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Minutes of December 5, 2006

December 7th, 2006

Carroll Budget Committee
Minutes of December 5, 2006

Members present: Linda Dowling, Tom Gately, Carmine Fabrizio, Karen Moran, Pam Walsh, Bonnie Moroney Excused: Ken Mills Others present: Bill Dowling, Billy Rines. Chair called the meeting to order at 7:00.

Karen noted 2 typographical errors of the 11/28 minutes: 1- first page should read Billy Rines addressed not addresses; 2-second bullet first page had no dollar figure included. Should be $102.00. Tom motioned to accept the minutes as amended, Carmine seconded, all in favor.

There was no outgoing correspondence.

Selectmen’s warrant articles and an updated selectmen’s budget worksheet were provided to the Committee.

Discussion ensued regarding the open public comment hearing scheduled for Tuesday December 12. Because of quorum concerns and timing issues, it was recommended that Wednesday December 13 will ensure a quorum will be present. However, because the newspaper cutoff date has passed to make the change, the hearing will take place on the originally scheduled date, Tuesday December 12.

Bill Dowling was asked to put a notice of the hearing date on his sign at the Recycling Center.

Discussion took place regarding the letters at the information booth.

Linda than noted that the Committee must adhere to the by-laws and said there had been an altercation at last week’s meeting. Karen asked for clarification and was told Al Strasser had approached Linda after the meeting saying he had information he wanted to communicate, was insulted at being gaveled during the meeting. Discussion ensued and it was determined the Committee was in fact adhering to the by-laws.

Tom indicated that at the Monday night selectmen’s meeting Al Strasser indicated he wanted the selectmen to oversee the Budget Committee. Discussion ensued and it was determined that by statute, the Committee is separate and distinct from the oversight of the Selectmen, rather reports directly to the public.

Billy Rines indicated he had not been asked by the Select board to address his budgets for 2007 and wondered why they had dropped his propane estimate. He was told that after his presentation to the Budget Committee, discussion of the tank size, cost of propane, etc. that the estimate had been reinstated.

Lengthy discussion ensued regarding a warrant to draw from the Water Fund, what comprises the account, how much is in it, when it was established, etc. Billy indicated he would like to propose using approximately $15,000 to finish the harmony Hill improvement, and may do work on Route 3 such as a live tap, bells, consolidation valves. Bill Dowling offered to assist with the warrant article and will look up the original 1989 warrant article.

Bonnie noted that currently there is $24,000 in the Water Bill Receivable account. Discussion then took place regarding the Water money on the general ledger. There was $71,000 in the Water Cash sub-account in 2005, zero in 2006. Bonnie also noted an $88,000 internal transfer to take place- water savings account to pay back the general fund for expenses paid out of the general fund.

Billy then noted that the warrant for the 1-ton dump truck could be delayed because Ford no longer complies with EPA emission standards. After discussion, it was suggested that the truck be put to bid if the article passes, as it is not Ford specific.

Discussion then turned to the warrant article for the Capital Reserve Funds. In 2006, the Municipal Truck Fund was approved, but the CRF for 2007 did not reflect it. Committee will recommend that the line be added to the CRF warrant for $10,000. CRF warrant should also reflect the Landfill Closure in the amount of $10,000. This was listed as a separate article.

Discussion again turned to the 1-ton warrant for 2007, and the use of the municipal truck fund for the truck and the highway equipment fund for the plow.

Linda suggested that Billy put the warrant forth as a petition article because the timeframe for it to be the selectmen’s article has gone by. She noted that he should ask if he has any questions on how to write it, that that once petitioned by at least 10 registered voters, make copies for the selectmen and the Budget Committee.

Discussion took place regarding the difference between the CIP, fixed assets, inventory.

The Committee then reviewed the 30 warrant articles available for review. Discussion took place, but voting to recommend or not will not take place until after the public hearing next week. Petition articles cannot be adjusted until the Deliberative Session in 2007. Articles which do not contain money are not subject to Budget Committee vote to recommend or not.
• Petition Article to increase number of Select board members-no money, and petition.
• Petition Article to change the name of the FD Special Revenue Fund, as well as purpose of fund. No money and petition article.
• Petition Article to hire 2nd full-time firefighter. Because petition cannot change, but because money, much discussion. Article includes “as a base salary” therefore without wording change, cannot use any funds noted to cover benefits-per Bonnie-Legal interpretation
• Attorney reviewing new article to cover benefits of 2nd firefighter. Not final, so no further discussion
• Petition Article to use $15,000 from FD Special Revenue Fund to purchase pick-up truck. Because petition, cannot change, because money, will have to vote. Would timing be an issue if this passes and the petition to change the name and purpose of the fund passes?
• Selectmen article to raise $10,500 for in-car surveillance systems for each cruiser-possible offset with grant of $5,000, net to town $5,500. Wording should be amended to say “One to be placed in each of the two (2) police cruisers”
• Selectmen article to purchase new police cruiser using CRF-money is available
• Selectmen article to put $10,000 in Landfill Closure CRF-as discussed earlier, this should be included in the CRF article
• Selectmen article to raise and put into the Road Maintenance budget line item for 2007 $40,000. Committee let Billy know the article will NOT be recommended, as the expense has been properly noted in the actual line item for the year. This article does not establish a CRF or like item, and the budget should reflect the actual cost to the town. Linda said she would talk with Sue K. The Infrastructure Task Force has done research and is aware of the miles and specific roads that need work. Billy discussed using bonds and grant money to do some of the larger project. Carmine noted a resident on Twin View Drive writes grants for a living. Bonnie told Billy to get the paperwork so the town could act on grant proposals
• Selectmen article to set $50,000 for the Safety Complex Bonnie noted that after getting approval from the whole Select board for $500 for topographical maps for the town property next to the town hall as well as the Mooseland grill property, the Building Committee is waiting for the estimate of what each spot would cost, and the inclusion of each site as a central location.
• Selectmen article for $30,000 into the Bridge Replacement CRF. Article should stop after the word “Fund” as the rest does not apply to the purpose of the fund.
• Selectmen article for CRF for the year was suggested to reflect the Landfill Closure $10,000 as well as the Municipal Truck $10,000 for a total of $91,000
• Selectmen article for $60,000 for full-time administrator, includes benefits. Billy asked if the administrator would still report to the selectmen and was told yes.
• Selectmen article for $8,000 part-time planning board assistant. Discussion ensued about the pending changes to building codes, said Stan Borkowski and Al Strasser had noted the need for this position
• Selectmen article for $10,000 use of special revenue fund by recycling center
• Selectmen article