes taken by: Rena Vecchio, Secretary

Pledge of Allegiance


Chairman Hogan asked the board if there were any comments or corrections on the minutes of June 7th meeting. Mike said he noticed the date on the minutes were June 5th instead of June 7th and that would have to be corrected. Bonnie Moroney made a motion to: approve the minutes of June 5, 2018, with the correction of the date from June 7th to June 5th. Chairman Michael Hogen seconded and the motion passed with ayes and one abstention. Donna Foster was not at the June 5th meeting.

The Chair told the board that he had received a letter of resignation from Ernie Temple who had been voted in for a three year term in March of 2018. The Chairman accepted the resignation with regret and hoped Ernie would be feeling better. Michael Hogan made a motion to: nominate Michael Finn for a one year term on the Planning Board. Bonnie Moroney seconded the motion and the motion passed with a unanimous vote.


Jon Warzocha, Horizons Engineering, opened the dialogue for the Site Plan for Mount Deception . He had been before the board in April and the board had given him a list of things they wanted to see. One of the conditions was to go before the Zoning Board for a Special Exception. They did that in May and the Special Exception Application was approved.
Jon said they had worked with the Fire Chief, Jeremy Oleson:
• Major matter here was the fire access-they were given a punch list to work on
• They needed a emergency plan
• They had walked all the roads-in some areas the vegetation was too close-some of the roads were good
• Needed fire extinguishers ………and one in the bath house
• Site labels were needed
• Fire pits, some were ok, some needed attention
• Building permits are going to be needed for any of the campers adding on decks or anything else

Terry Penner asked if there was a permit for the fireworks at the campgroung last week during the holiday. Jon said he did not believe there was a permit.

David Scalley, Code Enforcer/Building Inspector, said he would like to see the emergency plans posted in the bath houses.

Michael Finn wanted to know if there was a plan for the Fire Chief to stop in once in awhile? Jon said he knew of no plan but he would be welcome to stop by anytime.

Chairman Hogan opened the Public Hearing. There were no abutters present and no public questions. The Chairman closed the Public Hearing.

There were no further questions from the board.

Michael Hogan made a motion to approve the Site Plan Application for Mount Deception Campground/Carl Brooks, 1 Old Cherry Mountain Road, Twin Mountain, NH, Map 419, Lot 15, to show the extent of the development of the campground in 1979 and what exists now with the conditions;
• that all waivers that were asked for would be put into writing and given to the board
• that all request from the Fire Chief and all reports that were asked for are completed
Richard Krapf seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Gardner Kellogg, Kellogg Surveying & Mapping, said that Mr. Nightingale had bought the Northern Embers on Route 3 North and wanted to reduce the number of rentals from 10 to eight. Two of the rentals had kitchenettes in them and he would keep those. These would be rentals, like air bnb’s. They are not going to be apartments. He would also like to rejuvenate the restaurant.

Both the Building Inspector and Fire Chief had suggested to Peter Nightingale that he get a code specialist in as the building was old and needed some work. He did and has the report that he will email to the secretary. The Building Inspector and Fire Chief already had a copy. Peter said after looking at the report, he may drop the plans for the restaurant and just do more apartments. Dave Scalley said he had the application for the restaurant and would have to return to the board if he changed his mind and decided to do the apartments. Peter said he understood and would go ahead with this application now.

Other discussions or questions:
• There was a discussion on parking spaces and it was determined that they had enough spaces.
• Terry Penner wanted to know about outside lighting. Peter said he would have to have some.
• Donna Foster wanted to know if there was enough room for parking if the cars had trailers. The Chair said unfortunately the regulations did not cover that.

The Chairman opened the Public Hearing.

Jean Whitcomb, an abutter wanted to know if they did not open the restaurant, could they only open a bar? The board said the State of New Hampshire did not allow only a bar. Food always has to be served

Tom Walker, Deacon for the Baptist Church and also an abutter, said he would love to see life put back into that building. He said we would like to see the liquor served only inside the building though,

Dave Scalley asked Gardner if they would be adding any more parking spaces or are there same amount from the previous business. Gardner said they did not have to add more spaces but that Peter had said they would put in curb spots for each space.

The Chairman asked if there were any other questions or comments from the public. There were none and the Public Hearing was closed.

Chairman Hogan made a motion to: accept the Site Plan Application for Northern Embers/Peter Nightingale, Map 205, Lot 34, as complete. Bonnie Moroney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Chairman Hogan asked the board if they felt they would like to approve the application now or if they felt they needed another 30 days to go over things. The board agreed that they had all the information they needed for this application.

Chairman Hogan made a motion to: approve the Site Plan Application for Northern Embers/Peter Nightingale, Route 3 North, Twin Mountain, NH, Map 205, Lot 34, to reduce the existing 10 rentals to 8 and to rejuvenate the restaurant. Michael Finn seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Terry Penner asked the Chair if the permits for the ice cream stand in Bretton Woods had come in? As of yet we had not received any. The Building Inspector said he would check with them tomorrow.

Bonnie Moroney made a motion to: adjourn. Terry Penner seconded and the motion passed unanimously.